Creating The Gap (in quantum timespace)

It seems like the new age community is full of mystical stories of individuals who have reached a place on their spiritual path that allows them to access other planes of existence, speak with other beings, or can see things that the rest of us cant.... unfortunately, i dont have any of those stories to share just yet, it could be i haven't been meditating for long enough, or that i have something "blocking" me from going deeper to figure this out on my own... but i hoping to hear some thoughts regarding a struggle with my ego I'm experiencing.

I was watching a Kung Fu movie a while back; the teacher asks his student to hold out his hand & create a space between his thumb and pointer finger just large enough to drop a ruler through both fingers… then he says: “Try to catch the ruler when I drop it, I will not tell you when I am going to let it fall.”

The teacher waits a long moment, then drops the ruler between the student’s open fingers; it falls to the floor.

The teacher then says to his student: “That is our first goal, to shorten the time it takes for your brain to register that the ruler has fallen and the time needed to inform the hand to close & grasp the ruler. Shortening this gap in your reaction will create a great advantage against your opponents; it creates the ability to anticipate and react with the proper technique needed to be the victor in battle.”

I hold Martial Arts in very high regards; the discipline, the unity of mind & body, & the philosophy all inspire me greatly.

I tell my fiancé often that I need to figure out how to create a similar gap in time between the moment phenomenon occurs in my life & the instant an emotion is generated in my brain... I need only a split second to create enough time to allow my Soul to intervene with my ego’s thirst for acting on the freshly generated emotion, but this brings up the question: how do I create the gap?

What I’m referring to is the ability to make a choice regarding my behavior… at this point, the hold my ego has over the control of my emotions is rather large and I do not have that choice, i often find myself apologizing for my behavior as opposed to controlling it. SO I am reaching out to some like-minded individuals to gain some feedback… what practices have you implemented in your daily life that enables you to create the gap?

Currently i meditate 2x daily for around 40 mins each session using certain sushumna & pranayama breathing techniques... i have been practicing meditation for about a year now, and am wondering if my persistence will eventually create what I'm looking for, or if there is another way to "speed up the process"...?

Your thoughts are welcome, Namaste!

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In my opinion it is not yoga, meditation etc. that makes you stay in the now, but yourself. Even if they help you achieving that, it is YOU doing it. So when you take a break, it is only you, resting, doing whatever. Maybe you should take a break more often and stay in your own company :-). Meditation should be easy, just like when you are taking a walk. Notice the environment, observe the trees, the clouds, feel the breeze, notice your feelings... with no judgment. Just feel them. :-)

How about doing things that make you feel good, for a few days? Not in a spartian way, like you overcame something and you succeeded, but just for the sake of nothing. With no effort. Like when you are in a pool, lying on your back, letting the waves wash through you. If it means that you meditate, or sleep, or do yoga, then do that. But not because it is a routine, but because it makes you feel complete somehow. Not sure if I manage to get it accross to you what I would like to, but hope so :-D.

For me, being alert and mindful is not something that you "do", but something that you "are", closer to "being" than to "doing". Allowing. Being kind (to yourself), observing, noticing, being peaceful inside.

Again, it is only my opinion. You have to find your own harmony and balance on your own way, and the first step is "dont be hard you yourself". :-)

I was that guy too!!! Open says "the only way out is through" and I agree. The 9 step process he mentioned is very helpful. I am 44 and had a similar childhood. I have finally managed to forgive my dad because he did the best he could with the knowledge and wisdom he had to work with. I tell my 4 kids that Adulthood is the time you spend recovering from your parents mistakes. I am not perfect either but they know I Love them Unconditionally.
P.S. The strongest person is the most Unconditionally Loving of ALL Life!!!Take the Shaolin for example they would suppress their opponents by making them pass out without hurting them. The purpose of not taking their life was to give them a chance to grow and become better people. True Warriors!!!

