Oh, this is so funny! I am starting to detox this week :)

The plan is all written. I notice it happens naturally and periodically twice a year, in autumn and spring, pretty consistently for years, and now I am feeling it again.

My way of detoxing the physical body - raw food, then raw fluid food for a couple of weeks, back to raw, lots of water or water with lemon, and move about three hours a day (yoga, dancing and walking) and eh... enemas.

Usually it so happens that I have some body therapies or do myself reflexology sessions every day before sleep. Now I am going through some spine and hips alignment and started some skin recovery program (I have some problems), so I basically peel my skin off (quite metaphoric).

For the last couple of years I add parasite cleanse and bitter juicing, these are really extraordinary: http://markusrothkranz.com/online-store/bodyforce/parasite-free.html. Don't mind the threatening video, this thing does treat many conditions, just as it is said to, and the feeling is just incredible.

I also filter what I own - a lot of throwing away and minimisation going on.

I was always lousy in mental and emotional detox, so it is very timely for me to try these in my "new space-suit". I just might succeed this time :D So thank you so much for the tips. There are things I didn't think about :D

I have in my list also, for mental and emotional:

1) create a detox audio and video playlist - no negative, poisonous and tightening vibes (that's also rehab for me)

2) filter who you communicate with - minimum noise, mental and emotional, minimise communication and triggering in general, it is like usually I am into this stuff, but it is important to rest from all that processing and let the excitation decay and get digested fully before the next set of challenges :)

3) minimum information - it is hard to get to zero input and just let the mind rest and settle a bit, but it can be minimised to work

4) plenty of sleep - I notice that things get resolved there often, plus, many messages and connections come in sleep, that don't in meditation

Immersion in water...

I find it is not by chance that in Jewish tradition there is this mikve ritual of purification - immersing the body in water, including the head (not like in shower, but really dipping the whole body into water, like in the sea or bathtub). I noticed it has a very powerful impact, on all levels. So I try to do it at least once a week.

In general, I always were quite tight and controlling in my detox times. This time I am really going through a shift into a more spontaneous and pampering mode, kind of unfamiliar and beautiful. Some self-love...