I must admit that I had reservations at first writing about this as it is just a feeling at the moment and idea is a bit ambitious.  Then I broke through the resistance and decided to post about it.  I still don't fully know my passion. Sometimes, I just get a feeling to get RV and travel - sense of freedom and adventure.  

Another way of life here and now, more harmonious with Nature and with the Flow, maybe a sense of 5D.  Sounds ambitious but I have to start somewhere.  Maybe posting here is a start.  This project requires a lot of preparations. Up to now my skills were around technology (software) but was never passionate about it.  And recently, my energy has been reduced to a trickle in the corporate field.  

Just a thought but maybe I can start learning about the block chain technologies (BTS shares and such) which could become handy to provide alternative way for means of energy exchange (services and goods) when the mainstream means of exchange become more and more unstable over time.  

No idea if I will follow through on that, I will just go with the Flow but thought it would be good to at least post.

OK, enough writing about it.