The Joy of Giving from the Heart with Conscious Edible Gifts

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Giving a gift is an opportunity to really express our heart and soul. Giving speaks volumes of the compassion that we feel toward others. Giving a gift is also an opportunity to express how much we care about the world around us. When I give gifts, I want to make sure that I am celebrating my love for all sentient life within everything I share. To me that means honouring Mother Earth by being resourceful, making gifts with whatever I have to hand, and creating delicious vegan treats with ethical, compassionate ingredients. It brings me so much joy to watch my friends beam with delight as they receive their very own ‘made with love’ packet of deliciousness (lots of my favourite recipe ideas when you scroll down).

First, a little video I made for homemade gift idea inspiration

The awesome thing about making your own, is that nothing has to be perfect; in fact one of my favourite presents was a crotchet dish cloth... the first time my friend Lesley had even done such a thing. It was perfectly imperfect and unique. The most important thing is that I was totally bowled over that she'd spent all that time creating something especially for me. That's love!

This article is all about homemade ethical sweet treat ideas. It makes a real difference to know that you are truly giving from the heart, without causing harm to other sentient life in the process. With a little imagination you can dress up a small, clean food container with pretty wrapping paper, line with parchment paper and tie a ribbon on it. Jars with a ribbon work a treat too. I save gift paper and ribbons to reuse for this sort of thing. The whole ‘homemade’ process makes me feel so connected with the person I will be sharing with. I feel a beautiful depth of gratitude, which gives me the opportunity to honour the true spirit of compassionate giving. In fact, the world just feels like a much better place! Here are some of my favourite sweet treat recipes, exactly the sort of thing I love to give my friends and family as gifts. There are super easy idea and those that are a bit more fancy - they'll love 'em all the same!

1. Easy Chocolate Truffles

These Raw Chocolate & Almond Truffles are so easy and everyone loves them...

2. Coconut Chocolate Fudge

I can't believe how melt-in-the-mouth amazing this Coconut Chocolate Fudge tastes. It's a recipe that will sweep your friends off their feet and have you signing up for Master Chef after the 2nd bite!

3. Christmas Fruit n' Nut Truffles

This Christmas Fruit n'Nut Truffles recipe has that whole 'sweet mince pie' thing going on. Deliciously warming with gentle spices for the festive season...

4. Chocolate Covered Walnut Truffles

These Raw chocolate Covered Walnut Truffles are the perfect way to show off you culinary skills. Everyone will think you are a wizard in the kitchen never knowing how easy they really were ;)

5. Blueberry & Lemon Coconut Fudge

This Blueberry & Lemon Coconut Fudge is ideal for our bright, sparkly, rainbow coloured friends. People get so excited to see this vibrant blueberry purple colour...

6. Homemade Artisan Raw Cacao, Lucuma & Goji Berry Chocolate

With an artisan feel, perfect for gift giving. This Artisan Raw Cacao & Lucuma Chocolate brings a fancy, posh feel to the table...

7. Hint of Mint Chocolates

Three cheers for these Hint of Mint Chocolates. They work as the perfect after dinner chocolate, with a dash of mint to tantalise the taste buds...

8. Raw Chocolate Blueberry & Coconut Lovehearts

If you want to really go that extra mile, then buy a heart shaped chocolate mold and make these soft centred Raw Chocolate Blueberry treats. Also works well with raspberries...

9. Raw Homemade Chocolate Video Guides (QUICK & EXTENDED editions)

The limit is your imagination with raw chocolate. Check out my page here for more info on ingredients: Raw Vegan Chocolate Ingredient Tips and watch below for step by step, vegan chocolate making tips. SUPER QUICK Chocolate Making Video (under 90 seconds)

Extended Chocolate Making Guide (13 minutes)

Other 'made with love' gift ideas

10. Inspiring recipe books make the perfect gift

People love receiving inspiring, healthy recipe books as gifts, especially when it gives them a gentle nudge into healthier, happier living. I am always happy to sign and mail out my books Angelicious & Trinity's Conscious Kitchen with a gift note if requested. They also makes the perfect gift to yourself as you commit to loving yourself more, with conscious foods...

