Just read your posts Michelle and Fiona!

Thank you both for your warm welcome.

Michelle, I love your energy a lot, you bring freshness, uniqueness, immense creativity and colourful daring passion! Of course we are friends on FB and that's how I got to know you more. Yep, I can see a daring wanderer here in you too! Makes sense you loved the video! There is a lovely connection here indeed. thank you again.

Fiona, you are such a angel! Thank you for your help in my transitioning to this role. Precious. I look up to your own gifts, your empowering soft presence and your unnlimitless empathy. I so much look forwards to seeing you again in one of the courses at some point. I will always remember your small delicate and powerful hand supporting my back while my whole body was thrusting in being activated! Grateful. Thank you.

Love you xx