I grew up being VERY Critical of everyone and everything including myself. At 22 I spent every waking moment contemplating Suicide for 6 months. What finally snapped me out of it was the realization that ALL my problems were caused by my self criticisms. I was kicking my own A** in a very powerful way by seeding bad thoughts thus creating bad emotions about myself. I had to forgive my own perceived shortcomings to be empowered to grow. Please don't allow yourself to be hard on yourself any longer. It just gives energy to the very thing you are trying to eliminate. Only Unconditional Love can end conflict, even internal ones. Peace, Eddie

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I've never really practiced self forgiveness... ive always been a "get over it" kind of tuff guy... and its created a mess for me. Im only 27 and im glad ive caught this before it had a chance to get any worse... but ill need to learn how to forgive myself, this is very foreign to me.

It seems i can relate to the criticism youve explained, my father was a very critical, angry man. I feel like im still mad at him for the shit he used to pull when i was younger... i was never truly allowed to express myself as i wanted to & i believe this suppression of my true self is whats causing me to be so angry now.

Something in me resonated deeply with your plea to stop being so hard on myself... i'll have to really explore what it means to forgive internally. Thanks Eddie.


Well this a great exchange - lots to be seen and realised :-)

Observing the emotions and what they cause is one thing. It establishes that you are not the thoughts or emotions. That's the first step. But it also risks building false identity if we stay in that place.

Of course there's nothing wrong with thought and emotion - they're a vital part of this colourful masterpiece called life.

It's about having the freedom to fully express, as yourself, without being owned by the expression.

In the 5GATEWAYS work, we speak of becoming the Observer of everything that is going on - by opening the mind, not judging oneself for ones actions. But then we must also work into the heart - to open the heart by becoming fully conscious of our feelings.

At various points we'll notice tightness, where we get owned. The point to realise is..... this is the point of the moment - to feel this tightness

When you get that, you've got a golden opportunity. Feel into the tightness and fully express it. When you do this, something profoundly important happens - you dissolve as the Observer into the One. The One is pure presence through the experience. It is the blank canvass upon which all the colours are painted. But it's not separate from, it's through the experience. I think it's what you mean JJ when you refer to "the silent thought".

Having an experience and then going back over it can be priceless - to regress into the feelings and reactions. Because then you can work to realign your consciousness through the situation and become the One in it.

JJ you ask about an appropriate meditation? I think regression into the experiences would probably be more valuable. Here's how we work with such integrations on the Openhand Courses...9 Step Spiritual Healing Process

Give it a whirl, see how it might help.

Open *OK*

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This is indeed a great exchange; thanks for providing the platform for such a discussion to take place!

"It's about having the freedom to fully express, as yourself, without being owned by the expression."
- This is HUGE!!! I applaud your ability to put into words these feelings of frustration i'm having. This comment describes exactly what im looking to achieve.
What you’re saying is i need to treat these moments of "emotional takeover" as a prime opportunity to Witness & become the Observer... to feel the tightness as you've put it. I feel as though i have the ability to do so initially as the emotion sets in... But I lose it when i see the chance to gratify the situation by acting on the emotion instead of letting it pass… or worse, by suppressing it without allowing it to exhaust itself… I will need to learn to buckle down and be strong once I recognize a chance to Witness…
To clarify, the emotion i continue to describe & experience is one of underlying aggression & anger... i had a very controlling Father and ive come to realize that unfortunately he is the cause of a lot of the anger i feel today. He was an angry man and had trouble expressing himself in any form except yelling & screaming, often times cursing & demeaning me in order to get his point across. He's since passed away and i dont exactly have an opportunity to address this with him personally... but as hard of a man as he was, he was also very wise & I have a lot of love for him... his delivery of the wisdom was simply terrible.

I briefly read through the 9 Step Healing Process you’ve shared with me. Honestly ive never attempted any type of regression; meditation seems to be my main source of therapy at this point and due to the intimacy of what I experience & uncover I find it hard to want to reach out and open myself to anyone qualified to help with this type of healing… However the 9 steps are EXACTLY what ive been trying to put together in my head… I was literally about to start writing down some sort of process to begin in order to bring some of these emotions to the surface, now that ive pinpointed the root I am going to take a serious approach to these 9 steps… thanks, Open, for all you do & stand for.

I hear you and see what happens. Of course, it happens to more of us, that there is a situation and we "snap". But then you realize what happens, even if later, and then you snap later, and after a while you won't, on that specific thing. But then something else comes along. I think you should experiment on what Treebrother says, and catch that thought before the emotion - which most of the time some judgment about someone else. :-) See what happens!

