I felt to post this article again today, especially on the news coming out of the arctic - that it is currently some 30 degrees centigrade above it's seasonal winter temperature, bringing it up above freezing. Personally I think there's still a huge amount of denial and non-confrontation in the spiritual mainstream as to what's really going on here. The shift in the climate is now accelerating at an unprecedented rate. I do wonder when the mainstream will catch up to what's really going on. Or even if it will at all.

I encourage all to engage with the truth. This is utterly essential - the mind and fixed mental concepts of the conditioned nature of reality need to be softened so as to allow shift energies to transform the inner landscape. No amount of projecting love and light will help. We must come quickly into a direct confrontation of the truth of what's going on. Only this can facilitate the internal shift of consciousness necessary.

If my sharing activates any fear, then it's an invitation to get right into it. There is no fear in a self-realised being. So fear points the way as to what now needs to be worked with. There is no more time to waste. The time is now.