I love this! I am in the process of detoxing the physical... I've had all my amalgams replaced apart from one. Apart from being toxic to the body, they magnify wifi. Underwire bras act like an ariel with wifi too.
I had my house assessed by an EMF person with his low and high frequency meters and now we do not have wifi but have cabled broadband ( most of the time)
I also use a shungite crystal which soaks up EMF's but must be cleansed once a week as it acts like a sponge soaking it all up but when it's full it will release it all back unless it's cleansed. I also have a clear glass pyramid called phi space.
I also have epsom salt baths , do enemas and have colonics. Skin brushing and walking in nature, juicing . An area I have not addressed much is clearing the clutter in my house...
What I neglect somewhat is the spiritual side...meditation on a regular basis. Happy cleansing everyone ! Lisa x :)