How Is Your Life Going in the Current Shift?

In relation to everything that's unfolding across the planet right now, and especially with regards to how things have changed with the pandemic, I felt to reach out to all you tuning into Openhand and to ask you, "How do you see your life shifting and changing through the current climate?"

I think it would be great for us to share...

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Fed up of this phoney war on both the v1rus and the program or intervention. 

Part of me thinks that ignorance is bliss, what I don't know I don't know. I know it's so frustrating having skin in both games.

A hybrid existence.


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I'm coming to a similar mind of late Keith - whoever needs it (the v1rus plandemonium), let them get on with it.

I'm still a degree cautious though - in the sense I still have to navigate this world and enjoy the physical freedoms. I feel strongly that knowing the common law will be the solution.

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Hello and greetings dear open and everyone

I would like to thank open and team (david, elizabeth) to have me at the Glastonbury beautiful retreat with so many beautiful souls participating and from different countries (hello to all of you, it was lovely meeting you). It was very positive, uplifting one for me personally, i felt connected in an inspiringly new way and was happy also to be able to hear from others' experiences and share mine too.,,,,....

the openhand bow meditation became one of my favorites....i did have it but did only little, with the group it was very interesting and as if took a new meaning, thank you open for sharing your work and letting us express in our own way....

Its beautiful to read and see the individual shifts going on, thanks to the ultimate benevolence always which is love deep and helping all

much love to all




I had been in a support worker role at a home for people with learning disabilities.  Now, with everything going on I have brought forward my exit from this position, being free since the beginning of this month.  Am having challenges, in focus, as to my next step forward.  One challenge is not having people around me who share the views we have here, with one person coming out with the hackneyed conspiracee fearees argument and that I was being negative.  It was strange as this person had been quite an animal activist, in the day - I would of thought she would appreciate our views.

What complicates things, is my wife lives in Brazil and is also not entirely on the same wavelength, with some of her family in the medical profession.  I am half pleased at present, that its not possible to go over, as she also lives in a flat in a big city, while I currrently live in sem--rural situation.  I think I could be extremely challenged there.  My psychological situation can feel very ungrounded at times; up and down.  One aim would be live with/ around people with similar views.

I would be glad of people's reflections on this...

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Hi Genibre, thanks fior sharing - it's an illuminating conundrum I'm sure many of us share - those close to us who are on a different page about the plandemonium. I had some interesting reflections/experiences in Glastonbury yesterday around mask wearing and lockdown that I thought I would share...

The experiences came in fairly quick succession. Firstly, I was stood at a vegan takeaway in an alleyway in town. A lady who was also waiting was shuffling her position (in this narrow alley way) so as to socially distance from me. I asked her why she thought it would make any difference in the enclosed space? We also asked about the effectiveness of the mask she was wearing. It turns out she was a front line nurse and had (what was for her) a plausible answer for every question. And as she answered, I could feel her energy getting more and more emboldened - she was expressing soul sovereignty!

Next, I was in the health food store and noticed an employee there who I know, and always have humorous heart warming exchanges with. In the UK now, servers in stores are meant to wear masks. He was wearing a bright red neckerchief, which would have been completely innefectual against any virus, but at least it was colourfully expressive - I guessed he was making a statement. I told him he looked like a "bandit" and "was he going to rob me?" We both had a good laugh about it. Once more, he was expressing soul sovereignty.

A short while later I was sitting on a bench in the centre of town with a number of the regular homeless people who hang out there. It was a beautiful sunny day. There were 5 of us, and as a couple of Police men approached, I joked with the guys on the bench that we ought start a "People's c0r0nav1rus liberation front" - we'd only need a couple more people to break the rules with a group of 7 (only groups of 6 are meant to hang out together). To which an Irish guy on the end of the bench said, "don't count me in your rebellion, you didn't ask me to be involved". He went on to say that he preferred to express his "rebellion" in his own way and not give energy to the plandemonium. Again, he was expressing soul sovereignty in his own way.

The three experiences in quick succession were highly illuminating. Just because someone is wearing a mask, doesn't necessarily mean they're not being sovereign. And the same just because someone doesn't openly rebel. Let me be clear, personally I do believe the science for wearing masks is false, and I do believe we need to challenge the state narrative, which to me is full of lies and deception. However, what's clearly happening right now is that the whole of society is getting a tremendous reflection of human subconscious karma. Each is being invited to express their soul in a unique and sovereign way.

Yes we do have to stand up to the state and how it increasingly encroaches on freedom and civil liberty. However, there are many ways to do it. I also feel we've reached a turning point in all of this, where there's a strong emergence of the human soul - and to me, that's the crucial issue here.

So maybe that will help make some more sense of your individual situation and how you might accept it more, without necessarily needing to change those around you?

