Concocted C0r0nav1rus?

It feels very much to me like this global virus fear epidemic has been an unhealthy concoction of poor diet, unhealthy lifestyles, the increased electrification of our air waves, plus some pretty hefty intentional meddling and manifesting in the background. It feels very much like something concocted in order to spread fear and thereby control and surpress people. Why? Well it's highly synchronous that there's a strong emergence of consciousness happening across the planet right now. It feels to me like it's another one of those last ditch attempts to subvert and control.

What are your thoughts?

PS - I'm mispelling the title/name so as to avoid pesky sensorship alogrithms. Ditto for Five Gee!


This is highly illuminating about the current pandemic pandemonium. It's in German, but subtitled if you don't speak the language. It's incredibly insightful, so I suggest you work through the subtitles to see the main point. "Look - the 'Emperor' is naked", he's got nothing on...

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Finally!! Some clarity. Science can be so amazing, when it is honest and humble.

I cracked yesterday during the stream - pandemonium word is hilarious.

I must say that I love this quarantine. It is such an amazing retreat, such an opportunity to take a break from all this insanity, insane pace and noise, a window for a soul to break free and blossom.

Yet, I see people who find ways to lock themselves back into the system of dependence and habits despite the opportunity they are given.

Some see it as a path of light, freedom and new opportunities opening (such as detoxing, meditating, being alone in silence, being more in nature, connecting and expanding more), some see it as darkness, instability and restriction, which makes them contract, degrade and fragment more. As usually, same event - different response.

I hope that somebody will come out with the great news that it was all bullshit and everybody can learn from it and laugh about themselves.

Today I found a toy - a lizard in the botanical garden (synchronistic event during higher guidance telling me about the history of the earth). I washed it and put it on a stone near the waterfall that represented a fountain of light (heal the wounded dragon, right?). A boy saw it and got scared. I told him it wasn't real. He said he is afraid of lizards, but then picked it and said he wants to take it home. So we get spooked by stuff that is not real. Most of our fears and worries are not real...

It's just a "pandemonium"!!! Boo

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I went to youtube and got the video and link and posted it but someone said they couldn't get it to play so I don't know if the internet is trying to keep these things from being seen.....

One of the other things you posted, can't remember now what it was, but it claimed it was not true... I was able to see the one here in German, I turned off the sound and just read the bottom in English, was very easy to read for me. 



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I wanted to see for myself what all this virus hype is all about and did an initial research. In US, according to CDC last season we had about 34,200 flu related deaths. And again according to CDC estimates this current season so far we had about 16,000 flu related deaths out which only 300 or so are confirmed coronavirus related.  Maybe, I am missing something but it feels like there is some kind of agenda behind it. 

On the upside at least here in US in my locality, it is heartwarming to see the whole neighborhoods transformed.  People are spending time outside with whole families and kids strolling and enjoying themselves.  I see people which I didn't know existed in the neighborhood where I lived for 13 years. On trails and in the parks where I hardly saw a soul, I see people sunbathing and kids playing in the streams.  It also feels somewhat different, serene and fresh!



Amidst this global fear pandemic, it's been all sunshine and smiles from the heart chakra of the planet - Glastonbury - today. It's been sunny, warm, people have been out on the streets, up on the Tor, and in the conscious connecting places like the health food store.

I think what this latest system shennanigans shows us, is just how redundant this old reality construct really is. There comes a point where you just let go inside, because you realise what's really important in life - at it's very core level, our connection to the all that is, to the Divine.

It's becoming increasingly evident, that this outbreak has been caused by unhealthy habits propogated in society and the increasing electrification of the planet, which breaks down the immune system and generates cell toxicity.

The way forwards?

It is to go inwards. Protect the body, yes. Reduce the emf radiation in your environment as much as possible. Purify the diet, detox the body with plant based foods. Undertake daily intermittant fasting and take suplements like Vitamin C. But above all, connect with the soul and follow it.

Be really clear about your allegiance and orientation in life.

Ascension into 5D is the next step for humanity - those who choose it. And I can palpably feel that situations like this cause ever more people to let go of trying to somehow control the external physical - control is an illusion! Progressively let go and allow the realigning flow to sweep you up, on the inside.

That's how we can positively thrive through what is unfolding. It's that sense I've been feeling in Glastonbury all day today, the heart chakra of our planet. Sending you love, warmth and sunny smiles from our Divine Lady Avalon.

