Humanity's Shadow Reveals Itself...Time to go Inwards and Upwards

Submitted by Open on Thu, 11/10/2016 - 03:32

The unthinkable has happened. A 'raptor' in a suit has been elected to the most powerful political position on the planet. But was it really that unthinkable? Take a close look at any shopping mall, any town, any city, any grazing land or ploughed field. The mark of the consumptive 'beast' is literally everywhere. And the majority are too blind to recognise themselves a willing acquiescence to it all - the wanton destruction of Mother Earth. I'm actually relieved by it. Why? Because at least we witness the revelation of truth. No more hiding behind veils; no more speaking with forked tongue. What you see is what you get. Let it inspire us to shake off this sleepy delusion...

Shine the Sunlight where the Seeds will Blossom

There were many times during the campaign when I felt reflections back to 1930s Germany. It's no wonder so many voted the way they did - it's the same nationalism, the same protectionism, the same racism, the same projection. It's just wearing a different suit. The majority are clearly voting to protect their piece of the pie, and who gives a goddam about 'them over there'. In fact what a great excuse: 'they did it', 'they're to blame', 'they took away our dream'. Now they have an excuse to do what their subconscious wanted to do all along. The shadow side of humanity has got its reflection.

As unpalatable as it will be to many awakened ones, it's necessary to move into the realm of truth, because that's the only place to begin. People really need to see just what on earth is going on. Now we have it. There are no "mass awakenings", there never was. The "hundred monkeys" will make precious little progress with the zillion blind raptors. It'll be millions of years before they're ready for the Fifth Density.

That's nothing to fear, nothing to be despondent about. Some are ready, plenty are not. No argument is necessary. No intellectual debate will bear fruit. Connect with those who can feel it in their hearts. Shine the sunlight where the seeds will most likely blossom. Does that not make it a whole lot easier?

Many levels of Awakening

I'm not that surprised. It's been this way countless other times, not just on this planet, but in other constellations also - we seldom witness mass awakenings. Instead, more often than not, we see smaller - but nontheless very powerful - waves of truly committed ones. And that's exactly what I witness now. You see there are many levels of awakening: (1) awake to the control system (2) awake to interconnectivity of all life (3) awake to the true plight of the planet (from a feeling standpoint) (4) awake to the need for the Shift of Gaia into the Fifth Density. Although some may speak with the same vocabulary, the difference between these levels of consciousness can still be immense.

There will be no 'saving Mother Earth in the 3D'. From the evidence we've already seen, this election will now only accelerate the demise. My heartfelt 'hope' is that this stark-staring revelation of truth will convince plenty more to truly turn their attention toward the Fifth Density - to let go of loyalty to the rapidly crumbling old reality. That for me is the most positive thing that can result from this result.

Do you feel shocked? Do you feel sickened? Feel into it. What might you have been secretly denying about the way it really is in society right now? It's the way it has been for decades. So seize the opportunity, read the writing on the wall, then work into and drop that limiting veil.

Let it inspire you to go inwards and upwards

Feel into it, step through and out of that illusion. Let the veils fall. Feel the relief. You don't have to fight it any more. You don't have to struggle. This 'raptor consciousness' will not give in until it's devoured everything. But you see that's the point - if you truly want to defeat the beast, you don't fight it. You don't struggle against it - you simply give it a shove in the direction its already heading. It defeats itself by its own 'success'. Just maybe, then, it has the chance to truly witness its own reflection and change.

I believe that's the state of play we're now moving into. It means an acceleration of the decline. And we truly awakened ones can work with that energy. We can take it and let it inspire us to let go more; to surrender the old reality more - it was only ever a delusional facade anyway. Let the veils fall. Move into the realm of truth. Take the energy and let it fire up your evolution.

There's only one meaningful direction now: inwards and upwards.

Who's with me?

In loving support
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Great conversation folks. So nice to feel all the kindred souls sharing their thoughts and feelings whilst we speed along inside this virtual wind tunnel.
Holding Sacred Space for all of us...

Both of you, Open and Rich,

thank you soooo much for reassuring me!!!
Open: I have watched the movie 3 times by now, I seem to need a 4th time. I love it and it has reassured me every single time. The last months ever since I kind of had my personal wake-up call have been a crazy challenge for me. It feels like having taken a turn on a junction and finding myself all of a sudden on a rocky rough hillside-road...Not that my life has been the smooth highway, on the contrary, but right now it feels like not knowing where this road leeds to, it feels like going deep deep deep into the jungle. And maybe thats all about this experience, I guess...

