Extinction Rebellion - the Planet's Fire Alarm

I enjoyed this interview by the UK's Guardian with Extinction Rebellion - the rapidly growing global movement protesting our immenant demise caused by society induced climate change. For me it hints at the underlying fundamanetal cause - that being capitalism itself. I also greatly admired the speach by the young activist Greta Thunberg to the UK parliament However, in my view, it is naieve to think that the problem exists because of the corporations. Rather it is unconscious consumption by we, the masses, that the corporations feed off. Capiltalism, and with that globalised business, can only continue through perpetual economic growth, which is nonsensical on a planet of finite resources and complex weather systems. To me, what's necessary, is a shift in consciousness that finds completion within and thereby can live without. From that, the globalised system will naturally break down to be replaced by more localised self supportive, sustainable and resilient communities. What's your view?


I envision forming of self sustainable community centers all around the world which can be permanent and mobile at the same time so the whole community can be moved out of the harm's way if need to and quickly settle in a safe place.  It is becoming unpridictable how, where and when the climate might change hence a need for a more resilient and mobile approach.  That's my feeling at the moment!

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I'm with you on that one Anatoly - mobile communities.Call Me Hand

We need to be more resilient and locally providing - less dependent on the globalised resource chain which can easily fracture because of the unpredictable impact of abrupt climate change.

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It's clear to me that the old Homo Sapiens and the old 3D reality IS going extinct. Nevertheless I have great respect for this movement which is braving all to draw attention to the real plight the old reality is now in. As I'm constantly saying, it's essential evolving people unleash unbridled expression of soul AND find "Equanimty" (to equalise) with our authentic relaity in The Shift...


I can personally feel the old paradigm tightening its grip (which I believe is overall a good sign!)… Being back in the matrix following the Bruges retreat has been quite challenging and overwhelming.


The majority of my course is taught at a historical centre. Before leaving for the retreat, this centre was akin to a big house located in a beautiful and peaceful street in a more suburban area of London. Over the last 1.5 years, I’ve felt deep gratitude for being able to study at such a historical, beautiful and peaceful site in an otherwise busy and chaotic city that is London…


Coming back from the retreat, the centre has sadly moved to a huge new building in the centre of London. The building looks modern and nice – but the overall feeling has drastically changed. Some of the first things that caught my attention as I was toured around the building were these big signs that read ‘Goldman Sachs’, located at several places. These signs just echoed the overall corporate feeling to the new centre. I then saw one of the household cleaners walking past me, and it made me feel very sad… In the ‘old’ centre, this woman would walk slowly and peacefully around, politely and happily greeting us. Her demeanour gave a sense of belonging to everyone. In the ‘new’ centre, this woman just bypassed us across the now vast distances in rushed and tired steps, transmitting feelings of stress and obligation. Moreover, most of the rooms had no windows. They did, however, have windows into other rooms, which enhanced the overall feeling of ‘control’ that follows the corporate influence. The feeling of control was further enhanced as we were instructed on how to use a new software system that would unite everyone’s work, in what felt like the representation of a controlled group consciousness… I kept feeling feelings of suffocation throughout the entire day, and I could literally feel my consciousness contracting. When the time finally came to leave, I found myself rushing to the nearest restaurant, quickly and unconsciously ordering a vegan burger, fries and coffee whilst completely denying the fact that I was engaging in a distorted behaviour.


On my way home, the chaos just escalated. Immediately after exiting the restaurant, I encountered a homeless man who was shouting and swearing at a woman on the street repeatedly, in a way that penetrated painfully through my entire being. There were dozens of people rushing around me in all directions as I continued walking to the tube station. It was impossible to walk slowly due to the amount of people and the overall pace; slowing down meant being hit over. Soon, sounds of sirens and alarms became overwhelmingly intense. It turned out that the tube station I had planned on entering was closed. On the station’s several entry points across and along the street, various alarm signs lit up in red, saying: “Emergency”. Inside, I could see police men guarding the entries. The amount of people surrounding me kept increasing, as did the pace in which they were moving… After a little while, I found myself feeling completely exhausted. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Like I was being penetrated by thousands of foreign energies at the same time, without any idea of how to shield myself. When I finally got into a tube, my attention was drawn to a newspaper that read: “Breathe Clean”. Later, I found out that the tube station had been closed due to a small fire, with people inside complaining that they ‘couldn’t breathe’ and felt ‘suffocation’.