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When I was over in Sydney last year with an event there, I stayed in a place which indavertantly (but very educationally) had four FiveGee channels coming into it. I couldn't sleep a wink for three days because of the contracting effect I felt on the pineal gland - I did discover how to soften the contraction by feeling around it. But it seemed like FiveGee was the perfect freqeuncy to try to close it down. To me, the convergence of various factors including chemtrails, contiminants in food and water, plus wifi, all seem perfectly designed to shut higher consciousness down. And this new virus is either the result of that, or a part of the concocted agenda - it's no coincidence that Wuhan, where the virus emerged from, was the first city completely blanketed by FiveGee. This is highly illuminating...

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I've known about mercury amalgam fillings causing problems and I have quite a few of those but I won't take any vaccines.  I notice our gov't in the U.S. is forcing people to get their kids vaccinated with I think it's 24 or 42 vaccines now.  It should be criminal.  My dad has never had a flu shot and is healthy as a horse, takes no pharma drugs at all and he's 81 years old.  He's also switched almost totally to plant based diet now.

I find it interesting that the video says we should practice spiritual things when we no longer feel human.  I wish they'd ban FiveGee here but they are putting up towers and antennas like crazy.  I guess that's why the C0r0nav1rus spread to all 50 states so fast.  I keep my little flip top cell phone turned off all night and turn off all electrical things at night, none in my bedroom and I sleep pretty well most of the time.

So it's now just to keep moving forward with the spiritual practices.  Mankind may leave this planet faster than we think, the way they force vaccines on kids now.  And the elderly, now they take even more flu shots, not just the one, but saying they need more.

Less is better in my opinion!  Thank you for sharing the info.  I hadn't heard it.





So the system has people running this way and that, or not running at all, because of this mystery coronavirus. So what has the impact been on people in China who've contracted it? This is from the UK Guardian...

According to a study of 45,000 confirmed infections in China, 81% of cases caused only minor illness, 14% of patients had symptoms described as “severe”, and just 5% were considered “critical”, with about half of those resulting in death. Only 3% of cases concern people under 20, children seem barely affected by the virus at all, and the mortality rate for the under-40s is about 0.2%. The rate rises in the over-65s, reaching nearly 15% in the over-80s, especially those with pre-existing heart or lung conditions.

It sounds hardly any different than flu to me!
So why all the fear? It wouldn't surprise me when they come up with a 'miracle cure' pretty soon, and who knows what concoctions contained within it. Changing DNA? Highly possible.

I'll stick with vitamin C, a plant based diet and plenty of intermittant fasting.

Open Slightly Smiling

Thanks so much for sharing Lyra - good to hear from you, especially someone whose in the 'thick of it all'.

The virus is certainly very fishy. I hear on the grapevine they were having miltary exercises at the place where the virus emrged, 6 weeks before it did. And the exercises were all about dealing with a pandemic!

But yes, for me, the approach is to become as a ghost in the machine. What does that mean in this case?

Try as we might, in the 3D, the powers-that-be still hold many of the cards. They have control of the state and issues like this just enables them to take even more power in that way - how many people will resist?

In the 3D, resistance is futile. But there is another way.

It's called "Great Realignment" which is already in full swing, which is a great realignment of the energies on and around the earth, catalysed by a galactic trigger, which these kinds of shennigans can in no way prevent. It's shuffling deck chairs on the titanic.

We have to look at the ties that bind us into the perishing 3D. Even before I read it in your post, the word 'justice' popped into my consciousness. Do you need justice? Do you expect it? What does justice mean exactly - is the Universe meant to be fair? In which case you'd need a creator god to intend it that way.

The need for justice ignores the right of universal free will - and that of the distortion to express itself. It's only by revealing the shadow that you can bring light into it.

Fear of death? Death is simply slipping another coat. Except it feels extremely light once you drop it.

Therefore explode any fear of death by confronting the idea of it every day.

And with justice, when you let go of the need for it, you realise the purified form of that - realignment - is inevitable. The Universe is inexorably moving towards a perfected version of the Torus - injustice is merely a dink in the apple, waiting to be resolved out.

Rise above it by unravelling the tethers - the tightness that binds. Certainly don't try to fix it in the 3D - that's a pointless waste of time.

