Heyas all,




I went on a trip to collect some and I came home with all different kinds of it. I can honestly say this has helped me just detox a lot of that negative incoming. I've learned something very valuable in how to neutralize it using the -1 0 1+ which is working very well for me and am more able to see things from a better view/perspective.


Plus talking about it helps as well!


Also I realize I never replied from my earlier post regarding iron pyrite and black tourmaline. I actually already had some pyrite and I do notice how if I move it to different rooms it helps the energy there. I did acquire a decent piece of the black tourmaline since this original post and I move that around too when I feel the need. But this Obsidian I'm working with is a God send I tell you!!! I actually gave some to a few people I thought needed some as well.


Oh and if any of yall are looking for inspiration – How about a story?!

I was sitting eating peanut butter and non salted crackers one day on my porch and up came a squirrel to me. I handed it a part of my cracker and it sat there with this cracker in its little hands and proceeded to lick the peanut butter, then devoured the cracker. I thought WOW, that was just sooo amazingly cute to me to see. So as I went to hand it another cracker it reached its little paws up to me, took my hand in theirs and bit me slightly. Both squirrel and I were a bit shocked but this reminded me to stay aware and conscious while doing anything! Especially while handing things to adorable squirrels!