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I work in the trenches of the western world medical "practice". The shear suffering, pain, anguish, turmoil, hopelessness, sadness, grief....insanity of a system that does not promote health nor wellness on any level of beingness was at one point tormenting to me ( for about 10yrs). The more I absorbed and processed this energy, the deeper I delved into myself to access a source of courage, strength, love, compassion, understanding, peace. True gifts that I give freely as much or as often as is to be received to fit the souls I touch.
Initially, I visualized myself as an endless well of positive light (before any true self realizations occurred). I crossed paths with so many souls that were in states of dire, devastation, broken, in pieces, dismal, oppressive, bleak, blind and so so so dark. I consciously chose and felt myself absorbing that negative dark energy and using myself as a catalyst to process and ultimately expel positive light energy to whomever might be of need as our paths crossed. I held hands as many passed out of the physical realm,wet their lips, caressed their heads and hoped for their peace. I held up many weakened from the process of letting a loved one go, consciously infusing love.
At some point a detachment occurred from primitive emotional reactions and I became an observer and a seer. It was all so natural and uplifting in most moments. Fast forward a couple years and I then started to see reflections and feel vibrations and intuitively sense. There is just too much to write at this point.
Ultimately presence to be absorbed all. Synchronicity, patterns became clear. I am whole with it all. Yet I was guided/pulled to Openhand where I was exposed to so much beauty. Thank you for having the courage and vulnerability to be... Open. A concept I am absorbing as I have kept my journey closed to all outside. This is a fraction of a view through one window into...just yesterday, I followed the path of the soul to a 5000ft mountain to hike, pushing my physical shell until I was basking in the wondrous sun, lying in a blueberry patch. Ahhhh the bliss!!! It feels very awkward to receive or share as all I know is how to give to other souls silently in solitude. I am at peace with it all. I receive from forces much greater than I. It is endless. Thank you for "listening" Glorious Day!

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Yesterday I had quite an experience. The weight of it left quite an impression... As I move through the moments, it is easy to react authentically with lightness and love yet when I process the event on its entirety I find the mind dissecting and needing to place labels and values on the fragmented sections. In each moment the ease of moving through was authentic. Guess I will share this as it has to mean something to the bigger picture...
A human had no pulse or spontaneous respirations for 20 mins, through heroic efforts this body was revived, kept unconscious for days and "alive" on artificial life support then weaned off. I was in the room at the moment of removing "the tube". Shortly after I was alone and the first words were "Am I dead" with a hoarseness that was difficult to understand then it spelled out in a gruffled tone"am I d e a d?" I replied with stating where he was physically as I looked at the date written on the board in his room and read it. This is where I get thrown out of the flow.. It looks me square in the eyes and says "it's the 21st" I realize that the board had not been updated and the thought crosses my mind that it was impressive to accurately state the date when being in a medically induced coma for days. I asked, how did you know that? It states," I am smart" very clearly precisely without the accent that i came to hear. In the next second a shift occurred and he became impulsive and extremely confused yelling for his wife telling me he is dead not remembering anything that happened. He refused to believe any word I spoke so I resorted to lying my arm across his back and holding his arm across mine to comfort him which seemed to calm as I could see the confusion of the processing... When his wife arrived (of almost 3 decades) he didn't believe it was her and she then started to relive details that soothed. As she took a walk, I was left alone with and it was strange as I can't decipher as I look back..he again looks me in the eyes and says "this is all an experiment" he then said what could be perceived as cruel dark words directed at me( I won't taint with the specifics) and stated "I will strangle the life from you if you lie to me." Then his wife renters and I just felt the tinge of "suffocation" (tightness) and needed to leave and refocus which was a quick process. I come back in with water and he looks at his wife with confusion and says,"I was mean to her. Why was I mean to her" I move through it giving him compassion and comfort as his wife looks so tenderly at him. The internal battle he was experiencing in processing was quite difficult as it was reflected in his severely elevated vital signs that manifested in his physical body. Much more happened through the day. After 12 hours with him, I was leaving and went one last time and he looked at me and held out his hand with a closed fist as people do when they "knuckle bump". It was a kind gesture which I received in the moment. Fast forward to this morning and in being true to my innate being felt so out of the place I have been in reference to. So much floods as I truly look at the occurrence (Aha this is a point of resistance) In perspective I can only expel what I choose to but at times keen awareness is overwhelming as the reference point to what is "normal" opens to include so much more. I see what I want to see yet the enormity of what I am a part of is... Shining light in the system was
(ok somehow in the middle of writing this on my phone a previous thought from two nights ago that I did NOT intend to share and that I thought was accidentally deleted got incepted precisely at this point so I will leave it in at this point. Sigh....)

