The Devil's Tears

Tears wrung from God’s shadow
boils in duality’s cauldron.
Lighter vapors steam up to heaven
while lower drops sizzle.
This painful separation
leaves dense residue
scorched on the bottom.

Bravest Aspect of Source
oversees messy time lines.
Complex murky trails
make us forget who we are but
darkness remembers.
Devil’s tears
understand deepest cuts
spill into uncharted waters
and playing with fire
sears the mortal soul.

Rising from the ashes,
Phoenix awakens within.
Emerging from shadow to light
we feel trepidation
but yet reach out
in simple acts of kindness.
Empathy with passion learned
from earthly experience births
a new frequency.

It pangs original solutions about
integrating fear and love.
We hold expansive space
by noticing goodness
and meaning in our lives.
We are content to BE.

Light bodies watch in awe of
churning human heart to heart.
In this space Devil’s tears and
Angel’s smiles
blend into a magical elixir of



This is a great poem, thanks for sharing.
I particularly liked the last line, it feels gentle yet powerful!

"In this space Devil's tears and Angel's smiles
Blend into a magical elixir of Compassion"

Blessings and gratitude, Fiona

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thank you for commenting, that line is my favorite line also, I was trying to convey the thought that we as human living in a dense vibrational environment experience a compassion unlike any other in the universe. so thanks for reading, laurie

This is so incredibly deep laurie.
And very intune with what's going on in the world right now.
In fact I'm writing about it too in my new book Divinicus.

How can you say something about the dark and yet maintain the energy of light? It's a skill you're deftly mastering.


Open *OK*

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hey thanks Chris for commenting. Being a poet I love that shadow stuff. Hey can't wait to read your book when it comes out and also plan on getting Trinity's cook book. Have a wonderful spring! laurie