Thanks so much everyone for sharing - what tremendous courage and enthusiasm you demonstrate!

Apollonius - what a beautiful sharing - I take my 'hat' off to you...

    "he warrior in me said: I will not bend for this ridiculous system and its attempt to squeeze me into this robotic harness. It wasn't reckless; the feeling to jump had now fully landed within my consciousness. I just couldn't escape this knowingness. I'd taken many risks before but this was by far the biggest. I told them to stop my welfare and I stopped seeing any doctors. And then i realised: I've jumped."

This is exactly what it's all about - and as we expand through such gateways, then miracles, mystery and magic all unfold - as they are with you. Go well brother.

Cathy - I just love the video clip - now doubt definitely one to see.

And Wynde - just go for it - awesome. What you share and send out into the world, will reflect back to you in some other form.


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