I can see that you believe to be hard on yourself :-). But why? Did it solve anything so far for you being tough and not allowing yourself to be lazy sometimes? Which means what by the way, for you? Maybe laziness is just "being there", which is goood! :-) Just pondering on things, doing absolutely nothing (at least one thinks that) - why would it be bad?

Devotion and determination to work on yourself is great, I think. To love yourself, including the analytical and lazy part is also good :-). Everything is energy and if you fight yourself and are tough on yourself, you will attract energyflows that vibrate like that too, and there comes a confict - so you can fight. What is inside, creates the outside world. Just for an experiment, try to be more allowing and more loving towards yourself, forgiving and smile at your reflection in the mirror and notice what changes. :-)

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"I can see that you believe to be hard on yourself :-). But why? Did it solve anything so far for you being tough and not allowing yourself to be lazy sometimes? Which means what by the way, for you?"

-To answer this, i guess lazy is defined as not working on myself... i.e skipping meditation/yoga sessions which i believe have really provided me with a solid foundation to be mindful throughout the day...recently i gave myself a week's rest from all activities to catch up on sleep and basically take a break from my seemingly relentless routine ive created for myself. Taking the break created some motivation in me to get back into my routine after a few days off... but it was like pulling teeth to start again & my body & mind were definitely less at peace during the break… I think ive developed an outlook on that says my peace of mind and ability to "be here" relies on my meditation & yoga routine as a foundation to get there... ill have to sit with this one for a bit...

This is very hard for me to grasp because on one hand the continued effort to meditate daily has made a profound impact on my life and my ability to recognize the root of the issues im having... but there's no denying it takes hard work and determination day in & out to keep up with this routine. I want to believe its related to an Ego struggle of some sort, where the push back i receive is coming from the Ego's resistance to the changes im undergoing... which if thats the case ive already learned that persistence is key and will overcome these obstacles... but my struggle seems to be in finding a balance to continue to do the things i hold dear to my Sadhana… one thing is for sure, being able to reach out to a like-minded community helps tremendously!

- The point made about everything being energy is a concept im finally beginning to grasp... i'll start small, maybe by trying to hold a smile more often than a tensed look throughout the day to help bring that higher vibration into my being…. Maybe trying to find humor in some of my erratic behavior will elevate my thoughts a bit as well :)

In my experience often there is a silent thought that flashes through the mind before the emotion. If you can stop and be aware at the time of intense emotion, often the thought lingers for a bit. This offers a choice to keep the emotion or simply throw it out with the thought. After a little practice this gets easier. The next step is then to contemplate the source of the thought in the first place. It came from inside of you...your memory of something or a fear perhaps. Does it still serve you? Is your life better because of this memory or fear? Maybe meditate on the subject and release it? Warrior to Warrior, Eddie

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I think i am searching for the "silent thought" youve described... the contemplation portion is where i feel i get stuck. I find that i catch myself analyzing the source of the emotion for longer periods of time than the actual emotion lasted... above ive mentioned a double edged sword when it comes to my analytical approach to things... but i feel like there is definitely some sort of fear or memory that continues to generate these unwanted emotions... do you have any specific meditations that have worked well to bring these fears and causes to light? Honestly, if i can work out how to bring them into the light, the light will take care of the rest!

Warrior to Warrior,


Well, I have news for you: I don't think you associate your self with your body and mind. Otherwise how would you be able to say that "I tend to latch on to an emotion"... who is that then, who is latching on...? :-) I sense that your self-awareness is greater than you admit to yourself. :-) Take a look. You are writing things that come from you, not your ego or body, but you, my dear friend :-).

Instead of struggling and trying to combat and fight down the emotion, how about softening into it (I love this expression, Open :-))? Just feel it, let it go through you, don't act on it just feel it inside, until it subsides or integrates or just disappeares, and what remains is: you. And if you acted upon it? So what? When you realize it, it already happened, so leave it behind. Don't be hard on yourself :-). Next time you will recognize it sooner and sooner. And what matters is that you are working on yourself and moving forward. :-)

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Well, that certainly IS good news!! I do find it much easier to express myself in writing than any other form of communication; verbally is where i run in to most issues...the Ego snaps a response faster than im able to contemplate the phenomena that triggered the response in the first place... And post action i tend to want to determine the cause of what just happened by re-tracing the patterns of thought that led to my response... further strengthening my attachment to both what happened & how it happened...

