Free Facilitation Sessions During the Lockdown

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Here at Openhand we're accutely aware that people will have challenges, pressures and fears during this global lockdown. Very generously, a group of the Openhand Facilitators have come together and wish to offer people a free facilitation session to explore into what might be surfacing and coming up for you. Do you have pressures in family? Is Karma activating? Or else you feel the compulsion to accelerate your Ascension.

The Openhand facilitators are trained and skilled in supporting people through their spiritual emergence. Here's how you might benefit from the offer...

Type of Help Available

Here below are the kinds of things you might want support on. Although the list is by no means exhaustive, you're free to talk to them about whatever might be coming up for you. But what is key to Openhand Facilitation, is that you're prepared to take ownership for the issue you're facing - the acceptance that you manifested it, and so then the exploration as to why? This is where true empowerment, realisation and healing can take place.

Here then are a suggestion of some of the things that might be covered...

1. The emotional/mental impact of the Virus
2. The likely implications to life as a result of the lockdown
3. Processing likely karma coming up
4. How to deal with fear and emotional challenges in relationship with family
5. Looking at the lighter side - how to take advantage of the space in terms of the Inner Journey of Ascension/Spiritual Evolution.

Facilitators Avaliable

Here is a list below of the Openhand Facilitators who are available at this time to offer a free session. And just to be clear, it's one free session that's on offer, but some follow ups may also be possible by donation during this lockdown situation. That's something each facilitator will deal with and handle in their own way, which you can explore with them.

Here is the list of facilitators participating with links to their biogs:

Ann (USA)... Biog/Contact
Chad (USA)... Biog/Contact
Kelly (Australia)...Biog/Contact

Margaret (Canada)... Biog/Contact
Marije (Malawi/Africa)... Biog/Contact

Elizabeth (UK/Europe)...Biog/Contact
Lesley (UK/Europe)... Biog/Contact
Rich (Austria/Europe)... Biog/Contact

Jean-Michel (Belgium/Europe)... Biog/Contact

If you would like recommendation from our community coordinator as to which might be most suitable for your needs, then feel free to contact her:

If people out there tuning in are interested in what it takes to become an Openhand Facilitator...
The Openhand Facilitator Program

Wishing you all well out there in these extraordinary times,


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Hi Everyone,

The energy flow in the field is currently very powerful. There are many people going through activations and processing major emotional back-loads. It is all good though, you can do this. The powerful flows can also be very helpful in dislodging great amounts of karma. 

Look at the facilitation support as a help for you to smooth out your processing and uproot what you are ready to let go. Sometimes our energy is more than ready to let something go, but somehow it still lingers in your life due to the habits and little ego hooks. Sometimes it will be your belief that a major shift requires time and maybe even more suffering.

I put together few short suggestions to help you with some of your challenges:

  • Stay soft - this means you need to be aware of any fear manifestation in your body. Fear constricts the flow and it can create quite a bottleneck.
  • Watch for fight-or flight symptoms - it is a somatic activation state where your body is prepping to fight or run from a physical danger. When we are in that state, we do not have the full access to out pre-frontal cortex (logic, reason, discernment) and make our decisions based on emotions. You can look up its symptoms online. To calm that down you will need to inform your body that you are safe. There are many ways of doing so.
  • Stay away from the mass media - it is always a good idea, but now more than ever. The magnitude of armageddon and pestilence programming that is broadcasted internationally is unprecedented. The subliminal messaging will affect you even if you think you "know better".
  • Keep the energy moving - if you are even slightly aware of your energy as well as the energies surrounding you, you will notice that any fear constricts the flow. So, stay aware of your flow and tend to any fears, once they present themselves.
  • Stay vigilant - there is tons of consciousness programs that are currently influencing us. They often get amplified by the energetic implants we carry. But don't worry, the energy will amplify the presence of an implant and because of this you may be able to remove it easier.
  • Be compassionate - there are so many versions of what is happening and you might have noticed that the versions your friends or family subscribe to are mostly a reflection of their own fears. You will greatly help others by just holding a space for them while they try convincing you of their version of reality. Treat it as if you were dealing with a hurt child, for that is what is often coming forward in people. Even aggression is an effect of pain. It's not to say to let someone bully you on social media. It's more about being aware of how you are engaging your energy in a given conversation.
  • The one fear that must not be named - I'm seeing many people processing the fear of death. This is a big one and if it came up for you, tend to it. You will not regret it as it is the base to many other fear and once you lighten it, you can expand your consciousness quite rapidly. There are plenty of articles on OH site to help you with that, or you can reach out to one of us, Facilitators and we will take it from there for you.
  • Quit the coffee habit - coffee induces fight-or-fligh. No more needs to be said ;-)

With love <3 



I think this is a great offer by the Facilitators, very compassionate and caring - if you need some support during these challenging times, do connect. They're very skilled and sure to be able to help you meditate through.


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