You can do it. Work in. Let go (of the need for justice for example). And feel the blissful expansion out. Spiritual mastery beckons.

There with you.

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Thanks for the kind words Open Slightly Smiling  The way you put it made the whole picture a lot clearer to see.

I had to chuckle a bit at the prospect of shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic, what a wonderful metaphor. But you're right, I was definitely still focusing a lot on the 3D too and even unconsciously expecting a positive result to be manifested in the 3D, just because of my own energy input. These following days, I've been paying closer attention on this behaviorism and am definitely noticing a shift in energy, as I let go of the need for a outcome to manifest while still penetrating the density with attentive consciousness. 

Definitely still working on dissolving the tethers into the old 3D reality construct. At the moment I'm digging up on a lot of old unresolved emotional stuff that i know is related to past life trauma. There are moments that it gets very hard and the emotional pain feels very much like dying but I'm trusting the process, and my inner guidance system. 

Until next time!


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Hey Open,

Glad to see your perspective on this! Personally this is the conclusion I've been intuiting toward as well. And what's even more interesting is that the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak first started, is also the pilot city for full-scale deployment of Five Gee in China. So to me certain groups might be testing how a giant population weakened by EMF could then be controlled and even de-populized by a bio-engineered virus. It all feels very orchestrated like you said, a last ditch effort by the powers that be, indeed!

I'm actually living in Beijing at the moment, so this is especially relevant to me. While this virus outbreak certainly has generated a lot of fear among the people here, but as someone who grew up here I would also argue that this fear has always been there to contract people down maybe just in other different forms, but now it's definitely more intensified. (I feel it's mostly the fear of death, in its various forms.)  What does surprise me is how much people still take control and infringements of personal rights for granted, just because a proclaimed "special time" from the government. Nowadays, in our gated community, there is even a administrative staff to mandatorily check the trunk of our cars before we are granted entrance. I hear it's the same in many other communities. I wonder how long it will be until these people unrightfuly enter our homes to check something, all in the name of precautions in "special time"?

A part of me was really enraged by this today. I went to confront the staffs at the gate, and it soon developed into a quarell and later on a bit of a shouting match between us which I did not intend at all. But well, what can you do. I even phoned the local police about this, but of course they offered no help. They are after all, just another piece of the machine. Later on I went into meditation, and felt to release the emotional energy with a tree, and thankfully it made me feel much better. I came home, and that's when I found your new post about this virus... But really, I feel like this experience today was extremely dense, yet there's so much to learn from it. I feel the part of myself that is still clinging on to victim consciousness, still seeking an external higher power to validate what I myself feel is morally right, or even save me from my plight, if I somehow fought hard enough. And this higher power could be some other person/party (the police), an ego within myself(who is it that is needing this justice?), or an shadow identity that is over energizing the warrior spirit in me? I'm not sure, maybe it's all of them. I remember you speak about just letting go and becoming a ghost in the machine, I have the sense that it is very applicable in this case as well. Exactly how to get there, I'm not sure yet...But i think it will become clearer to me as I dive into this density more and more.




"Hence my recommendation is not to let this all contract you down. Keep opening out, keep expanding, keep integrating those profound gifts that are increasingly available as the surrounding infusion of energies enhances. "

Yeah! Absolutely! This is why I say that this event can also be an opportunity to 'face' fear and darkness and transcend it, both individually and collectively. Those evolving and also those who work with the field can strengthen their 'muscle' through this.

In spiritual work, personally, the closer to the breakthrough limit I get, the tougher the challenge. It is like in viscous medium, when you don't move you don't feel any resistance at all. But the friction force increases the more powerful propagation within the medium. Additionally, if there is no friction, you simply can't move forward. You will just slide in place forever. Surely, too much friction can also make one stuck. But even that, for those who experience this kind of 'state' on their path - that no matter what they do they are stuck - probably also learned the kind of empowerment that takes place once they find how to break through that kind of obstacle.