i often catch myself in this post thought analysis and hear myself saying "it really doesn't matter, its already happened..." the analytical part of me is both a blessing and a curse at times. Perhaps I'm not being patient enough with myself to allow enough time for the emotion to subside... sounds like some new Meditation Material has arose from this conversation... ;)

I like the name Spiritual Spartan because it reflects my devotion and determination to work on myself every day... i believe i need to be "hard" or "tough" on myself because i have a tendency to allow laziness to set it quite easily... perhaps there's a different approach to be taken,such as that of a Guru or other form of mentor... i need to remain disciplined but also express some compassion for myself & what im attempting to accomplish - inner peace and to become my true self.

Very interesting thread. A couple of years ago I noticed that time is "on my side" :-) and I can widen or shorten my time-consideration. I actually went to places in impossibly short time periods. When I really "wanted" (ego) to arrive somewhere at a certain time, it did not work. However, when I just thought that I would be there by a certain time, - did not think about how and why or is it possible at all, and did not look at my watch just took is for granted that it would happen - I normally arrived there at the exact minute I thought of. Sometimes I had to "listen" to time when he or she added a few minutes, but I accepted that always. It was/is an interesting experience.

It also can be done with emotions, putting some space between the emotion and myself. This puts me in an observer position and helps distinguish the emotion (which most of the time comes from someone else) and myself. It is very useful to me, as an empath and a highly sensitive person I very easily take on someone else's emotion, and state. Took a long time to realize that :-) but life is a lot easier since I know that this was what I was doing.

So I would try, SpiritualSpartan, just simply consider having some space between your ever-loving and forever-existing beautiful soul and the emotion, desire, troubling thought. As time and space is a consideration, doing just that (considering) might be helpful. But of course you have to find the way of doing that, that is yours :-).

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Time... what a concept!

I still associate my "self" with my body & mind (ego); i tend to latch on to an emotion before i even give myself a chance to counter it or offer another way to handle a situation. Adopting the role of the witness seems to be the only way to create a space in time to allow me to feel the emotion & accept that it is there, but it takes quite a bit of will power to choose NOT to act on the emotion, this is where i still continue to struggle.

I need to research some philosophy on the role of the Witness and methods others use to trigger that level of consciousness... maybe a phrase or mantra to remind myself that "it seems an emotion is rising, its time to witness & not act"... of course in theory its always easier said than done... but i truly appreciate your feedback!! Youre right, the method of attaining that state of awareness is going to fall directly in my lap!


Thanks for the response; I wanted to take some time to further break this down, you’ve certainly pinpointed the root of the issue I’m having…

I constantly experience these cravings to overcome & “make progress” with something, it is very hard for me to be still, in regards to both my thought stream as well as in my day to day activities in life. Often the desire to overcome arises subconsciously and disguises itself as rational thought, which I then act on… however, I’m beginning to slowly see it is ALL well-devised by my clever Ego…

Oh, what a mess I’ve created!! ;)

Early in life I developed a defense system that drove the need to be the “best” at everything due to my fear of being viewed as less significant than my peers... my actions would reflect an attitude & desire to “be better” than my friends or classmates in school at everything… sports, art, music interests, even other groups of friends. I would learn the accepted behavior of a certain group of individuals and then play into that behavior in order to be accepted by them… I would hardly ever listen to my heart, especially if it was telling me to go against something the “crowd” didn’t accept.

Talk about going against the flow…

I think it’s something in our human nature, we crave acceptance and a way to validate that the decisions we make are the “right decisions”… unfortunately, instead of listening to the voice in our heart the voice of approval from comes from groups of friends & their accepted views of behavior. Their acceptance is viewed as more important than what our heart says, and when the decision comes from a place other than the heart, it only strengthens the Ego.

I think you’re right, I need to look into my overall approach to life and the situations that present themselves. Instead of overcoming, getting through, or achieving things… maybe I need to learn to accept things as they are and be guided by my heart.

When asking myself the following questions, I learn that if the answer to any of them is “the Ego” & not “the heart”, then I need to seriously reconsider the direction I’m headed.

