Hi Marije,

I understand the challenges very well - because I with incarnating the way I did, I too had to work through all this stuff!

Remember a couple of essential things...
1. This is all about self-realisation. So you might create a string of spiking synchronicities just so as to unravel the ownership of lower mind.
2. To balance the above, unless there's something attracting you in the outer, there's no incentive to truly work the inner!

Adam's calendar spikes for me (for you) when you mention it.
Adam's calendar points towards three pyramids not so far way from it (you can see two with the naked eye). These are pretty much unknown. Yet they are exactly aligned as Orion, and are also exactly on the same longitude as the Great Pyramids of Egypt. There's a strong Annunaki connection in the area.

Open <3