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Openhand Facilitator Deborah


My Client support journey started back in 2012 with Reiki Mastery, Trance Healing, Evidential Mediumship and Past Life Regression studies. I have also conducted sessions for animals as well as being involved with planetary work for a number of years.

Starting on my healing path triggered a lengthy personal mastery journey; where inner journeying and unusual energetic and dimensional experiences urged me to learn more. Study pursuits mainly focussed on Ascension and the Shift, consciousness and our collective evolution, and science and spirituality. Completion of Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Academy Delegate Program developed an innate knowing that everything is connected, and opened my senses to the holographic nature of our universe, and the importance of our own toroidal field.

Naturally drawn to distance work, connecting by intention, attention and Client consent, I found it important to create and hold a safe space via a dedicated home healing room which I use during sessions and until the Client connection is complete. Sessions are guided by either Client or Soul, and are facilitated with non-judgement, ethics, and respect for each Soul’s journey in this or other incarnations.

Openhand experience has further developed my facilitation skills to include identification and removal of Implants and Entities; Toroidal Field and Chakra health and hygiene, as well as assisting to unravel blockages – current or karmic; to help see past distortions and aid in realignment and reintegration of all levels, layers and dimensional aspects of the mind / body / spirit complex.

Service & Pricing

I offer a 60 to 90 minute session for AUD$70, but am open to discussion of this fee if you are experiencing any current difficulties. Please feel free to contact me if have any queries or to just connect for a quick chat to see if this feels right for you, or to discuss what type of session might best serve you at this time.

Ways to Connect

I’m based in Sydney, Australia, conducting sessions via Skype, or if local, via phone (if appropriate to the type of session required). If you feel I can be of service, I can be contacted by email:

Deborah - stage 1 Openhand Facilitator

Deborah is a multi-faceted facilitator. First and foremost, she has a strongly clairvoyant aptitude, able to see with great clarity the shaping field and make intellectual sense of it - bringing the hidden into the light. At a soul level, she has a tremedous depth of travelling experience, with great understanding of how the Universe works and flows, being able to 'trance channel' the higher wisdom and interdimensional influences including benevolent support. And with that, she's caring and compassionate, empthically connected. You get the best of all worlds! <<< Open HeartPraying Emoji


Deborah it's been a real pleasure and a privilege to be able to support your facilitator journey these last years. We've had some tremendous astral journies during that time, many illuminating interdimensional exchanges, which I've thoroughly enjoyed and personally benefitted from.

Openhand is blessed to have you on board now as an accredited facilitator. You have bags to offer emerging souls and the wider field at large within the Shift. It's so wonderful to see you shinging your light!

Much love and gratitude for all that you are

Open HeartPraying Emoji

What an amazing soul you are Deborah! I haven't met you in person yet, only via email, but it feels as if I have 'met' you!

I am inspired by your integrity and professionalism and also by your commitment to supporting all souls on their path. There is a humility and groundness about you that reaches all dimensions. And immense openness. A fellow wanderer and a magic expression of Creation with unique gifts to offer the world!

Openhand is indeed blessed! VERY much looking forwards to connecting in the flesh sometime down the flow.

With Wise Love <3


Hi Deborah,

Ah how lovely to see you here as a facilitator. We've only met through the ether (and email ;-) ) but I've always felt a very warm, loving and connected presence from you. Your clients will surely feel the same. 

Warmest wishes,



Dear Deborah , 

Its been a great pleasure to meet your unique catalytic qualities through 1 or 2 sessions we had together this year . I felt incredibly supported by your amazing expanded sense of open heart Presence & multi-dimensional connections . It helped my journey to unfold deeper since than . The warmth of your openness , the depth of your higher mind sharpness are incredible gifts ( among others ) u are brining to the world . Thank you for being you and being part of the Openhand Facilitator team . 

Much soft love goes your way , 

Jean B


Hi all - have just returned from a retreat and had not been able to log in until today, so I was profoundly touched to realise my bios was posted, and to read such thoughtful and humbling comments from each of you. I could feel my heart opening with gratitude as I read and connected to each of you through your words. Thank you so much for your warm and welcoming comments.

I truly feel honoured to have been guided to you Open and to this amazing community, and I am sincerely grateful for your teaching and support that has helped me to find my peace and place of service amongst this Facilitator Network.

I hope I can honour that support and the Openhand vision, as well as finding a fuller connection to this team as this path of service unfolds.

Much love to all,