Gaia's Pain

I've just spent 15 minutes doing some grounding & meditation, standing right up close to a tree, in a small park very near my flat in Brighton, with my hands place on the tree.

During that meditation, I felt I was being spoken to by Gaia, concerning the emotional pain I've been feeling for many years, & how that links to her pain about the exploitation & destruction of her resources by humankind, since the Industrial Revolution.

In particular, I'd just bought some household goods for my new flat, including a food container & a toilet brush, which came in a certain amount of packaging, & I felt Gaia challenging me as to whether I really needed to have bought these new, or could I take them back, get a refund, & buy them second hand in a charity shop.

I will ponder, & perhaps meditate further on that, & may well take these products back.

Anyway, I thought I'd start this new Forum topic, as The Tormented Soul topic, where I've done most of my posting on emotional pain, has now become very long & I want to change my focus a bit.



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