The latest crop circle reminds me of the funnel shaped portals that are very real to me in the present times. I'm feeling more of a one way movement in it, kind of like a tornado. I was going to share something on a forum here few days ago and this circle reminded me of it:

Recently while in meditation I feel like I'm at a very busy airport. I see lots of beings, snippets of energies, spirits, you name it, requiring transit. There is tons and tons of energy wanting to move in the field of our reality. No wonder many sensitive people feel tired or thrown off balance these days.  So it felt natural to begin building funnel-like temporary portals or bridges for them to go back to the Source, if they choose to do so. Sometimes they choose not to, but they don't belong here anymore neither. Those ones seem to be wanting to be sent to their point of origin in their own space/timeline/dimension. Back to the intention that created them maybe? Perhaps that intention is changing and creating a different reality of now? I do not know. What I do know however is to create temporary transit points for those energies. Sometimes I create a bridge through the vibration of my throat chakra for beings to cross to the other (blue light) dimension. There are so many kinds of energies currently unwinding, and so many are ready to move on. Sometimes they travel as groups, or as single entities of a variety of shape and form, some seem to be representing a certain emotion or a bundled up kind of experience, sometimes there are just remains/fragments of some old energies that left long ago. There are beautiful beings of light that are helping out to sort those energies out and support their transition. I feel my role is to just create the points of transit and announce they are available. I was actually wondering why would they need a human to assist? Perhaps because we have the 3D grounding presence? Anyways, when it happens it feels effortless and straight forward and natural.

Interesting thing about creating these portals is that to do so I need to be strongly anchored both on earth and in some other dimension, somewhere far (light blue light).

Has anyone else experienced or is aware of this?