I believe OC is here because it is still here within people, this friction force. Anybody would just want to enter the heaven nicely, without having to suffer, 'fight' and die for it. OC prevent the path from being easy, levels the game, acts as a mirror, and, definitely, enslaves those with slave consciousness, and, while malevolent, they are not accidentally here, I believe. Wherever there is a process of ascension they are there too. As if as light infuses, darkness also has to, and something to 'hide' that light (who wouldn't want to swallow it for free without earning it?). They accentuate and highlight the darkness that is already there and to challenge and toughen the path, like some kind of guardians. If humans want to evolve, they're better prove themselves worthy of it and move through this friction. Birthright it is but not something to just grab for free without revealing it within themselves out of everything it is not. If they didn't work for it what value would it have? If it was easy, how would they appreciate it? How would their souls be forged? How would they find out the truth by choice rather than just being shown it?

We know that we work by bringing the unconscious into consciousness. Whatever darkness and OC is out there - at some point we have to dig it out within ourselves and unravel it out of ourselves and then around us. This 'digging' and 'finding our way' out of diversions and pains, including the pain of being not of light, and ready to see HOW dark and malevolent we are in ourselves, then refining ourselves in the process, polishing and polishing and allowing pieces to be cut off of ourselves and dying bit by bit, until the diamond begins to shine through all that shedding, and by that naturally becoming a part of light - this, to me, is the gift of incarnation into density. Turning whatever we encounter into means to find out new degrees of truth about our nature, both dark and light, and propel ourselves forward, and also believing that is an obstacle was placed on our path, then it can be moved through. And if we make mistake, we learn from it and try again.

It is natural, that whenever there is an opportunity to 'quickly' (like spiritual path is a quicky) ascend, sure there will be friction force manifested to slow this down and make it hard enough... You show a bit of light and then you shut it off, dim it, mask it, so that the soul can CHOOSE to move THROUGH it, not without it, not despite it, but through it.

If fear of dying is what will make them fall - then they are simply not ready yet. If they are, if their souls are ready to move past that 'obstacle' - it won't stop them. Nothing can stop the soul that is 'pulling' forward and upward full power. It will find a way. And nothing will help move those who are not ready yet, whose level of evolution keeps them strongly attached to where they are.

One of the mistakes I've made on my path is confusing personal with collective, believing that if made my inner darkness step forwards and unveil itself and work with it, unravel it, then I removed that darkness in the collective. It doesn't work this way. Everybody holds a part of the puzzle. My inner Lucifer, let's say, might be unravelled, but everybody holds one inside. So this consciousness will still be there and draw OC into the field no matter what I or other souls do. I can work with the field, open windows, doors, channels, but eventually people are those who choose to step through them or lean back into seemingly 'safe' unconsciousness. I've been there, I know how it works - you're not ready until you're ready. Period.

So I am with you on everything, accept not seeing the 'opportunity', a window of opportunity in the obstacle. 

As I am writing this, what came up is this video of Gabriel, angel who decided to unleash darkness into the world of humans to bring the best out of them:

This is what OC is about for me. Judging it is easy. Seeing it as serving is less so.

Note: I wanted to say a word about contraction. You always talk about expansions. In my 'work' I found that sometimes the right thing is to contract all the way, until the contraction opens on itself, when everything that needs to be squeezed out is squeezed out. Or maybe because I spotted that the light is falling into ego and at that moment I can't allow myself to 'swallow' it or 'enjoy' myself so I contract and 'spit' the light out, work on that channel... Contraction is not always a 'bad' or wrong thing to do. Sometimes the right thing is to allow contraction to happen. When it reaches its maximum, there is a flip, an expansions happening on its own... The point is to stay conscious and aware when it happens, find out why and how to work with it - expand through it or allow it.


Does it not strike you as odd, that here we are, amidst tremendous energetic shifts, especially as we progress into 2020, and all of a sudden there is this spurious virus that's grounding people? That to me is no synchronicity, and neither is it a coincidence!

I'm witnessing tremendous expansions of consciousness happening in people right now, all around the world. I've been facilitating in this arena, in this current shift, some 17 years now, and I can tell you I've not seen anything quite like it. Regular people are unfolding the most tremendous multidimensional gifts, such as opening portals, speaking in light language and processing people's karma. Veils of the illusion are falling thick and fast. It's often breath taking to witness.

So here we are, with this tremendous expansion taking place, and suddenly, out of the blue, a new virus emerges, with the perfect excuse to exert control and oppression, by taking people into their fear.
It simply has to be orchestrated.

But to be controlled by fear, to go back into the shell, is of course a choice. Just as the expansion of consciousness is a choice. You realise just how invaluable and priceless each new gift of expanded beingness becomes as you unfold them - new awarenesses, soul gifts and perceptions that make you feel an interconnected part of the Universe - that you've come home and belong.

