This was so timely for me. I've been feeling this all week. I feel like I'm somewhat floating above life while still living it. I feel removed, yet drawn to bring a few people along into my lofty outlook spot. I felt sadness this week for all those souls who are choosing the dense 3D version of this movie. I feel like I'm hovering above observing it all and feeling less and less attached to everything. My body and personality still want some of the 3D experience, since they haven't fully integrated and grasped that we are all going into 5D together, no leaving anything behind, except fear and pain. I've been meditating a lot and actively releasing emotions, distortions, old beliefs etc, I've actually been doing that for 33 years now but this last 12 months I've been on a speed train, since August 2020 on a super sonic plane :-).  I feel for people who aren't awake yet, my heart goes out to them but I can't stop myself to bring them along at a slower pace. Your articles and videos have been a confirmation of my own experiences mostly and I appreciate knowing that I am in good company. Thank You!