It is just so weired, all the things I can feel on my bodily level, the widening up, the messages I get, and than this crazy thing we call reality, which doesn't seem like reality to me at all anymore, but like a lulling and numbing virtual thing. I live and work and am surrounded by all these other people still living it (I am becoming a lawyer and dude, with the laws people are even stiffier than the rest of humanity, apart from Big Business maybe). I kind of feel like living in two worlds and it is more and more like doing the splits...

And Rich: I do EXACTLY what you do, if for one more thing: I try to earthen myself every second, growing roots from under my feet deep to the heart of Mother Earth (asking for permission though, before doing it :) ). So thank you sooooo much for reassuring me that that is really all to it!!!

It is sooo challenging, so so challenging and sometimes I just want to say, ok, let's just drop it. But of course... NO WAY :D

Thank you for answering me and taking care of me, that was a really disturbing night...
Love from this side of the world,

I feel your pain.
I recognise so much of what you write.
Things are mega-challenging.
But therein lies mega-reward.

Here's what I do...
I breathe ... conscious breathing so valuable and transformative.
I practise conscious Yoga, the bendy-stretchy bit and the wider spiritual aspects (its my thing - but there are other ways, of course).
I work to shine my light whenever and wherever I can.

When I feel bad ...
I work to feel into it, acknowledge and respect where I'm at.
I work to become the seer of my passing feelings.
They always pass.
By feeling into them, by allowing them to express as they will with awareness, they unravel.
And I come through anew.

It's not easy.
But it sure works, and it is so valuable, especially when things are so tough.

Sending you blessings,

Hi Lea - greetings :-)

Many people who 'migrate' towards Openhand have similar metaphoric viewpoints. In various unique ways, many see common threads: a progressive completion of life here in the 3D in a fairly short space of time. And simultaneously the emergence of a New Paradigm in a higher vibrational frequency in the Fifth Density.

What many are feelings is the progressive inner journey of transition. So a full engagement in the 3D world so as to reclaim and integrate lost fragments of soul that keep people attached and attuned to the 3D. As the soul integrates, consciousness tends to ascend and shift more into the higher vibration.

You might like to take a little time and watch our 5GATEWAYS movie, which describes the process in a reasonable amount of detail. 5GATEWAYS is central to the philosophy we share here...


Open *OK*

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for the beautiful diverse Beings that you are! It helps me a lot to know, that you are out there!

I have a question to all of you:
Ever since the election I can't help the feeling, that the world is ending, that it's kind of the apocalypse starting now.

Last night I had the weirdest dream of Aliens landing on the planet destroying everything and leaving everything to some human marionettes, who are not zombies but somehow there heart is zombie, they don't see what they do. These people take and grab everything they can get, like during Hitlers time, when few got all the possessions of Jews and other people. The rest of humanity is packing the most important things to survive and ducking in the underground trying to flee the cities...Thats when I woke up.

I just don't know how to continue my daily life right now. It seems totally absurd and surreal to go on with daily nonsense. I am all the time kind of waiting for it to happen, like an atomic bomb or - as my dream showed - Aliens to land or whatever. It is so weird.
I swing from deep sadness anout this world ending to total panik to senseless action to deep joy rising from a deeper level (it feels like coming from the earth). Is anybody else having this? I feel like: Please just tell me what to do I want to do something! HAha, but maybe that's exactly the point :) ...

What do you guys say?
Love to all of you and Rich, thank you for your Love!

Thank you Rich... Beautiful to see you engage with everyone on this thread! I loved your poem. I found myself nodding yes yes with a smile. It had a great vibe with a rhythm that was moving the energy through the perceived density onwards inwards upwards stirring it all until the density dissolved becoming one. I picture a wizard of words mixing the words,thoughts, streams of consciousness into laughter and lightness. I wholeheartedly love all your sharings Cathy. I feel your perseverance is inspiring. The expressions of truth add such a vibrancy.
I concur with Kristian.. So lovey to witness gratitude and compassion overflowing!! So grateful for this platform that Open and Trinity nourish.

Much love

Muchas gracias, kind lady, that's very nice of you to say so, Cathy,
But actually ... you are a great deal more generous with your contributions here than I am.
You give so much in many ways, and it is much appreciated.
I have often read your searching and thoughtful/heartful posts and felt your genuine-ness (is that a word? :) ) and kindness of heart.
Bless you,

In reply to by Rich

Wow! Feeling richer, standing taller, and eyes shining brighter after reading your kind words, Rich! Let's keep making up words ha! Very much appreciated, bro!

x Cathy

P.S. Just read your kind comments, Erica. My heart is deeply touched. Thank you, dear sister!