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After having my life was thrown into complete disarray last March with major changes in livelihood and work and accommodations I started meditating every day. First in the woods, amongst the trees, dealing with lots of free floating anxiety and some anger about what was happening, then in May/June I met many of my guides and connected to my angels through a friend's friendly reminder. I've been on the path of self-discovery for 3 decades but this thing threw me for a loop at the beginning. Then after connecting with my guardians I started to feel more at ease. Then the Lion's Gate happened in August. I could already feel the rising energies in July. My meditation practice went to a whole new on steroids. I started meditating with breathwork (which is what I do amongst other healing modalities) and then I started conscious channelling and getting information through my higher self and from other star beings. I have had one of those sessions daily since Early August. I feel like a different person, I feel empowered, have no fear, feel free and sovereign and I don't feel in any way hard done by with all that has occurred. I am actually grateful for what happened since it got me where I am now. I feel fully connected to source for the first time in my life. I have actually felt it on all levels with every bit of my being.  I've had glimpses before and many mystical experiences, but not like this. I continue on this path. There is no going back. I am excited to find out where it takes me next. Thanks for the inspiration along the way! 

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Hi Eva,

What an inspiration! I always point out that "with great challenge comes great opportunity", and you've really demonstrated that admirably Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji

What we're finding in the Openhand gatherings, is that exactly due to the challenging breakdowns and lockdowns in society, people can now more readily feel the defunctness of the Old Paradigm. It's encouraging people to let go at a much deeper level.

And then just as you've experienced, new dimensional experiences, guides and support come available. It's simply breath taking!

Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring others in the process Thumbs Up Sign

Hi Openhanders - it's time for a tune in. Lots is moving out there in the field right now. Facilitator Elizabeth put it so well on the recent Ascension Activations Online a few days ago...

"When the caterpillar goes into the crysallis, it doesn't know it's becoming a butterly. That only happens as it's emerging". Great metaphor!

So how is it going for you right now? Are you feeling like the caterpillar, the crysallis or the butterfly?

Do share in this open forum thread and I'd gladly offer a supportive reflection.

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Hi Open. Thank you for this forum. I live in an area where masks have been optional, until today. I haven't worn one because I recognize not only do they not work in the way people think they do, but also the mind control aspect and that acceptance of this control will serve to usher the way in for mandatory vaccination. I do not consent to this. Therefore I cannot go anywhere now. I am struggling with the prospect of going to the grocery store and the beach, the only two places I really go anymore outside my home and have no idea how to proceed. Thank you for any advice you may have.

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I feel for you Raven - I really do. HeartPraying Emoji

There comes a point where the human spirit is pushed as far as it is prepared to go, as far as it can to compromise. I did say there would be countless of these kinds of mirrors coming our way. At some point you simply have to decide, no matter what the cost - what is the right thing to do? What does your soul say? Then follow it. No matter what.

When you follow the soul, no matter the cost, you find there's a way through - something you hadn't predicted.

I've been incarcerated against my will, against what is right, against the common law. But still there was a way through it.

Can you start a protest? Can you explore the legality behind having to wear a mask? Is there something you can do to challenge it?

Ask, inquire, "show me!" An answer always comes in some way.

Know that you are not alone...

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Thank you for your compassionate response, Open. I have so enjoyed your many articles and videos over the years. 

Our city council listened to and ignored the same sane logic from our citizens as shown in the O.C. video. The council got the notion they were given the right to muzzle people because the logic-challenged majority begged them to do so. The writing is on the wall.  My soul is telling me loud and clear -  "It's time to return to the ship." I actually have a ship to go to, so on Independence Day, the date of last of the three eclipse portals, I will do so. Through the work of many starseed gridworkers and gatekeepers, Gaia has materialized her fifth dimensional blueprint so my mission here is complete. It is with great sadness that I leave 3d humanity to their self-imposed imprisonment.

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Well here I am totally against this face mask idea when it dawned on me that their facial recognition agenda would no longer work. Ha. They have let the cat out of the bag, put it on don't put it on. It won't last, they will realise soon enough that they have lost an initiative not gained one.

As least you can use this as a choice.  wear one and defy facial recognition,  or don't wear one and defy another agenda. I find this attitude lighter, I'm now in control of this. Ha.

Hi - and I was just thinking about this.  I'll give you the short answer (my wife would say consider yourself fortunate).   Acceleration and magnification.    I can feel the acceleration of events in my life and I can also see them clearer.   After adjusting to it - this has led to a phenomenon where I, like a person with a new set of glasses, keep re-surveying the landscape of my life to see (of course also to feel) what it looks like NOW with my new glasses on and more accurate look/feel.  From there I decide whether I still want/like it the way it is or if it's time to change it (or of course the way I look at it).   I find the amount of changing the landscape/way I look at it - is much more frequent nowadays.   And it just keeps feeling better!

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I like the "new set of glasses" idea Mark - inspiring Thumbs Up Sign

How do you find what you see in the outer shifts according to what you're feeling on the inner?

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PS - when I switched on my computer this morning to check in, I was thinking I need a new set of glasses!