11. Printable 'promise' gift vouchers for your friends and loved ones

Romantic dinner for two One of my favourite 'made with love' gift ideas is to promise a friend or loved one a candlelit dinner for two, a visit to their favourite restaurant or a picnic in the park... Everyone loves feeling special. What better gift to give. It's ethical, kind, compassionate and the perfect opportunity to show how much you care. I've created and uploaded a few printable gift voucher ideas for my readers here at Trinity's Conscious Kitchen, and have even left three blank to fill in your own text. The file is in international paper size A4 (if you are in the USA you might have to adjust the print size to fit onto a full page). Click the link to open pdf and download! Printable 'Promise' Coupon Gift Ideas

12. Make a up fruit or goody basket

Make a little basket up with organic fruits or healthy, vegan goodies from the health food store. Buying a few superfoods and printing out some superfood smoothie ideas is also a good one to do. Pop them in a nice box or basket, tie a ribbon around it and it'll go down a real treat!

Creating from your heart

However you celebrate, whether quietly and peacefully amidst in the hustle and bustle of others, I wish you lots of fun creating from your heart in the kitchen. Please do let me know how you get on in the comments below - I love hearing about your adventures in the kitchen :)

with love

21 years ago Trinity had a profound spiritual awakening that interconnected her with the deeper consciousness of life. What followed was a journey of compassion for all sentient beings, and a passion to share conscious eating for the benefit of all. Trinity is an integral part of the Openhand Core Team, supporting with the philosophy development, energy processing, publication of book and film, and is also the Openhand retreat chef. Trinity recently published two recipe books with Openhand Press: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen & Angelicious - Food for a New Paradigm. Find Trinity here on, and here: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen Website

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I love this Trinity! I really enjoy making and receiving home made gifts...last year I made batches of your truffles and they were so pretty in clear jars. Great video too! Thank you for the inspiration. Much love, Jen

Thank you for the delicious recipes! I recently was taking care of a gentleman whose wife made mittens from recycled clothing. I love supporting small entrepreneurs especially this couple who were well into their 80's, she had such passion for her mittens!! They will be sent out as presents along with some red and green salsas I can from my garden. I started canning green tomatoes to not waste those tomatoes that just didn't have enough vine time. I also gift jams i make from the strawberries i grow and wild-blueberries I pick. I love gifting these items I've spent time nurturing and caring for. This year I also made chap sticks with peppermint and tea tree oil. I tried to be even more creative and add pomegrante powder to add some color but let's just say I now have a pan of Chapstick ;) I love your raspberry tart sprinkled with coconut! I am going to try the Christmas fruit and nut truffles this week! I'm a bit challenged in the kitchen so it should be ummmm fun or just funny as mine never looks as beautiful as your pictures!

I so often feel the conflict of the sense that one "must buy something" because it's the "festive season". So it's wonderful to be able to find something - or make something - that comes from the heart in this way. It contains so much more energy.

Great inspiration Trinity

Open *OK*

This whole page is a work of love and art. Thank you so much. I am always so conflicted this time of year as I express my own beliefs and energy into a world gone mad. I usually get really cranky and scrooge-like because of overwhelming expectations. For me what's been most helpful is buying locally or making edible treats and lots of breathing....I literally have to keep coming back to my core, feel my body and remember who I can be such a powerfully distorted time. Thank you for your repeated message that it's all about love....❤

Having tasted plenty of these, I can vouch anyone you gift them to is in for a real treat!

And how wonderful it is to enjoy tasty food and feel good about it too - for it to uplift your vibe!

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Open yes

Thank you for the kind words Open. You have indeed been known for being my number one recipe tester - so you should know haha. How wonderful to be a able to share this article during this festive season. Giving a homemade edible gift sure is an opportunity to express our heart and soul, whilst showing compassion for others in our lives.

It delights me beyond measure to offer the Conscious Kitchen Retreats too! In January, we'll be enjoying 5 days of divinely inspired, soul-infused, delicious and inspiration. It's all about unleashing the soul in the kitchen. Spaces are limited to 6 guests (and there's only one place left on this one now).

Trinity heart