People across the globe are awakening to their spirituality. Although joyous and liberating, it can also be confusing, sometimes terrifying and often painful. Sharing your experiences helps not only yourself but others too...

Your 20:20 Spiritual Appraisal with Open

Hi Everyone, 20:20 promises to be a big energetic year, with infusions of energy impacting us from the galaxy. It's sure to offer great possibility providing we have our orientation aligned. I felt to offer some free appraisals here to memembers of the community. Share with me an insight into where you are in your life process right now, what's coming up for you, what's important for you going forwards?

Angelic Space

Dear Openhanders,

in this forum thread i would like to share my experiences with unfolding angelic beingness. I am certain that there are some more earth angels around in the openhand space, so this aims at enriching the available information with some hands-on knowledge. So this first post is an overview of practical angel topics that i would love to deepen with you.

The term earth angel, in my perspective, refers to beings from the angelic sphere deciding to incarnate into a physical body to experience life as a human being.






Last year I was awakened to seeing entities. One summer night in May, my dog woke me up by coughing and what I saw was a dark colored dog bounce away from her as I said her name out loud. At first I thought it was my pittie, but my pittie was laying by me. As the dark dog ran out the door, that’s where I saw what seemed like a “show”. It was like people were working or living their daily lives but in a different realm. 

New Meditation techniques?

Hello everyone, I've been practicing mindfulness meditation for a year now. I've come to understand that there are more types of meditation out there but not sure which other techniques to implement/explore.

I feel that mindfulness has definitely helped with clearing my head and manifesting more positive thoughts. A little backstory; I've been struggling with social anxiety/avoidant personality disorder and depression for years now, and my goal of overcoming this was the main reason I've started my journey.

Vision - Island In The Storm

Hello Courageous!  This is my journey and my experiences about my Vision which was inspired by Anastasia's work, Openhand and the unfolding Shift - Island In The  Storm.  They say there are three main ingredients to a successful project: The Vision, The Commitment and the Team.  I have the first two and I need the Team.