People across the globe are awakening to their spirituality. Although joyous and liberating, it can also be confusing, sometimes terrifying and often painful. Sharing your experiences helps not only yourself but others too...


I have been having mystical experiences since my mid 20s and am now 34. Early on during this journey, I came across The Five Gateways film and book, and have been using these tools to help me evolve further.

In 2015, I went through a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. After going through the activation part, I was attacked by the police and forced to go through what felt like a fake or set up sectioning, and ended up in hospital for 6 days. I left, and moved back home and have been here ever since. 

"Sword of Truth"...YOUR inner Inquiry?

I've been out traveling and camping on Dartmoor in South West England, opening an inner space that new creativity may flow. It's inspired me to start a new Forum Thread here for everyone to share what happens when you go into stillness and inquire within? My gift is being able to offer an intuitive reflection, so I'll happily offer one if you'd like the feedback.

Lets express :)

I have been thinking of opening a forum topic to share my thoughts for a while now, and today's comments gave me a push to do this.

Especially what Open said about the importance of expressing the truth and the distortion. Indeed I see the truth in this, and here I am!

Although I open this topic for my explorations, I want to encourage people to comment and express too if they feel like it, hence the name of the topic!

Lets express then!

Help please! To move into the unknown? Or not...

I have a question! I know for me I can only find the answer myself, but Id like some help exploring it please! So... Do you think it's possible to transform your life where you are with the people you've always been with? Im finding it really hard to move forwards because Im back home where I started. With the same people I was with when I was a kid, and all the good and often (perceived) bad feelings and emotions that come with that burned into my subconscious that seem to get activated when Im with these people in the same childhood settings.

Aligning with the soul


I’d like to share a current dilemma that I have…Hopefully by writing it down I’ll get more insights, and maybe get some reflections from other people too.
So, I’ve completed a degree in Psychology and have an offer for a Masters, which is very suitable for the career I’d like to follow. I’m at the stage of increasingly trying to follow the soul, and thus I want to to identify whether this Masters is my highest calling at this stage…

And these are the things I’m considering:

coimng out

Hi Open I've got some questions. Is that why an empath would choose the path of most resistance, because for the soul there is most to learn there? Its created so many different and extreme parts inside of me, its like the innards of a second hand shop, all these itesm that don't fit together. How can I ever be all in anything if when some part is prevalent I'm going in this direction then another part comes up and its a whole new direction?