Dear Open,

Thanks for this article and another one earlier this month on spiritual choices that have both been spot on for me! I have been wanting to respond to them, also just to express my appreciation, but somehow then got caught up in finding the words to express what it is I wanted to say. Often when I read an article here, the more I resonate with it, the more I don’t know where to start in response and then often end up not responding at all ☺.

Therefore, let me for now just say that for both choices and risk I often struggle with the fine line/blade edge between the ego and the flow and the role that impatience plays in this. When I feel a pull for something it is as if the only option is to make it happen ‘now, now’ or otherwise it is probably not the ‘right’ choice. It is like I can feel the flow and future landing, but then before I know it my ego has jumped on it, wanting to make it happen, even if there are perhaps still some other things to fall into place before that. My impatience can make the reckless choice of jumping without a flying suit of surfboard seem like the only option and then the fear and doubt about that choice will start to kick in. So how do you know when you get to the point that it is time to jump? How do you know that the flying suit you have woven over the years is strong enough not to crash?
For example, I can sense that I will be moving to another country again at some point in the future, and then my mind immediately latches on to that in terms of ‘where?’, ‘when?’, ‘how long?’, ‘what’?. And if there is no instant answer and action plan following, the doubt starts kicking in.