Crucifying the Ego (level 4): Wales 1st-8th August 2009

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Becoming Enlightened
We each have Enlightenment experiences from time to time and in a way we are all enlightened, its just that as soon as we have that experience of awesome, non-identified awareness, it is so crystal clear, so liberated and so whole, that the mind wishes to own it and forms an identity around it separating us from that experience. If you like, an imposter of the real thing - a "shadow" - has formed within the personality and while it continues to exist, we are not enlightened. So how do we deal with the shadow? How do we dissolve into full Enlightenment?...

"Crucifying the Ego" helps us to see where the final blockages are (the "karma") that still cause us to identify in some way with the ego. The course presents participants with continually updating challenges providing constant opportunities to step into the experience of universal, non-identified presence - the “Seer” of all things - and to stay that way. It brings us right to brink of our own shocking, self realisation stepping into the void of non identification.

"Crucifying the Ego" takes place in a secluded, 100-acre wood on a mountain top in South Wales. Whilst having distinct similarities to the Native American "vision quest", participants will receive direct, one-on-one intuitive guidance to help activate, confront and dissolve karma.

What is Enlightenment?
Enlightenment is where we step through the illusionary fabric of self identification to non identified presence. We have dissolved into the absolute Seer of all things. Finally there is no need seek or search for ourselves because the realisation dawns that there is no one to find!

    ”When you can no longer define who you are,
    that’s who you are!”


We have finally realised the divine paradox - that we are nothing and therefore everything. If we were to be something, that would make us less than the all of it, and therefore whatever experience we are having, it is not what we truly are, which is everything. Does that make sense? If it does, you will have had tastes of Enlightenment.

So how is it that in Enlightenment, we still experience things?
In being none identified presence, we are the Seer of all things and have the experience of being 'as-one' with everything. Yet out of this arises our own unique sense of beingness and purpose - the soul. The soul is our personal expression of the Seer.

In Enlightenment, the experiences of "in here" and "out there" unfold blissfully into one. Yet there is still the apparent duality of separation - our experience of the soul. When you can hold this apparent duality IN EVERY MOMENT, in other words not to be identified at all with external experience - even if the experience is potentially earth shattering - then you are fully enlightened.

Exposing the “shadow of the Seer”
Participants on this course will already be having enlightened experiences, but it may be that our being is still not fully comfortable with the experience of non-identified presence and either resists it in some way because of fear, or loves the experience and tries to own it. If you like a ‘fragment’ of the soul is still identified with the ego in some way. This fragment we call the “shadow” and arises as the light of the soul shines through the causal body illuminating our karma.

Our karma is the reason for this present incarnation. It shapes the learning experiences we need to evolve through in order to become fully liberated. Karma forms from dramatic, often traumatic experiences we had in past lives - the fear of death for example - which we then hold in the causal body and form a limiting relationship to.

The way to dissolve our karma, is to activate, confront and then bathe in it, drinking it in through every pore until we are no longer afraid or identified with it. By continually challenging its illusionary effects, we can re-centre in our absoluteness upon which the karma, and with that any shadow identities, dissolve.

The work
"Crucifying the Ego" is no ordinary course and is not for the faint hearted! It is purposefully designed to take us to the very edge of those experiences we identify with and are afraid of most. We will occupy a spread-out, group encampment in secluded woodlands on the shores of a natural, fresh water lake.

Each person will be guided in one-on-one meditation and other unique experiencial exercises to find and press those inner buttons that hurt most. Participants will then be allowed to bathe in the energy and as required, receive facilitation to dissolve it...

    "Your pain is the breaking of the shell
    that encloses your understanding.
    Even as the stone of the fruit must break,
    that it's heart may stand in the sun,
    so must you know your pain."

    Kahlil Gibran

Following this initial 'breaking down period', we will fully reconnect with the lightness, expansiveness and simple joy of the soul in a way which we will not have previously experienced. Our connection to Unity Consciousness will undergo a profound and lasting shift.

When we emerge from the woodland, it will feel as though we have been born again. Indeed, we will have been!

The work will be conducted with Chris and Trinity Bourne.

Chris works intuitively as a clear mirror reflecting back both your distortions and divine gifts of beingness. With a powerful ability to read the synchronistic patterning behind all events, Chris helps reveal the objective messages and guidance the universe is genuinely offering. In so doing, Chris will help you see the distorting influence of your shadow and instead centre in your true path. In this way the shadow can be dissolved.

Trinity will support the engagement in many ways as required. She has deep visionary insight and connection through the higher dimensions. This helps make sense of interactions where your higher self might be saying one thing but your lower self another. Working with profound energetic sensitivity, Trinity will help bring to the surface and release energetic tightness unveiling greater vibrational harmony, integrity and congruency throughout your being.

Administration details

  • Venue: The course will take place at a remote 100-acre mountain woodland in South Wales. We wish to keep the location of the site private so full details will be provided on booking
  • Cost: The full cost of the course including guidance and facilitation, food and accommodation is £550
  • Travel directions: Full directions will be given on booking. The site is within a 40 minute drive of the last junction on the M4 in South Wales. A train station connecting from Cardiff main is within easy reach. Cardiff international airport is within 1hrs drive. We will be happy to arrange collections for all those traveling by public transport
  • Date and Timings:The woodland site will be available for people to gather from 4pm on Saturday 1st August (dinner will be served at 6pm). The course will end at around lunch time on the Saturday 8th August
  • Booking:To find out more and to reserve a place, click on this link... click here
    or call us on (+44) 01458 830443.

Participants on this course will have already reached the point of no-return in their lives. The place where they realise there is simply no longer any point what-so-ever in being identified with the external drama. It just does not serve anymore to have any slight attachment to a need for an outcome.

And yet we also realise that to dissolve our true path in life is also an attachment and therefore denial of our truth. If we are ever in a place of such denial, we are being separate from the all-that-is and therefore we're not living in truth. We are not being who we truly are.

This course has the capacity to take people to the edge of such identity and beyond it. It has the power to take you into the place of non-identified presence and help you stay there. And when you've tasted it, you'll know there simply isn't any point being anywhere else. We are totally liberated, free to be who we truly are. It is accomplished; we've reached the top of the mountain.


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