DIVINICUS Activation (Openhand level 3): CAE MABON/UK, 15th-22nd June

Submitted by Open on Sat, 12/30/2017 - 07:26

Humanity has entered the crucible of profound evolutionary change. A wave of transformation is sweeping through our lives urging a fundamental shift into the next plane of reality: into your divine being "DIVINICUS" in Fifth Density Consciousness, then to live it, here and now. How do we make this crucial transition? We must venture deep within and confront the final karmic ballast - the unconscious hooks that tether us to the old consciousness. It requires a deep internal penetration of the restricting density. In so doing, we unleash kundalini, then activate the spirit-light-body. This will be our vehicle for the Shift into the New Paradigm.

This is Openhand's legendary level 3 activation, previously called "The Transfiguration". It's taking place at the amazing 'Lord of the Rings' eco-village "Cae Mabon" in Snowdonia, Wales UK. All info email: courses@openhandweb.org

Course highlights

  • confronting, healing and dissolving inner child identities
  • undertaking 'radical forgiveness' both for ourselves and others
  • activating and integrating kundalini, uniting higher and lower self
  • confronting humanity's past life karma and unwinding the intervention
  • discovering, unveiling and radiating your divine being - the next evolution.

Your profound birthright

An Interdimensional Intervention has derailed the natural evolutionary path of humanity and the planet. A synthetic reality has been created with humanity enslaved within it. But now a huge influx of cosmic consciousness is infusing to bring about realignment with the Source. We are blessed with the opportunity to finally realign with that wave and become the divine beings that we were always meant to be.

In creating a safe, energetic and highly revelatory space, we're able to take you deeply through the limiting layers that might still remain in your field. If you're prepared to go there, we can take you down the 'rabbit hole' as deep as you wish to go.

If you have the courage and commitment, then we can help you peel away the vestiges of this intervention to unveil the full magic and splendour of your divine being. It's your profound birthright: at-one-ment and interconnectivity with the divine source. It is at this point, you fully actualise your alignment with the shift into the next paradigm... a renewed Earth in Fifth Density Consciousness.

The Work: Openhand level 3

When we're truly walking the spiritual path, it's going to take us into all the areas of ego and false identity - conditioning that has built up through our childhood, teenage years, the controlling influence of society and also our past lives within the limiting karmic intervention. It is these false self and karmic filters which mask our full majesty of being. During this Openhand level 3 course, we'll be taking you into this density, deep into the convoluted story of humanity's past, stirring up life's sediment and helping you cleanse it from your field.

After this deep consciousness cleansing process, well then resonate energetic keys to unlock the doorways to your higher self so that you may fully embody it, here and now, thus experiencing a profound shift in consciousness. We’ll use the Openhand Meditation techniques to reactivate the lost fragments of "soul gold" and to fully integrate them.

"We’ll be using beautiful and powerful heart-stirring ceremony to truly move you to the core of your being"

Guided by Higher Dimensional Bridge - "Open"

Open, who developed the Openhand Philosophy, works as a Catalytic Bridge into higher dimensions. He came purposefully here to support the Great 5D Shift. His approach is to use intuitive meditation techniques, and self realisation exercises to align you with your soul. He is skilled at activating one's Higher Self and removing karmic past life blockages. He can help you attune the authentic frequency of your being. Participants find themselves dropping into the profound nature of who they truly are; an experience which then infuses beneficially into every facet of their lives.

Support Facilitators Elizabeth & Jean-Michel

Elizabeth, who is a stage 3 Openhand Facilitator, will be there in support. She is gifted and skilled at helping people through spiritual awakenings, understanding the Five Gateways spiritual routemap, walking the spiritual path and in particular, how it relates to the issues you might be currently facing in your day-to-day life.

She is particularly skilled at working intuitively, using unique techniques of her own to create a soul-to-soul dialogue which is deeply revelatory.

Jean-Michel will also be there as support facilitator. Jean has had a very rich, colourful and at times, dramatically challenging experiences on the path - from an early age. He has strong starsoul connections, particularly the Plaiedes, and is a close reader of the flow through signs and synchronicity.

With a carefully caring, compassionate and empathic nature, you'll be well looked after.


Aspasia: Organisational Support, Info and Booking

Aspasia - based in the UK - is Openhand's Community Coordinator, responsible for weaving the organisation of our events together, in terms of booking and admininstration support. Please contact Aspasia if you have any questions about the nature of the event, what's involved or travel and arrival arrangements... Aspasia@Openhandweb.org

Snapshots of work you're likely to experience

"Wow, this place is like a scene from Lord of the Rings!"...

