People across the globe are awakening to their spirituality. Although joyous and liberating, it can also be confusing, sometimes terrifying and often painful. Sharing your experiences helps not only yourself but others too...

How Is Your Life Going in the Current Shift?

In relation to everything that's unfolding across the planet right now, and especially with regards to how things have changed with the pandemic, I felt to reach out to all you tuning into Openhand and to ask you, "How do you see your life shifting and changing through the current climate?"

I think it would be great for us to share...

Walk-ins, my Story

A walk-in is a difficult subject, a bit tabu perhaps also. My story is long. It started in my youth years with lots of dreams that resembled astral travelling in a beautiful and perhaps a scary world. I do not recall how old I was but still not adult when a couple of times I woke up at night and saw alien spirits in my room. I have later learned that they were very much like holograms the Draconians use. Few years passed and something strange happened: I was deeply Christian at that time. I was a student and so had to spend time in a hospital. One day a man was brought in.

Today I signed up for my 1st Openhand retreat!

I am beyond excited that I'll be joining the N. America retreat.  Aspasia helped me step by step with a meeting and downloading the zoom today.  She was so helpful and I made some notes to get me through the steps when the retreat starts.  I was able to pay and get my receipt while she waited.  So now I'm ready to do the work when the retreat starts.  


The big lessons for me this years seems to be about self-responsibility.

Facilitator Marije was a big help in making me see necessity of this after a short and virtual (because of the walrus) but extremely impactful relationship blew up rather suddenly (though the underpinnings was clear to see in retrospect). 

A qoute from Bernard Guenther sums it up very well: 

Come share your journey

Hey Openhanders, it helps to share! Check out our forum on Sharing your journey, with plenty of people sharing reflections and challenges from the path. These are extraordinary times for sure, and there's oodles to be gained. Often just a few intuitive words are all that's required to illuminate the path and make that next big breakthrough.

Your 20:20 Spiritual Appraisal with Open

Hi Everyone, 20:20 promises to be a big energetic year, with infusions of energy impacting us from the galaxy. It's sure to offer great possibility providing we have our orientation aligned. I felt to offer some free appraisals here to memembers of the community. Share with me an insight into where you are in your life process right now, what's coming up for you, what's important for you going forwards?

Angelic Space

Dear Openhanders,

in this forum thread i would like to share my experiences with unfolding angelic beingness. I am certain that there are some more earth angels around in the openhand space, so this aims at enriching the available information with some hands-on knowledge. So this first post is an overview of practical angel topics that i would love to deepen with you.

The term earth angel, in my perspective, refers to beings from the angelic sphere deciding to incarnate into a physical body to experience life as a human being.