The Deep Spiritual Significance of Notre-Dame in the 5D Shift

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Who cannot have been deeply moved by the tragic burning of the "Our Lady" Notre-Dame as we approach Easter 2019. Such a majestic landmark, that is special in the hearts of many, a bastion of faith that plenty have clung to. Let us open our hearts to those who've felt a great sense of loss. And at the same time, pay attention to the deep spiritual significance, as our "Our Lady" Gaia, is also undergoing similar dramatic transformation. Humanity is being presented countless mirrors through the 5D Shift. So in this case, what might "Our Lady", Our Divine Mother, be telling us?

The Universal Mother Tongue of Synchronicity

Nothing happens by chance. Those who're waking up realise that everything is interconnected. The Mother Tongue of the Universe, connecting us all, is that of signs and synchronicity. Just as the Titanic sank by crashing full tilt into an ice berg at the start of the Industrial Revolution, so are we being spoken to at what must soon be its end. And it is non other than our blessed mother sounding the alarm bell.

Credit must go to the brave firefighters who saved Notre-Dame (whose name refers to the divine Mother Mary) just 30 minutes from complete destruction. But as funds and commitments flood in from around the world to rebuild, who, I wonder is seeing the deeper significance? That Mother Earth too is just "30 minutes from complete destruction." At the same time as Notre-Dame burned, parts of London had been brought to a stand still by the valient protestors Extinction Rebellion. "We just want to get on with the day job", Londoners protested. Exactly. That's the point!

What we're being clearly shown is that the Old Paradigm must go, and will do so equally dramatically. For there to be a phoenix, there has to be a fire. But why so extreme? It's because of the level of ignorance that runs endemic through society, one that is founded on the flawed precept of perpetual economic growth on a planet of finite resources. It simply cannot persist, and benevolence is never going to allow complete destruction to happen. Society itself has triggered the collapse mechanism, the old must now burn to allow a higher consciousness to emerge that the earth may be saved for the balance of all sentient life.

Just 30 Minutes from Complete Collapse

Plenty have realised that a Great Shift into a New Paradigm of Consciousness is coming, is NOW. But it's clear to me that few have accepted what that exactly means in a practical sense. Society has plundered the Earth in the 3D. Since just the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, on a planet that is 4.6 Billion Years old, over 50% of the trees have been cut - 'burned' - down, and over 50% of the wild-life obliterated. Year on year, the suffering by sentient life here, particularly in the Industrial Food Chain, is off the scale. Such misalignment always calls forth a corrective force, one which we're now witnessing in no uncertain terms.

But ignorance is ignorance. You cannot point to unconsciousness with the finger of blame. That's what unconsciousness is. That's what it does. Until it transforms. And rightly benevolence will be patient, loving and caring, compassionate. There will be countless mirrors in this unfolding shift to rattle people awake. So it is with Notre-Dame. Just as the Old Lady burned, so too is Gaia. We are just 30 minutes from complete collapse, but I know in my heart that won't be allowed to happen. The 'firefighters' are already here. The old reality will be cleansed from the Earth to make way for a new one.

We must not fear change. Change is the driving force of the Universe. All realities come and go. In a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant. What we must do now is gather together in groups of mutual support, on a consciousness level, to help one another through what will become monumental upheaval. We must take centre stream in the shift, work into our fears, let go of the old karmic construct, and make way for the Divine Being in us to take shape.

A Time of Monumental Transformation

Notre-Dame has been a majestic bastion of the past. Religions too must either transform or bite the ashes. It's highly synchronistic that the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalm broke into fire on exactly the same day - let our hearts reach out to Islam too (and all other religions). But you cannot think your way into 'heaven'. Belief in some Masiah by itself is not enough to get you there. The Fifth Density is something that can only be realised through direct experience. So the burning also symbolises the burning away of the old intellectual systems of society that have, at times, controlled and manipulated people. They must, and will, all go. They have no place in the New Paradigm of free flowing consciousness, spontaneity of soul, and non-judgmental interconnectivity with all life.

Our Lady housed some of the most treasured relics of the past - (what is said to have been) the crown of thorns worn by Jesus, for example. But what stood out to me most was the golden cross that still stood majestically in the aftermath. To me it spoke of purification through the Christ Consciousness - which has nothing to do with any particular religion. Rather is means following the heart-felt pull to mediate successfully through this Great Shift. No matter what the old system tries to condition you with, always go instead with the heart felt feeling. That will always light the path forwards as the old reality breaks down.

Can You Feel Her Calling Your Name?

They will rebuild Notre-Dame. Of course they will. Those that are attached to the old will still struggle to let go of the past. But those of us who are awake and feeling themselves as a part of this Great Shift must embrace the signs and symbology. Our Divine Mother is speaking to us, loudly, and we must heed the call. It's time to let go of the old consciousness structures, time to dive deep through our karma, release the past conditioning and progressively unfold into the shining new beginning of the 5D Paradigm.

Can you hear her? Feel her calling your name?...

In loving support
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Yes, heard HER loud and clear and SHE said that she set her own hair on fire.  That's exactly the phrase I heard.  So, the very ancient Goddess Divine Sacred Feminine temple buried beneath the smoldering spire of Notre Dame set her own "hair" on fire so the reset could commence.  After years of disregard, disrepair, denigration and outright denial of funds necessary, she brought attention to her essence in a most dramatic and powerful manner. And of course, it is not just about a building, a spire or a burnt tower. So much more working its way back into our present.