High Vibe Eco-village accommodation...

The Group gets down to some deep meditative inquiry...

Plenty of one-on-one

Openhand soul stirring movement - "soulmotion"...

The Diad work takes people really deep...

Tibetan Agni Hotra ceremony dissolving the ego..

Time to let that karma all wash away...

Shamanic serenading...

Summoning the Deva of the Fire...

Light Warriors ready for the Lodge. Let's get down to it then...

Trinity's Conscious Kitchen rejuvenates...

Plenty of joy and laughter in amongst the processing...

Emergence of the Divine Beings!...

Administration details

  • Venue high vibe "Cae Mabon": This special "DIVINICUS" week long activation takes place at the secluded and highly energetic eco-village "Cae Mabon" in the spectacular mountains of Snowdonia. See website... Cae Mabon
  • Timings: Arrival on Friday 15th June: between 3-5pm ready for a gathering dinner at 6pm. Closes Friday 22nd June before lunch.
  • Cost: The full price including all course fees, healthy vegan meals and eco-village accommodation is £790.
  • Travel: The full address is Cae Mabon, Fachwen, Llanberis, Gwynedd LL55 3HB. Lifts will be possible from Bangor Train Station, which is an approximately 4hr train journey from London. For more detailed directions, check...Travelling to Cae Mabon
  • Payment: A 25% deposit secures your place on this gathering. The balance is payable one month before.
  • Not for profit: Openhand is a not for profit organisation. All surplus revenues are reinvested to facilitate our objective - to help others in their journey of spiritual awakening.
  • Booking info: To book a place or to get more information, email our organiser Aspasia (in the UK): courses@openhandweb.org
    ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder

Rise Up - the universal shift is here

This "Divinicus Activation" will be a life changing experience, of that there is no doubt. The catalytic energy can take you deep into the fullness of who you are, help you integrate it and thus radiate this profound beingness through your daily life.

Since reality is shaped by what we are being, life can begin to shape a new harmony around you, one that is more aligned with who you truly are.

Nothing in life can surpass the integration of your profound beingness. As the old world, fear-based reality steadily crumbles and falls away, it will align you with a new, heavenly, 5D Paradigm of being, which is beginning to unfold all around. That's what we'll work to achieve on this 'activation' with you.

It's time to Rise Up! The universal shift is here.
Let this video from a previous level 3 inspire you...

Those booking details again...

To book a place or to get more information, email our organiser Aspasia (in the UK)... courses@openhandweb.org
***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder!!!

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Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to share an idea that I had, If I may.

I made the commitment last Wednesday  that I will be intermittently fasting for 16 hours, and combining that with at least two hours of meditation every day.  So that in the morning,  I will spend less time preparing and consuming breakfast,  and more time meditating.

Then I saw how one of the people I follow,  Kyle Cease,  created this 5 weekly calls,  before his big event with people,  where the participants will start working on themselves from 5 weeks before the event,  and thus bringing a better version of themselves in the event. And I thought wow,  how exciting is that!!

So it came to me that this commitment I made last week,  will serve as to improve and 'prepare'  my temple for the Divinicus event. Syncronistically,  when wondering whether I should share this idea here,  I found myself looking at a church!!!

So I would like to share this,  as an invitation for everyone who will attend Divinicus (in whatever way!) to commit in preparing their 'temple'  during these upcoming 3 weeks,  if you feel like it.  So in effect we will be working for 4 weeks,  not just one! And the event will be the climax of these 4 weeks.

I am really nervous (and excited!) about sharing this, but here we go!


Hi Alexandros , 

I feel that your idea ( feels more like a Soul pull to me ) is excellent . 10 days ago , i was already feeling the same need for advanced inner preparations leading to the Divinicus retreat but i couldn't as yet put that rightful pull into practice . Incredibly enough , one client canceled her need for my services from last Thursday - which was received with  a Big ' Oh yeah , that is perfectly spot on and in the flow of what  feels right " . I also started intermitting fast since yesterday , reduced drastically all physical work to the minimum , re-started soft swimming to help the cleansing & softening of the shift energetic downloads & physical transformations . Water helps me greatly to reduce & penetrate all forms of densities or electrosmog or pent-up tightnesses, lightens up the field and keeps me in a more meditative state all the time . 3 weeks ago , a friend invited me to test 4 different types of Saunas in a Big swimming complexe and that was when i first felt to reduce all my activities to prepare for the June's workshop . The flow never stops to amaze me on a regular base . I will be looking forward to meet u in 2 weeks time . Big hug ⭐️