Hi Open,

Thanks for your feedback and the link to the conscious landscape article. I think I am getting better at noticing the spikes in the field and particularly distinguishing them from ‘spikes’ that my mind intentionally searched for ☺. I still have a long way to go though on the clicking and how things fit together. And again the impatience doesn’t really help here, because my lower mind would really love to get the immediate answers and for things to land rather sooner than later... As soon as something spikes my mind tends to be on top of its case to try and understand why it spiked. Maybe it is not so much because it doesn’t like the uncertainty, but rather because it is afraid to miss opportunities (as I write this, I realise the sillyness about the idea of ‘missing opportunities’ ☺). The metaphor of juggling balls here helps, though tossing the ball back into the air without an answer is surely going to frustrate my lower mind!

For example, you might recall that South Africa (and Johannesburg in particular) was spiking quite strongly for me in La Palma, though I couldn't really get why. Particularly when the spikes are about geographical locations I keep on wondering whether that is an invitation to book a ticket or perhaps even move there and when I don’t do so, there is a nagging sense of a possible missed opportunity. But if I would respond to all geographical spikes in that way, I would be traveling all over the place non-stop ☺. Over time there have been other synchronicities related to South Africa and I can feel my lower mind being a little frustrated with not understanding why. As a passenger in a car on a Dutch highway, I recently had the following rapid array of spikes (probably within 1 minute only and interestingly all in English): 1)You want to be sure, 2) Fusion, 3) Adam, 4) Africa Express Line. I immediately got the sense that Adam is referring to the Adam’s calendar in South Africa and Africa express line, perhaps to the ley line between the Adam’s calendar and the pyramids in Egypt? So now my mind keeps on wondering whether this means I have to go and visit the Adam’s calendar for some reason? Ugh, I guess I will have to toss that ball back up into the air now.....

With love,