That's what's at stake in this great Earth Shift right now. And this window of enhanced, accelerated opportunity, will be open only for so long. Hence my recommendation is not to let this all contract you down. Keep opening out, keep expanding, keep integrating those profound gifts that are increasingly available as the surrounding infusion of energies enhances. Let your life be adventurous, expansive and intriguing - make it epic!

And if you eat a predominantly plant based diet, with plenty of fruit and vitamin C, supported by daily intermittant fasting, that will surely boost your immune system enormously too.

That's why I felt to meet this new infusion of shadow with an infusion of light, through the new PODCAST service linked below. Let's keep the energy building and rippling ever further afield!

My perspective on this:

Anything can be over-dramatised and anything can also be diminished to nothing, including holocaust. You are right. Nothing is really dramatic. It is all just temporary noise, whatever the cause and whatever the effect. It is definitely not drama to me. Yet, flea bite can make me rather uncomfortable and send me into heavy processing. It is more dramatic than children dying of hunger somewhere on earth. This is how it sometimes works...

In this case, I am not afraid to die, but on the other hand it would sadden me that I didn't learn and give everything I came here to learn and give because somebody chose to eat a bat. I feel sad for all those people whose life and process was truncated because of something this ridiculous. Every person and every soul is meaningful. A tiny event can lead to far-going consequences.

It is also always over-dramatised when it is far away, when it is people who are not close to us who suffer and die. I do feel compassion for those who are gone and those who experience fear and loss. I also feel respect for those who choose to risk their lives and the lives of their families and come to work in public places, like hospitals.

But most importantly, I believe that when something becomes this accentuated in humanity, there is some bigger process. As example, on the smaller scale, somebody just pushed me (tiny event), but for me it kicked karmic processing (pretty intense and very earth-shaking). So when humanity makes a big deal of something, it IS a big deal, because collectively something is kicked off. So I take a look at that in two directions: 

1. I mean people die every day, but I know nothing about it. This particular event was brought to my attention and to attention of the many. Humans have been suffering from all kinds of horrific pandemics and events throughout their history. Maybe this event is a thread to a larger process. Maybe it is an opportunity for them to experience and learn something important. I look into that.

2. If I see it, then there is something for ME to see IN it, something to unravel and learn. I can choose to look at events, any events, like they're nothing. But I can also choose to take active part in it and see what my awareness is brought to on a personal level. There is always something if I look close enough.

Practically: Vitamin C and propolis are great OK Hand Sign I also make sure to sleep enough. Endorphins and oxytocin are great immune-boosters too.

I also want to share these videos. It really brought a big smile on my face. Whatever game humans play, whatever darkness descends upon them, some souls just won't go down and work to lift the spirits:



I believe it's being highly dramatised when far more people come to harm in the daily trials and tribulations of the matrix.

The solution is simple - good plant based diet, plenty of intermittant fasting so the body heals itself and plenty of vitamin C. No worries!

I understand that the Chinese are now using high doses of vitamin C to cure the C0r0nav1rus - according to this article here and others that I have read... UK Express

Personally I find that fascinating. I always take extra vitamin C when travelling. It builds the immune system wonderfully.

What are your thoughts on the virus - just a fear based control tactic?

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1. Chinese people eat stuff humans are not supposed to. This is not the first time they eat shit and then spread stuff around the world - globalisation has its hazards.

2. There is this rumor that the virus was developed intentionally to downsize older population in China. But people fly all over the place so it spread further

3. It’s just another virus but since people dying and infecting each other it is fear-inducing

Whatever it is media is good at spreading fear, spreading information is useful though. People tend to fear stuff, being sick and dead especially. For some it is an opportunity to work.

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At the moment we have ~100 people with the virus here and 1400 are quarantined. Even though we are still kind of 'free' to hang around, but everything is empty except food stores (which are more crowded, people buy food and toilet paper). Some rumors say that all this is planned (conspiration theory about New Order) and that it is somehow connected to Five Gee. I don't know if any of it is true. Indeed vaccines are being developed. ...

An interesting phenomenon I observe is that each and every one take it wherever they want. The interpretation is personal, even though the event is collective. So looks like everybody looks at the same thing but see it differently. So I felt to share my personal experience of it here. I asked to see, and suddenly was kicked into karma and the connection to what is going on now...