To me, this overall experience represents how the old paradigm is desperately trying to cling on to prevent the ascension into 5D consciousness – and I know, with passion, that my role in this is to remain conscious and clean to support the ascension, and to bring ‘light’ into an otherwise ‘dark’ environment. It seems like this is a big struggle for me, though, as I’m finding it very challenging to have effective energetic boundaries. It’s like I’m getting increasingly sensitive and empathic, and I really don’t know how to protect myself and my energies… Following the above experience, I’ve been feeling completely drained – even depressed, anxious and confused. I’ve tried many shielding techniques, but I feel like I’m struggling to believe that it could actually work for me. The word ‘powerlessness’ seems important. Any reflections would be very, very welcome!


Maria <3


Hi Maria - thanks for sharing. We're an evolving family, and what we share, always creates informative feedback loops. What jumps out from your post is "Emergency", and I believe I know what it is about.

Most people have not a clue as to what is coming upon the earth in the near future - namely 5G.

Based on battlefield target aquisition technology, it is designed to form a digital map, with the global population in it, interconnected by AI through every gadget used in daily life, from the telephone to the TV and refigerator. It will represent an increase of EMF by 100 fold. Heightening the impact, they're installing millions of extra mini mobile phone masts in cities and neighbourhoods and upto 20,000 satellites around the globe, meaning that not one square inch, be it city, suburb or deepest countryside, will not be irradiated.

I believe it represents no less than a war on the natural eco-systems of the planet and on human consciousness. It's being rolled out now, and into 2020. A positive and vigorous response is necessary and will happen!

It's something we all need to get up to speed on. Currently I'm in communion with the benevolent mission in the ether around the earth to weigh up what the benevolent realigning response needs to be. I can only imagine it must call for an acceleration of The Shift into 5D consciousness so as to purge this growing cancer from the Earth before it asserts a stranglehold. I have a strong sense that will be the macocosmic response. From a positive standpoint, I believe it will encourage many to remove the veils from their eyes and commit fully to their soul sovereignty as spiritual beings. That's what we'll be working to communicate from an Openhand standpoint.

I'll be writing about it soon.

In loving support

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Dear,dear Openhanders,
What a week this has been trying to get adjusted to what feels like used to be my 'old 'life and relationships. After feeling into the wide expanse of soul it feels almost cruel to be back “ home “ . I am so with you Maria . Everything grates on me - the wifi,the perpetual noise of the television ,the limiting so very limiting routines. I literally want to get up and run right now to anywhere but this. And this is when I am in a loving relationship with an outburst of honesty that has me feeling closer to the husband than ever before , deep conversations with my daughter and friends ,in a very close community . It still feels like an assignment to complete rather than a “wonderful life “ to live . Sigh ! I see density in myself and in others so much more intimately now .
What is keeping me sane ,somewhat, is the trees - I have picked one that I can hug everyday ,small free wheeling walks in the evening . I have also given up the small amount of milk I used to have in my chai that didn’t allow me to claim i was vegan -cashew milk it is now.
And yet ,I recognize that in some shape or form ,this is my life and circumstance . And that the only way out is through . Literally . I am toying with the idea of starting a commune . It’s from scratch of course. I don’t know where it will be . I have some building ideas etc. . And I have ramped up my yoga and meditation practice !
Lots of love to you all. Hopefully you are all settling in better than i am .


Today I had so many fire signals and they seem related to the greater picture of the earth.

Ambulance cars, sirens, police at the underground station. "Fire", "Hot Spot". Holy smokes.. While waiting for the bus, I smelled fire; where is it? I wondered, only to realise it was in front of me inside the rubbish bin. Then going to the workplace, a fire alarm went off (when it's usually on a different day).

So, yes not 100% sure of what it's exactly is about, but it seems that Gaia is speaking quite strongly. Something is going on!

Hold that thought Alex - all will become clear soon enough Call Me Hand

Marije, I note that the new song by Rising Appalchia is entitled "Leylines" - which I strongly suspect, will be one aspect of the benevolent response to the quantum shift coming in EMF. It's something I plan to be working with at the Summer School, because doing so, will likely accelerate The Shift and more energy workers will need to get involved in that now.

I found this live version of the song which I think is totally awesome...

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In reply to by Megha

Dear Megha, 

I feel inspired reading about your experiences of coming home, and how well you're seeming to deal with it all! I found your post to be very encouraging... 

I have now too amped up my meditation and yoga practice, and it's helping a lot. I've also increased my engagement with other physical exercise, as to embody and express the warrior energy - and I'm glad to say it's working!

Let's continue to find and express strength in our challenges... 

Sending encouraging vibes back at you <3 Keep going! 

