I'm not flying yet but a couple of months ago i jumped from the metaphorical cliff. I got sick at the beginning of this year and my financial resources quickly dwindled. I got sick because I put a dam in the stream of my kundalini energy. My whole energy-system shut down and i could barely take a walk to the store. I was on welfare a couple of months but soon discovered that the mother archetype i was projecting on the government didn't fit anymore. I also noticed that the whole system was trying to make me fit in instead of really looking at me. An inner knowing started to land that in order to heal and let the energy flow again i needed to let go of the external support. I felt like standing on a cliff but didn't yet dare to jump. And than I saw the movie 'Divergent'. It brought tears to my eyes and I knew I was meant to see it. It summoned in me the passion to jump...and it was a great feeling. The warrior in me said: I will not bend for this ridiculous system and its attempt to squeeze me into this robotic harness. It wasn't reckless; the feeling to jump had now fully landed within my consciousness. I just couldn't escape this knowingness. I'd taken many risks before but this was by far the biggest. I told them to stop my welfare and I stopped seeing any doctors. And then i realised: I've jumped and there so turning back. In my dream a voice told me it was time now to let go of any outside authority...it all boiled down to my own judgement. The decision to jump was taken somewhere last June. I'm still falling and last Thursday saw my fears almost coming to a boiling point. I lay down to delve deeper into them and after a while something amazing happened: the seer in me came to the fore and the fear lost its grip. On some level i'd let go of the possibility that I might lose my home and in this state of the seer I went shopping and wasn't getting irritated by all the matrix-noise inside the store. That same evening, totally unexpected, i had a last minute applicant for my course and now was able to pay the rent. From that moment on the seer has become more a part of my waking consciousness. But of course now new layers of inner density have been stirred up from the river bed which I have to embrace. But I'm glad I jumped: I'm falling into non-identification but even if I don't I just couldn't stay in that old status quo any longer. At a certain point safety has not enough power when it whispers in your ear that you should stay where you are.....if you're attentive the Universe or better you yourself will wave the 'go' flag marked by some outside event which is your synchronistic sign. Who jumps with me.....if you're truly ready?