Freewheeling adventures


I felt to begin a forum for everyone who is interested in learning about this mystical yet universal language of synchronicity. Yesterday Open was saying how learning this language is just like learning another language like French - you practice and perfect it. I feel passionate and determined about learning,creating and evolving to 5D consciousness. 

Free wheeling is when you take off without any set intention for a particular destination or goal other than to feel and learn. You can also have some questions in mind like what is that limits you and what is the  next version of you that wants to come forth. It works best when you are not efforting to find an answer which my mind really struggles to hold.  So this is a invitation for everyone to play with this and share if you feel like. 


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With that in mind I took off today morning on my bike and I finally ended up near a beautiful lake. I felt to jump in and swim but was little hesitant because I didnt know how deep it was. Then I saw this guy swimming and with his assurance I dived in. It became clear that I had manifested and handed over my power to him because I was fearful of the situation. When you really challenge, you start to unpack all the hidden programming in the mind. I noticed a peculiar bulge in the right part of his head. Maybe it reflects seeing the world through logical let of the brain. The words of my mother starts ringing in my ear - I prefer dying than hurting myself and being a burden to others. But it's that intention which manifests reflective situations and then the mind cements  it in the brain. On the way back I saw this pair of red beetles attached from the back. I have been seeing them lately. Maybe its the twin flame. A good invitation to be in the soul.