I visited my Mom and brother yesterday.I have been avoiding doing it- that home has extremely dense energy reflective of unresolved emotions of it's inhabitants. I have always found myself shutting down . Yesterday ,as luck would have it ,I had singing practice close by. And I visited after harvesting veggies from the organic farming cooperative I am part of( it gives me so much joy that place !)   . So perhaps I was in the best possible place.  I also did some chakra meditation in there .i   have had to equalize and be okay with the fact that my brother needs some medication to help him wake up out of the very vegetable like existence his depression has reduced him to. And to balance that  with the fact that feeling all the pain he feels ( comes from past lives as well) may well push him toward suicide . My mother tends to veer between denial and hysterical grief . I took deep breaths and as calmly as I could spoke to both of them . I don't know how things will pan out ,but I am hopeful I will be shown the best path to be of service  in this situation.