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How do you know if you are making a Gateway transition?
If you surrender to the destined flow, you will soon recognise that you have entered a specific period addressing repetitive cycles of actions and corresponding reactions. Synchronicity is the underlying code, and when you begin to read it, you are caused to see where you may be acting out conditioned and distorted behaviour programs arising from fixed neural pathways in the brain. These are formed from the perceived need for a particular outcome in life – where the soul is not ‘self-realised’ (realising of the One Self). Thus it attaches to the drama, and generates a source ‘trauma’ or pain, from which the conditioned behaviours then grow.

These “distortions” prevent spontaneous authentic action by the mainstream of the soul; it is veiled by them and unable to radiate its full brilliance. As you bring conscious awareness to the distortions, you notice that they generate tightness throughout the bodymind; they tend to suck you into de-energising programmed loops of activity.

You cannot simply write over these by programming more desirable thoughts, as is frequently suggested in the spiritual mainstream; it is possible to paper over the cracks, as many do, but only for a time. The universe is tirelessly challenging such programmed and distorted identities, to help souls surrender into the free flowing spontaneity of the One, where such control is not an option.

However, if you can soften into the tightness caused by your conditioning, then you become able to touch the source pain, deep in your consciousness (which may be based on past life karma). You may then become as one with this trauma, release the identification with it, and so integrate the lost fragment of soul. You then become able to change your surface level thoughts and behaviours in a truly meaningful, lasting way. A new way of expressing is revealed to you - a gift of beingness - which helps you interrupt the old behaviours. If you keep attuning to this new sense of beingness, then the old constrictions dissolve, the soul infuses more fully, your vibration rises and your consciousness expands through the Gateways.

How do you know if you have passed through a Gateway?
Each passing Gateway is marked by a ceremony of one form or another (also known as an “initiation”). The ceremony can be very dramatic and alter the outward experiences of one’s life permanently. It could shatter and break apart existing relationships; it may feel as if you are going through a crisis or some kind of breakdown (sometimes called “spiritual emergence”) or it may feel as if life is bringing you to the very threshold of endurance. It is as if you have studied a new facet of beingness and are now being examined to see if you have gained the necessary experience to sustain that new way of being.

However, it is not that you are being judged in some way, for the expansion is self determining. Although the event might be testing and painful, if you can summon the courage to confront your fears, you will pass through the Gateway, whereupon the sense of release, expansion and liberation can be truly breathtaking and divinely magical. So when you feel the fear arising, if instead of turning your head away, my advice is to look it square in the eyes, walking courageously into the jaws of uncertainty. Then the bubble of illusion will miraculously explode and you will emerge, just like the resplendent dragonfly, bathed in a new radiant light.

Although often quite dramatic, it is also possible that you may have transitioned one or more of the Gateways in previous lifetimes. In which case, you may recreate much milder repetitions in the current lifetime to remind you. Neither should you consider that having transitioned a Gateway, your consciousness is then somehow fixed in the new expansion. It is also possible to slip backwards if you do not remain self vigilant. The journey forwards requires continual commitment, perseverance and attention to your inner state of being.

It is also important to say, that although the Gateway ceremonies themselves are sequential, and you have to pass through each in turn, the Gateway realisations themselves are not simply linear. It could be for example, that even though your consciousness is centred in Gateway 1, you may also begin to process karma, which would not normally be fully engaged until Gateway 4. Likewise, although you may begin to experience multidimensionality quite early in your journey, this would normally be associated with opening Gateway 5. Indeed, perhaps for this reason, I have observed a definite tendency for most people to overestimate where they are in the process. True and lasting progression depends on non-attachment, especially to the need for progress!

There are also plenty of anomalies for “star souls” – those who have traveled here from other constellations (as opposed to human souls, who have only incarnated so far on Earth). Star souls tend to reconnect quickly back to the higher densities early in their journey here. So they may have mostly felt their higher connectedness from early in their life. Indeed, I have observed many living with their consciousness already centred in the higher densities. However, each soul is drawn here to this physical realm for a reason, and many such souls often access the higher dimensions but without first being fully integrated in the lower ones. Such souls may have had partial kundalini activations (see Gateway 3) and already have processed karma (see Gateway 4), but they have not necessarily fully completed the Gateways because of the need to integrate through the lower densities. In these cases, the Gateway ceremonies may be much lighter or inconclusive. There is a strong encouragement to continue and persevere with the journey here.

For these various reasons, the Gateways could perhaps best be considered as a multi-dimensional spiral staircase, with each higher Gateway enfolding the earlier ones. It is therefore of value to read and digest all of the Gateways information, even though you might be at an earlier stage in your journey or perhaps believe that you are already in the latter stages. If we observe with complete self honesty and watch where the ego or spiritual identity might want to raise its head, then we will truly perceive where we are on our path, thereby gaining deep understanding of how and why our lives are being influenced as they are. It can smooth our evolution and prevent any unnecessary meanderings down blind alley ways!

In the following five sections, we will look at these divine expansions in detail, including invaluable tools, tips and advice for transitioning the 5GATEWAYS shared from real life experiences.

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