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Good morning Open and the community,

I am Marco, from Italy, Milan. I will be very briefly: I have an etheric implant at the base of my spine (root chakra) blocking my kundalini energy. Unfortunately one year and a half ago I had a very bad experience with an human/archontic entity that inserted me this energetic block. Trust me I am not mad (I am doing a PhD in political science) but I need help because I don't know how to remove it. It is very important for me and my spiritual growth. It was a period that my kundalini was rising and they blocked my ascension...It is a very bad story but it is completely true. Here in Italy I don't know no one who manage this type of stuff.

All the best and thank you for your support,


Marco B.

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I am also going through literally the exact same thing and it has my family freaking out. Is there a prayer that can help with this in the meantime? This implant is violating me in every way possible. My third eye was suddenly awakened very recently out of no where. So I am learning and new to this. I have made amazing headway. I have learned about clearing statements. Is there any sort of clearing statement to help with this? 

Sorry for my lack of understanding. I am new to this and could seriously use some help. 

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Hi Dylan,

I would suggest the best thing is to connect with an Openhand facilitator. If you email our community coordinator, she will advise you on the most suitable one for your situation...

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Best wishes


Hi Marco - yes of course I will hold a loving space for your inquiry The Sun Emoji

But there's still something you need to understand and it's crucial to moving past this....

The implant is NOT responsible for blocking your kundalini,
YOU are.
The implant is the effect, not the cause.
The implant could not be there if you were not being unconscious in that area. This is not a judgment, it is simply reflecting the process of full awakening from the conditions we as humans find ourselves in.

So my encouragement is to take full ownership.
Empower yourself by taking responsibility for your soul infusion and integration.
Know that nothing untoward can stay in your field as you bring full consciousness through it.

I reflect that it's important to make this change of perception in order to advance.

Wishing you well in your inquiry.

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Hi Marco,

Greetings and welcome to Openhand The Sun Emoji

These kinds of implants are indeed very common. And I well understand it can be a little 'freaky' when you realise you have them. In fact I would say all people have them, until fully enlightened here. That's the condition of "Homo Sapiens" - one that evolving people are now beginning to emerge from.

Firstly to say, an implant can only exist where there is unconsciousness. Where there is lack of self-realisation within your being.

Here's the most important thing I can tell you and anyone else who realises they have them...

This is NOT about the implant as such. But about unconsciousness.
It is NOT about simply removing them or having them removed.
It is about evolutionary growth and self-realisation.
It is about the infusion and integration of soul - that is where you need to focus.

If you're experiencing this energy in the base, intuitively I would say it's to do with your investment in the physical, in physical existential matters such as money and resources. It could be to do with blind spots within sexuality, or there could be immune system issues due to poor diet. These would all cause unconscious blind spots in the base through which etheric implants can be placed.

Firstly I would suggest the Openhand chakra attunement meditation.
Then followed by the entity implant removal meditation.

But do realise that they willl only go when you are fully integrating at a soul level.
If you need support from a facilitator, we can recommend one. But do be aware, they will all advise the self-realisation journey in conjunction with any facilitation support.

In loving support

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