-Who is deciding the goal?

-Who wants to succeed?

-Where is the battle and the victor?

I was contemplating joining martial arts in order to help better unify my mind & body and to help create that gap I described earlier… I even went to a free local Shaoilin Kung Fu session to see what it would be like!! But, after asking myself the above questions this weekend, I realized the desire to train in martial arts arose from an egocentric desire to – AGAIN - prove myself better than those around me and not as a tool to better myself for ME.

I asked myself the same questions in regards to my Yoga & Meditation practices, and the decision to continue with both most certainly came from my heart… making my decision to give up the desire to train in martial arts much easier. I need to simplify my life in many ways in order to be able to fully give my energy to what matters most to me.

I’ll stick to Yoga & Meditation and, as you said Open, learn to use the knowledge and energy of martial arts to develop something else… Or better yet to strengthen my connection to the Divine.

I guess the next subject of discussion is “How to surrender to the flow”, I’ll post another topic soon. As always, I welcome all wishing to expand on these issues, it certainly helps to get these thoughts out on paper!

I feel it appropriate to quote the famed Bruce Lee once more in closing:

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times.” (Kicks = mediation… Fear = Respect)

I will continue to simplify my life and apply the dedication, focus, and discipline of a Martial Artist to my practices… I just need to learn to always be aware of my Ego’s ability to latch itself on to anything I show interest in!


Amazing Open! Just wow!


Hi SpiritualSpartan, greetings!

It's a fascinating exploration you're having - one which offers the possibility of a major breakthrough, although the answer I feel given to share, probably won't be the one you're looking for. :-)

I should begin by saying I too have been a martial artist both in this lifetime and others. I'm well aware of the place you're exploring.

I'd say the crux is here...

    The teacher then says to his student: “That is our first goal, to shorten the time it takes for your brain to register that the ruler has fallen and the time needed to inform the hand to close & grasp the ruler. Shortening this gap in your reaction will create a great advantage against your opponents; it creates the ability to anticipate and react with the proper technique needed to be the victor in battle.”

Who is deciding the goal? Who wants to succeed? Where is the battle and the victor?

It's all identity trying to achieve something, to test something, to win something. And as such, it's an ego divorced from the flow and indepth awareness of what the field is inviting.

    To me, Bruce Lee provided a fascinating example of this. He was clearly one of the best martial artists of his time. Few opponents could 'better' him in the art. Yet I put it to you that this constant striving to be better, to win and to beat someone, created his own inner demons which eventually floored him.

When one is in the flow, it is possible to do the simplest of things with great awareness, it is possible to bend spacetime so that time and distance cease to exist. Travel to a far away planet? It can be done in seconds by removing the distance in timespace between you and the object.

    In 1973 a psychic called Ingo Swan traveled to Jupiter and reported it had rings around it - similar to Saturn. But he was laughed at. At the time, everyone knew only Saturn had rings. That was until in 1979 the space probe Voyager arrived at Jupiter and photographed the said rings proving Swan correct. He had apparently traveled there in less than 3 minutes.

So anything is possible within quantum time/space. The question is, who is trying to do what? Because the moment you establish a separation trying the test or prove something, is more often than not, when you disconnect from the flow.

A more beneficial approach (to one's soul), would be to learn how to surrender to the flow. Then the layers of the ego start to peel away. Your consciousness expands into the field and into multiple dimensions of existence - where you experience all manner of things beyond imagination.

This would require a radical change in the way one usually deals with life in society - trying to win, achieve, to capitalise, to have agendas and fixed goals.

It requires a great deal of letting go, feeling into the moment, connecting with the soul and letting it take you to 'right' choices.

When I remembered this, I was invited to give up Karate - a passion. The universe was suggesting I use the knowledge and energy of it to develop something else - which would align me more accurately with the flow. I started to develop a unique practice called soulmotion which I evolved from martial arts warm up routines which has the purpose of attuning the soul (we now teach it on the Openhand Courses).

    Actually there was no intention to create soulmotion, rather it is more accurate to say, that it evolved itself through me.

However, I still found it hard to give up karate - until on the very last session, the very last move, the universe spoke to me unequivocally....

    As I looked down, my treasured Blackbelt simply unfolded itself and fell off.

It was the last time I ever wore it!