Interesting to read how you ve all been after the Gathering in Bruges . It was only when I was driving home that I felt a change, it was as if I was not in the traffic ,did not hear the noise of the cars .. I felt as if I  I was carried above it all in  silence and peace. I kept this feeling  at home for a while ...

Then society walked in …. Still  I feel  more  assured and empowered by the laws of Nature and the support of the Universe to be me , to give myself the time and peace that I need to allow my true self to be 

Bliss to  all 




Hi Open and everyone,

Rosita, its nice to see you here on the forum. Thank you for sharing.

I’ve been feeling really intense shifts in the atmosphere with strong energies surging through me the last week or so. I’m noticing the effects of this in the people around me as well. Strong emotional reactions, explosive behaviour, and extreme tiredness.

On a personal level, these energetic shifts are stirring up deep and painful emotional memories from Sirius. For the past 4 days, I’ve been regressing back to both before and after the explosion feeling the indescribable grief of experiencing a whole world and reality construct being completely torn apart and obliterated. Every stolen moment alone between work and family, I go back and continue the process of accepting and equalising with it. It seems the grief is endless, but I also see new aspects of light that enter my consciousness as the continuous equalisation process brings me to ever deeper layers.

My feeling is that this process is directly linked to the Earth’s shifts that are going on right now. For those of us who experienced Sirius and were traumatised by it, it feels like it is of the utmost significance to equalise with our experiences there. How else could we truly help others through the Shift, if we haven’t ‘helped ourselves’ first?

It feels like the process I’m going through and probably will continue to go through for quite some time is the key to eventually knowing exactly how I can be of service through the Shift here. I find some strength and comfort in that through the waves of tears that just keep coming right now.

I will try to write more in depth about my process later when I have more time and things calm down a bit.

Are others also experiencing Sirius aspects right now?

With love to all of you,



I find this interview between Thom Hartman (writer of the wonderful "Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight) and Guy McPherson so intriguing on many levels. Guy is is an American scientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, whose become quite famous for predicting near term extinction of humanity based on current trends. Here they summarise a few of the key issues - such as loss of arctic sea ice, the immenant "Blue Water Event". I think it's intriguing on many levels. Take a peek and lets discuss...

Firstly, I feel for Thom and his 1 year old grandson - "how much of life and the planet will he get to see?" When considering the truth of what's really going on, I find that these kinds of fears block people from embracing reality. People live through the filters of their fears and hopes. And also there's the seriously misguided (and selfish when you think about it) view that we "need to protect the enviornment for our kids and grandkids". NO!

We need to do all we can to respect life....BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT!

We need to shift from the anthropocentric view that the planet belongs to humanity and everything revolves around him.... IT DOES NOT!

That's the reason we face such growing problems in the first place - the view that this is all about Homo Sapiens... IT IS NOT!

Secondly, towards the end, Thom asks, "so, if the habitat is coming to end, should we all eat steaks and drive SUVs?" Again, the point is, to live what is right. To feel a connection to the earth and a loving respect for her...BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT.

There's also the thought of what do you want to save it for? A synthetic reality based on AI and 5G with no natural habitat?

Guy sums it up perfectly right at the end when he says...

We need to take right action, and not be attached to the outcome.

Couldn't have put it better - he must be a closet Openhander!

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PS - I'd say it's impossible to predict the exact timing of the "Blue Water Event". The Pole Shift and solar minimum could temporarily slow down the warming effect and retain the ice longer. No one knows exactly.

I agree a 100 % , we act because it is right and even more so because it is our nature ,

I feel it is my nature to be as I am..to not drink any alcohol,coffee... be vegetarian and according to my nature go on to another level when I'm ready.

It is our nature to respect all and  be connected with All 

To live from our true self is living  in alignment with Mother Nature's being



I find this a tremendous brief and to the point summary of the current climate crisis and where we all stand in relation to it. It's necessary short and impactful - do share your thoughts...

"At the edge of extinction only love remains", and... the Shift into 5D Consciousness!

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Dear Open ,

Smiling is perhaps not the right way to respond to the existential crises . I am also deep in fear and frustration and a certain low grade depression. But whenever I feel disconnected by my ego ,something happens that reminds me I am here because I chose to be here ,right now ,at this time. It is not a coincidence . It is not a fluke . Today ,I smile because I'm reading the book he mentions . Man's search for meaning. Just bought it yesterday .

My Universe is not subtle because I can be so thick headed 😄


LOL Megha - don't you just love synchronicity!

Yes, like all of us, as difficult as it is to believe sometimes, you actually CHOSE to be here at this time.

So why don't we make the most of it. The Sun Emoji

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