Entangled with loving partner, but partner doesn't "look" under the surface of the *iruss

Recently 'escaped' from the UK, at the end of 2020, to Brazil to rejoin my partner of more than 8 years.  She is spiritual to some degree, but can't seem to see the bigger picture of what has happened in the last year, no matter what I do to explain.  Although the shops and restaurants etc are open, she has an extreme fear of going out - except for some walking in open spaces.  Her family and friends mostly work in the medical or teaching professions.

I have a good collection of crystals here, but so far, I have really being able to bring myself to properly work with them.  Currently entertaining the idea of escaping to Mexico, which I have heard various good things about to find people on a similar wavelength.

I feel in quite a conumdrum with this dilemma - a fight between being true to my love or my spiritual life.  I also seem to be feeling a lot of fear with the forecast "Great Reset;  WEF and others talk about"  It be good to hear what  thoughts.others have?

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Hello Genibre,

Thanks for sharing. I'd second what Open said. The most important thing, hands down, is to remember that any reflection you're seeing on the outside from others is simply showing you how close you are to your most aligned self. So, the question is, what are your motivations for the relationship, and what are your motivations for living a free, spiritually focused life? 

Here are some articles from my website which may help you to gain some clarity:

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The 'Couple Identity'

Interestingly, I've noticed a similar thing among many people I know - even ones who are not buying into the mainstream story. People have become so comfortable with staying in their own bubble, they're developing a kind of agoraphobia. Many people are afraid of going out into the world simply because they're scared of the 'danger' of putting themselves out there. It seems this fear goes far beyond the V!ru$.

Best wishes with it,

Richard (Openhand Facilitator)

Hi Genibre - thanks for sharing - I'm sure this is a conundrum many face on the planet right now. Praying Emoji

When I respond to someone asking for a reflection, I always work to read intuitively between the lines, because it's most often the case, that the person's own soul asnwers their question.

Here's the phrase that popped right out of your inquiry...

a fight between being true to my love or my spiritual life

If you want to lead an aligned and divinely soulful life, one that is fulfilling and attuned to your destiny, then whenever you meet a conundrum that involves someone else, it is never about them, but always about you. What are YOU being invited to do?

And most often, when we hit one of these conunundrums where we don't know what to do, it's always a case of what new aspect of beingness wants to come through now? What's the next quantum shift in your life?

You know your soul. Stop fighting it. Come from that place. Then aligned destiny will shape around you.

Of course this is not at all easy to do. Because the ego often pulls in the opposite direction. Then you have to decide do you want your life to be governed by ego, or by soul?

Many people in this community right now are beginning to feel their lives changing. And often in family, where other members are locked into the control drama, they're experiencing a parting of the waves. It's something I spoke about at the beginning of 2020 and how in 2021 it's essential to focus on your soul's path...
Flying with Eagle-Eye Spiritual Focus in 2021

Of course I'm not suggesting what you should do, because often when we commit to taking a step, the landscape shapes differently than we have expected.

Very best wishes

Open HeartPraying Emoji