Thanks so much for the feedback Marije...

    "Often when I read an article here, the more I resonate with it, the more I don’t know where to start in response and then often end up not responding at all ☺."

I'd say that's a great sign - because it means it's touching something!

You said about impatience...

    "My impatience can make the reckless choice of jumping without a flying suit or surfboard."


Sorry to laugh, but what you say creates some humorous imagery!

This is all about the consciousness landscape. It's about getting used to seeing the things that 'spike' in the field - noticing what raises your awareness. This in itself is tricky because it requires you to deprogram lower mind with all its needs, desires and expectations about what you want to be doing, or field you should be doing.

But as we detox lower mind of these conditioned behaviourisms, then you start to feel, intuit and know where and how the field is beginning to 'click'. You start to feel the synchronistic 'spikes'.

It's then important not to effort to fit these all together. Here again we must overcome another distorted characteristic of lower mind - it doesn't like uncertainty and so it will try to force things to fit together. You have to work to soften this aspect too, by feeling into the tightness that needs the immediate answer and opening out through it - soften through it.

One metaphor that can greatly help here is that of juggling balls - you notice the 'balls' that spike in the moment, but don't seek to hold onto them. Instead notice them in as much detail as possible. Let's say you put your keys down somewhere (keys are often a sign of destiny), and something spikes - jolts - in your awareness about them, which means they have an importance in 'future-landing-now'. So pay attention to them - where did you put them in relation to other things around? How are they lying? What else do you notice? Pay attention to these things (which means becoming ultra aware) but crucially, don't try to make them fit together. Instead toss that 'ball' back up into the air and let it go. Don't forget about it as such, but don't work to figure things out. Let the spike just float in your higher dimensional awarness

Then you'll start to notice other 'balls' that spike in the moment. Keep juggling these until suddenly you feel something land and everything just 'clicks'. The synchronistic moment has fallen into place and you physically step into it.

    "So how do you know when you get to the point that it is time to step - where the flow has clicked into place?"

With bags of practice. This is not just following the odd intuition every now and then. It is to be living in the flow practically every moment. It's then that you start to feel that audible 'click' when you know everything is landing in rightness. Then all you have to do, is keep stepping into the landing path of light.

Much love

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