2 days ago...
Why hold on so tight to those past perceived entities that an internal crucifixion needs to repeatedly occur especially after letting go has occurred to all that consumes. Why is it so important to relive where you have been when the energy is evolving and moving forward with momentum? Doesn't it breathe life into what needs to be let go of?
Why is past life regression so vital when the impressions are imprinted upon to reference freely . . If its immortal ... Not giving those entities attention allows them to fade to nothingness as the perceived purpose dissolves..the soul moves through the pain to penetrate through to the light that awaits to enfold and embrace to expel. Its there for all.
Light energy radiates from this immortal multidimensional being blessed upon this human existence. Intuitively seems misleading to rescind to the vessels previous physical existence of.... Why should value be placed upon two people verbalizing yesterday that I sound of Ghandi or a yogi then a picture of him is on your home page? None of that matters. It's all still stuck here in the earthly physical world that had been released of any need to hold... It flows through with a momentum that will engulf and consume when resistance is the force being fed as value is placed upon. I focus on compassion, love, peace to feed the forces that expel light energy to propel beyond what this human brain has the potential to comprehend and the illusions created to feed, validate, justify holding onto....openhands
The freedom is beyond words as the soul is liberated. The path will be revealed step by step in the unique unfolding. I love it all, Glorious day

(Ummmmm feeling like I need to listen to my own words..smiling as I conclude maybe being naive was brought to consciousness to recognize the veil obscuring control and manipulation in some way as I let the experience be just that)

Again, shining light in the system was once so natural but the feeling of it being uplifting was self serving now as I see through these eyes......I continue to love it all! Glorious Day! Time to dance in the kitchen as I dig up some grub!

I guess recognizing the limitations of the system was empowering.That is when the game really starts... adaptation is a basic survival skill of all living forms of life. Networking to each strength constructs. I so greatly appreciate nutrition and giving my vehicle the proper fuel. It is when so many become entrapped with conditioned conformity imposed upon that conscious choice becomes unnatural. Consumption starts the coma. I am mesmerized by the intervention and the notion that it is a deliberate manifestation ingrained and embedded to induce such low frequencies that have many falling deeply into a wakeful sleep state of just basic functioning without any awareness, insightful ness, or consciousness.The effects of living out of harmony is excruciatingly evident. I am absorbing the terminology used here and applying it to recognized concepts yet I am weary of labels and neat little boxes.

Yulia, you have so much to give, thank you for being you.
I wrote this yesterday as I was waiting for my share-a-ride..thought to share with you...

A Girl walks by me today and is talking on her cell phone, looks up and says, "I'm lost. I'm not paying attention to where I'm going." Turns in a circle and walks the same path back not even aware of where she is, where she has been, let alone where she is heading. So symbolic.
Delving deep density... distraction, discord, division, disunity, dualism, dissonance,dissension,darkness
Plagued intervention entraps, entangles, enthralls,enchains, enslaves....
Recognition internalized crucifixion!!!!!!Ripping, rending, relentless, resurgence, revitalize, renascence, revivify...Resurrection
Expansion,egoless, evolution, effervescence,emergence.......

I would be so bored if the Universe ever stopped talking to me!!! I love that I don't have any expectations and each moment is exactly what it needs to be....I am the one who places a perceived value on it and in that moment potentially alter..

I wanted to speak on behalf of star people, who might be a bit different from 'normal humans' and I keep discovering two different fronts. One is hiding, and never talking about their experiences and inner processes. So these people live and evolve without any support from their immediate environment and count only on their inner guidance and senses.

Others 'lose it', and are lucky if they live in a relatively tolerant and openminded society (like Israel). Those less lucky are diagnosed and locked up in facilities in the worst case and are seen as lunatics in the best one (Ukraine was like that).

I have firsthand experiences with the system here. And I must say that I felt that people really wanted to help. It's that they have no idea about any of these things and are trained to 'help' in a very specific way. And yet, even in this pretty blind system, there are people who cross the line of their knowing and do miracles. My psychotherapist, back in 2003, was nothing but a spiritual facilitator. My psychiatrist insisted I find some way to integrate within the system, to heal my personality. And in the hospital, when I was hospitalized after a suicide attempt, I found myself in a very supportive and benevolent environment.

Looking back, I believe they did all they could. they couldn't help me find who I am and why I feel the way I feel. But at least they helped me to survive these unbearably tough times, until I found those who could.

So on my part, I feel nothing but gratitude to these people. Their intentions and support from the heart made it up for their ignorance and mistakes.

What an amazing journey you're on - so inspiring - thanks for sharing with the community.

When as a soul I came into Chris's field and helped kick start the evolutionary process, people around found the expansion of consciousness hard to deal with - they had little point of reference. Twice expansions and passages through Gateways we're confused as 'psychosis' and Chris was sectioned in psychiatric hospitals by those around him. It was a powerful experience. We got to see how spiritual awakening is being misunderstood by the system and mis-treated. We encountered many who were breaking through but the system was drugging them and lowering their vibration so they couldn't integrate the experience. I can't begin to tell you how painful that was to observe.

It's a real blessing that you hold the light within the system. As you've encountered, many souls will be calling out, in need of real help. Bless you that you're doing what you're doing.