04/02/21 Journal Update: I'm hearing from plenty of you out there right now how strong the underlying shifts are in the field and how you're experiencing that - it's getting disconcerting at times and discombobulating! But don't worry, it's a good sign. As I explained in my reviewed and updated article above, it's because the 3D plane of the intellect is detaching from the reality of the planet as Gaia unravels through the 5D Ascension Shift. So you're going to feel pulled in different directions at times.

5D Ascension Update: Gaia Shifts Through the Dimensional Gears

My advice is to work to detach a degree from the plane of the intellect - let it unravel. Be less identified. A good way to do this will be to spend as much time connecting with nature as possible. Yes, hug a tree! Feed the birds and "speak" to them. Hug your dog, stroke the horse! All of this consciousness is moving with the ascending vibe of Gaia right now - it's a much more sane alignment!