Sometimes you may find yourself getting involved in tricky situations on the path where there are various investments in reality from those around you (and perhaps your own too). And to heighten the challenge, you know it's likely to cause some pain or disruption by confronting the truth of the situation. These are moments of risk on the spiritual path, and in fact they offer great opportunity for growth.

What I've discovered is this: that truth will always find a way. And if I have to say something to someone that I suspect they may not take well, if I can share my view without loading or over energising, then the truth will always find a way. It can't however whilst you might remain in avoidance of the situation. I've found direct confrontation, no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable, is always the most productive way. But it will seem risky when you take such steps. And so they offer the potential for maximum soul growth.

What risks are you facing in expressing the truth to someone? Or following the truth in a given situation?

Do feel free to share here, and we'll see how we might find the path of light through them.

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