It is not a coincidence, to me, that this virus has to do with suffocation, as I myself regressed into this one many times in many different ways, I suffocated a lot, in different ways, both in regressive states and in real life, for years. Today I had this spike that maybe humans are also 'processing' the Sirian karma collectively in this way? It seems somehow connected.

I also have some 'prophetic' sensing and experiences, lifestyle changes - necessary 'forced' minimalism is probably going to have to happen, in contrast to the 'abundance', in all aspects of living.

Anyway, I just relax and know that I will be shown a way through all this.

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Just the sense of what has happened here and how it's escalated all seems incredibly fishy to me. If you wanted to put a population in fear so as to control them and instigate new regulations and immunisations (probably) then what better way to introduce it?

I'm seeing a clear division where people are going into fear, but others refuse to be controlled and limited in this way. The very opposite of the intention is happening - it's like it's become motivation to expand out of the matrix. I'm definitely experiencing that on thre gathering here at Eden Rise.

And yes, it could very well be a manifestation of Sirian karma too. I've regressed plenty of people back there now, and almost always what comes up as a symptom, is shortage of breath or some respiratory problem. Because the atmosphere there collapsed and people suddenly found they couldn't breathe.

But also what's fishy to me, is the big dramas that are being made when the majority of people who contract it, tend to have only minor symptoms. Would they not be better putting all that money into helping those who get the more severe symptoms, such as the elderly?

And speaking of money, hasn't it been a great excuse for governments to print more of it and reinflate their economies - more bottomless borrowing!

Let's move beyond fear folks.

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Dear Open, 

I am feeling extremely angry because of the massive hullabaloo this virus is eliciting even from so called woke folks. 

The whole China situation seems awfully like a cover up! The virus itself is a known causative agent in the common cold which is extremely pervasive across the world during spring. And honestly the level of Fear mongering across the media and even the medical establishment makes me so mad. Also makes me wonder at

how we can be so easily fooled.

The numbers speak for themselves. This is an agent that causes only 50 fatalities per day compared to 1000 from tuberculosis or even rota virus diarrhea. 

And in a country famously unhygienic like India where most people can't even afford handrub, the government is patting itself on its back for 'controlling the epidemic'. Hogwash! 

I was supposed to go and look at a place for a retreat centre but I am having to 'retreat'. And instead stay present with deep anger bubbling up from inside. I am still travelling even though we are supposed to be on lock down ( eye roll!!). 

I am very much believing in conspiracy theories that this is a big cover up. I will not be surprised if suddenly a pharma Company Saves humankind with a vaccine or a drug. 

Really, takes so much practice to just be present and not be so irritated with how people can't see what seems pretty plain to me. The real virus is Fear! 

Breathing, breathing 



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Hi Open,

In the U.S. we now have lots of panic buying of cleaners and especially toilet paper because people fear they'll be locked in their homes with quarantines!  Stores are sold out.  I've always kept a small stock of needed toiletries so it's no big deal to me.  I have no fear and think the whole thing is being blown out of proportion.  I take Vit C and Elderberry extract and feel it's protecting me.  The healthiest thing is laughter and I've had more belly laughs from all the funny things people are posting.  The sense of humor has gone viral which is excellent because that will help people.  A way to fight the darkness.

I think this virus was put out there so drug makers could make new vaccines and more money.  I've been outside working on setting up my garden area this week, soaking up the sunshine and being in nature.   I can sure feel the fear energies people are putting out though, so I keep using humor everywhere to lighten the atmosphere.  By the way, I'd forgot about this site since I didn't know where my password was, so I was using the Openhand one on facebook.  You'll know me as Kellyanne there.  :)  

Thank you for all the great articles.  Looking forward to the next live feed.

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Usually when there is oppression there is resistance to it which just gives rise to tightness, contraction and more turmoil and damage. Any opposing reaction - whatever intense reaction it triggers it just gives it more energy and feeds it. Any conflict causes more damage. What I do is take it as in gym - the more resistance (weight that tries to pull you down) the stronger you get but lifting it up. The same with all those 'disconnecting ungrounding energies', only that this time resistance is up and we push it down.

