People across the globe are awakening to their spirituality. Although joyous and liberating, it can also be confusing, sometimes terrifying and often painful. Sharing your experiences helps not only yourself but others too...

Vision - Island In The Storm

Hello Courageous!  This is my journey and my experiences about my Vision which was inspired by Anastasia's work, Openhand and the unfolding Shift - Island In The  Storm.  They say there are three main ingredients to a successful project: The Vision, The Commitment and the Team.  I have the first two and I need the Team. 

Can You Expand on the Empath Mentality in the Spiritual Community?

i loved your article on empaths vs. catalysts. I’m not much into labels and empath has never resonated with me. Catalyst resonates. I don’t have an issue with boundaries or energy vampires in fact I think it’s nonsense. However when I talk about this online I get ripped! Called judgemental, arrogant, insensitive and all kinds of things. There is far too much emotional codependancy going on in the new age empathic community. It’s one of the reasons I’ve pretty much left. I would love to be a catalyst for the shift but it’s frustrating when I receive backlash. 

Alex’s Experiences Part 2

I will be taking part in the Openhand Paradigm Shift workshops in my home town of Brighton on 8th/9th September 2018. Last night I had a big dream about going to an Openhand workshop with my Mother & Father. In the dream I briefly met with Open, although he then went off ahead of me & I felt like I couldn’t keep up with him. Trinity was also present in the dream.

I feel inspired to start this new thread as I prepare for these workshops. It’s been a while since I last posted on the Openhand forums.



My Journey to 5D


Maybe some of you can relate to this. I started on the spiritual path around 2008 when I quit my corporate job and realized I had many addictions associated with living, achieving, acquiring.

I of course resonated toward mainstream spiritual teachings for the masses which is good- there is nothing wrong with that and it is much needed. I've been on that path, growing and expanding for all of these years.

What do you believe are the most important qualities of evolved relating?

Hi everyone...

Our relationships are a big part of the spiritual journey, that create so much possibility for accelerated evolutionary change. Especially when buttons are pushed, we get to see our distortions. But when people are relating in an evolved way, relationships can become utterly sublime, harmonious, fulfilling and joyful.


Hi there, 

So, I'm looking for some help and guidance please. 

I've had a heavy journey with OC [for about 5 years] and the last 2 years with someone I once did sweat lodges with [he can manipulate energy]. I don't wish to give energy to him - it makes it worse but I will describe what is happening. 

I'm having a lot of rubbish dumped in me - it is heavy, makes me nauseous, I can become feverish, regurgitate it and generally it really weighs me down. 

How do you get the most from your meditations?


I felt to create a space here for sharing tips to improve our meditations.

Do you do any rituals before/after meditating? Maybe some specific visualization that you find more efficient than others? Maybe different positions or unusual physical tools?

In my case, those earplugs for sleeping help me a lot. And when I meditate with relaxing music, I use them + headphones. Usually, I start with emotive music and stop it when I'm feeling more relaxed, because after some time the music starts to distract me.

What works best for YOU?