EU Referendum - Should the UK leave the European Union?

I'd like to start this new Forum topic, as I'm very interested in the spiritual aspects of the discussions & debates happening in the UK at present, in the run up to the EU Referendum on 23rd June. I will put forward some of my thoughts & ideas on this in a separate post.


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I'm going to be writing on this soon Alex.

It's not clear cut, because there's rightness in all the things you point out.

My sense is that the underlying flow is choosing the break-up of global control and with that the globalised trading system. Such that communities can come more together, ultimately around the Transition Towns movement.

Of course this is all complicated by small-minded nationalism getting in the way - owning the movement. Or else restricting borders for immigration. Management needs to happen yes, but we need to shift focus now and in the future on looking after people as times get harder within the shift.

I believe the Brexit is a good thing, and it would be my choice. And it could likely precipitate a collapse in the world economy, not just Europe. Although tough, it is necessary. It's the only way I can see of reducing CO2 emissions so as to hold a window of opportunity open as long as possible.

CO2 emissions are now escalating rapidly, and beyond the red line 400 parts per million that is seem as a crucial bench mark to global temperatures.

My vote would be to leave. But I get a strong sense that could represent a fairly rapid down spiral in world economies, and therefore difficulty - necessary austerity.

It will be fascinating to see what happens. Against all the odds (and fear tactics of big business), the leave campaign is gaining a growing majority of popularity and is reported several points ahead.

It would be a major unravelling pin within the NWO - one it would be hard for them to recover from.


Spiritual reasons to vote for the UK to leave the EU:

The EU is a manifestation of the Matrix, seeking to over-regulate & control, especially the individual & small enterprises
The EU is a step towards the New World Order (One World Government).
The EU stifles individual freedom, democracy, initiative & creativity
The EU seeks to shut down complementary health & spirituality, in favour of Big Pharma.
The EU rewards bureaucracy, legislation, uniformity.

Spiritual reasons to vote for the UK to remain in the EU:

The EU encourages free movement of people.
The EU counters nationalistic & racist tendencies.
The EU encourages cooperation between nations.

I'm intending to vote Leave.

What do others think?