I feel all I need is a strong connection to my guidance (that speaks to me most of the time now, even when I sleep), courage as I face dense energies, and ability to find internal freedom that cannot be changed by any circumstances. It is easy to flow when you are unbounded. But I feel that it is going to be a different kind of flow that will need to be learned. The kind that finds a way within constraints, density, mess and noise. It reminds me of one Jewish psychiatrist in a concentration camp, which wrote about how he found freedom in choosing which spot to start with when forced to clean toilet floors. I don't expect the human world to be all nice and just allow everybody to go free. I come in terms with the feeling that the invitation is to take off from graveyard eventually rather than from paradise. In my experience we don't rise from a soft, cosy bed, but from deep underground, beaten in all the little soft and sensitive places and dead so many times that nothing is left, until all resistance is gone. I wouldn't expect humanity to skip this phase in their process. So there is no point in reacting to any of it, but definitely to feel through it and work with it. And then who knows? Maybe something amazing will happen and things will change...

Anyway, I put music on and go for a walk or dance and just unravel through it all :) You know, there are "UFOs over Bamako", all over the place



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Thanks for sharing Anatoly. The graph that stood out for me most was the one about how many people die worldwide on a daily basis from different viruses. So at this time (although it will likely increase), about 70 people are dieing each day from coronavirus whereas over 1000 die from common flu. So where's the hysteria over that?

It has for sure gripped the world. You'd have to assume that was the intention!

No fear indeed.

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This is mind blowing to me. Everything is being effected! Stock market, toilet paper and so on. This sounds just like getting the flu. We should always cover our mouths, nose and wash/sanitize our hands as not to spread germs...duhh really. Our elders and children have always been suseptible to "getting sick".  

There was a comment made that caught my attention, in one of the other posts, "how easy we are influenced". 

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In Israel we went into full-blown quarantine today. Everything closes. Jobs are cancelled. Universities and schools are closed. To me this is very interesting, because it reminds me that moment when USSR fell apart and in one day everything collapsed and changed.

This is not a reason to be fearful, but an amazing preparation, to me, - people get to realise that nobody promises them the same tomorrow as yesterday and that their life the way they know it can be taken from them in a blink of an eye. You can really see those who cling and those who let go and those who laugh, those who are creative in all this - it all depends how you respond to events, real or blown out of proportion, doesn't matter...

It is just a glitch right now, after which everything is supposed to get back to where it was. But maybe one day it won't... Isn't it something some of us have been waiting for? Events that will challenge the status quo? Show people the illusionary nature of the sense of stability? A rapid change of values (toilet paper??? wtf?) Fear is not the only thing here. It is a negative side, but there is also positive, it's bringing out the good in people, presenting a mirror, and beginning to prepare the whole world to let go. When things collapse irreversibly, one day, people will be used to it.

You know, when there is a sickness, when nature goes wild, when the normal ways of living are interrupted - isn't it an opportunity to let go, face fears, face the proximity of possible losses and even death and find what truly matters?

The great news, what I've seen in 90's, is that new ways are found when the old are crumbling.

Life has its ways...

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Thank you for your response. It is upsetting that some people's lives change and others are making money off this "situation". Big corporation's, stock market and the prices in the stores are rising daily. When is it going to end 😱.

Anyway, maybe it is just a test and the worse is yet to come or it's a huge drill to see how the world handles life threatening situations....time will let.


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Dear Yulia, 

I felt a big 'aha' to your earlier comment and this one. For the last week I have been watching in beleaguered surprise as what I see as a common cold becomes well, uncommonly focused on. In Delhi too we are in lock down. As I work in a hospital, I can assure you I'm in the minority of people not affected by the Fear virus. As an empath though, your post led me to really connect with the fear in my belly that I had mentally dismissed this far.

I am now delving deeper into those layers. Visualizing it and attempting to normalize within it. It's very dark, treacly and it has tentacles but tends to soften and transform when accepted completely. 

My family and I have headed into the mountains, much to the chagrin of our family and Co workers. And yet here, at the banks of the Ganges I feel like I am getting in touch with the Fear better instead of just resisting it and pushing it away. 

2 nights ago I had a very interesting dream that I couldn't understand. Fragments came together and suddenly coherent sphere formed suddenly as if by magic. 

Today whilst travelling, I intuited how coherence is to be brought to different soul fragments so we can flow. I have no idea why I needed to share that, but I did.

Deep prayers and blessings from here,