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Thanks for the question.   I believe you used the phrase "less restrictive environment" in one of your books.  When I came across that phrase I recognized it's truth in my life.  My "new glasses/prescription" seem to often show me where my restrictive situations and environments are - both "externally" and "internally".   They don't feel good/true to me now (so I can either change them or change the way I address them if I stay in them).   

So the process seems to be - as I identify, face honestly, and then address my "inner" restrictions my "outer" environment becomes increasingly less restrictive.  This seems to happen in the form of synchronicities pointing, and assisting my direction and exposing me to more new people, new situations, and new locations.   It's been quite miraculous with it's pace really and the recent events just seem to further fuel that once addressed in that similar process.      

I'm learning to love everything just the way it is and to feel and understand my emotions.  I'm wanting more and more to process stuck memories and emotions out of my body to heal it and make more room for growing into higher vibrations and to hold more light.  But still finding sadness in between that creates stuckness.  I am feeling a pull to just meditate without any expectations just to see what shows up, dance, or spend time in nature with explosions of wanting to shop.  But when I go out I come back feeling drained.  And I miss my parents and my daughter and part of me wants to take a road trip back to NJ to see them but then my physical body just feels like it may not make the 18 hour drive.  

Seeing people with masks on feels unreal as if I am not really there when I go out.  I can't get myself to wear one or to social distance.  Sometimes I just have to laugh at the whole situation.  So for me there's been a lot more internal shifts.  I have been living in isolation before the pandemic with kids in school and my partner at work, not much of socializing and issues with fatigue that I felt a lot more alone before we were required to all stay home.  

And I have learned to limit my time with the craziness out there by not spending too much time on what's happening and at times ignoring it so that I am not affected by that energy.  Although at times find it very confusing as what to believe and what really is going on out there.  And I am so grateful that I have not been affected physically through hardships like some people are going through.  

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I can understand that you would miss people Agnes.

Can you relax in the knowing that we are all connected? And that where they truly are is in your heart?

The separation of the physical is a mere blink in time.

And also, there's another family calling you now - your soul family in the ether. Can you work to feel them?

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Thankyou Open for connecting through the craziness this time has offered up. I have been trying to keep calmness and love as my central focus through each moment this now brings. This now has thrown a lot of hurdles to dodge and weave through particularly on the emotional level. I guess this is part of the filtering  out the negative energies and of course everything is like a mirror, a reflection of my own insecurities...I am using meditation and breathwork to help me traverse this storm...much love💕and thankyou🙏

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Hi Zymbaline - well done!

It might help to reflect on the fact that is was ALWAYS crazy. It's just now become visible.

Much love

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Since I asked the question, "How Is Your Life Going in the Current Shift?", I thought I should kick off with a couple of observations about my life.

The main change is that I spend a lot more time on the web connecting with people and running courses. Right now I'm in the middle of Divinicus, our stage 3, which I couldn't previously have imagined would lend itself to the virtual space. But in actual fact it's turning out to be pretty amazing.

I think the benefit of this for me, is that I can connect with people who are spread to the four winds around the earth, and who wouldn't normally be able to travel to a retreat. So paradoxially, the pandemic has really helped Openhand.

But I am also a traveller at heart, with nomadic blood, so I miss that, and will be looking forwards to getting out on the road again just as soon as it becomes viable.

How is your life changing? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

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Hello  Open

Throughout  this time I have been in retreat in my beautiful home in the dunes of Lake Michigan in northern Michigan. 
In  nature and very cocooned. Enjoying my life here immensely. In contrast a feeling that everything that I have been doing previously is over. Am very much in the unknown. Having always been goal directed it is very uncomfortable not to have clarity for my next step.


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Hi Ingrid,

Yes I understand what it can be like when in the 3D there's always been a 'next step' to focus on.

But all this really does, is distract from the infinite inner presence that you are. So it takes time to unravel the mind and emotions that would have you attached to doingness. Yes it is painful to unpack this and let it go.

But that's okay. It's what's necessary. In the old 3D life, society is actually a huge avoidance mechanism - avoiding the presence of the One, avoiding the infinite potential and the natural flow that springs from it. That's why life here has become so out of alignment and defunct.

When you can truly sit in the source, which feels like not-knowing, and be comfortable in that, then all manner of mystery, miracles and magic flow forth.

But you do have to work at it - work at opening out through the inner contractions so that you may come to this place of grace with the moment, of pure beingness, and trusting in it, that it will deliver exactly what your soul yearns for.

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Hi Open

Lovely to connect with you. I am new to your work and it feels beautiful. 

Thank you for your message. The feeling that there is nothing more for me, that my life as I know is essentially over is interweaving with more and more spontaneous feelings of joy, wonder and delight.More synchronicity as well. At times I can see and track a flow pattern, a deep impulse that drops in as a knowing of what to do next usually simple and very mundane. Feeling that I want to create something new and yet do not know what it is. 

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That's great Keith - I'm pleased for you.

You don't have to fall back - simply decide.

I would suggest to conduct some kind of memorable ceremony - involving creating something that you put on an altar - then keep reflecting on that as you go forwards. It helps keep people on the path.

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