Love your poem, Rich, and your generous support of Openhanders. Always appreciate your truth 'n humour vibes! I'm thinking of a comic series from my childhood called Richie Rich! You are indeed rich in so many wonderful ways. Thanks for being you.

x Cathy

Thanks for the kind words, Open and Js, they are genuinely and humbly appreciated :)

Great post, Open .. suitably challenging for challenging times.
On in up.


Great thread, all you beautiful people.


Malechite - "The light we shine will be caught up in the dispersals because beacons reflect the heavenly love of an arrangement much more humane than where we are headed at present."
Not quite sure what you mean by - 'caught up in the dispersals' - tbh? *SCRATCH* :)
But "beacons reflect the heavenly love of an arrangement much more humane than where we are headed at present." really resonates. :)


This is beautiful, Danny;

"I don't know if this will be just another idea, or the start of something incredible...but it will be fueled by love, either way."

So much opportunity for service, and for growth in such darkness, eh?


erica r, Truth! Torus yes! Love your words and sentiment. I love the 'stream of consciousness' feel your words have ..


Geofizz - great choice of band and track


Kd1, Russell B is doing some very cool things - his own progress and transformations have and are amazing and inspiring to witness. I love his unrestrained way and how he connects so well with everyone on tricky and profound subjects ... and makes them laugh.


Hi Ann! .. yes division is the name of the game, right? Thats what it's all about .. as long as we are divided internally and/or externally (same thing) then we are not awake (Oneness = Awake, huh?) and can't be Whole Soul Source. Its the one thing, the bottom-line illusion, that the wicked controllers need to maintain to keep us controlled, eh? Which is both challenging and empowering to get and act/be/live with.


Js You wrote ;
"i may need to take a knee But I will not Crumble, i am slowly becoming my truer self, slowly peeling away the layers, slowly unraveling the Distortions, i feel more and more Empowered yet Softened... COME WHAT MAY... "
.... YeeHaaah! Way to go, bro.


Lea "As I am still working on this "One"-thingy, I have the urge to say: it is a pleasure to meet you all (as you are me and I am you Biggrin ) and I think everyone of you is doing a hell of a good job and thank you for your beauty!"


Lea, Amy Trinity, Viva La Feminina!
And la masculina, we're all both, of course, as you all know :D
Viva la Una!


Alexandros - what an awesome dream! Great share.
I'm actually feeling a hint of jealousy ... as I dreamt last night about Margaret Thatcher coming back to life.


treebrother - you dont sound so asleep to me, bro ;)


Kristian J - awesome piece of cake questions. :)
"I still seem to seek love by understanding the matrix..." Love that.
I personally feel that all 'opposites' are clearly false when we view everything as One thing.
It is our matrix-bound small self that sees opposites, good/bad, negative/positive.
We need these words to communicate (as things stand) but ultimately they fail to convey reality.
So yes we must transcend the question, the words, .. but I really hope that doesn't mean I have to transcend cake - esp Trinity's cake.


tulip - "'free fall into nothing'" - testify! Lovin that.


beingme - Yaay! Ditchin that baggage! Way to go.


Onwards Inwards Upwards, brothers and sisters.
Always Love,

Truly grateful for the presence of your resonating support. This journey is indeed revealing to be a lonely one, as the unfolding path looks like an one of a kind of incredible reality so far, without anyone seeing the same. This morning a vision suggested that the composition of our surrounding reality should change for it to be merged into us rather than our own self (and its thoughts) adjusted to fit into it. A beautiful sign reminding of the truth felt about the soul searching for something. was chiaseeds not soaking as well with soy milk as with oat milk :)

Hello everyone,

After these shaky days, there is a song I wanted to share with you, because it gave me great comfort and I think its words do express what I feel right now, and it kind of gives some possible answers to Kristian's questions I think.

I think I felt what you mean, Kristian, though I am not sure:
After heavy rocking days after the election, I kind of went through a lot of emotions, which I felt were collective. First I was in total grief for knowing, that this world as we know it is coming to an end, it was deep sadness for saying goodbye to everything I thought to be real. I went straight through it. Than there was this female side I described above. And by going deep in it, I could feel there is also a male part to it, the instability of not knowing what men are supposed to be, where their place is in the world or how to connect with their divinity. After feeling that, I woke up on Tuesday and I felt deep deep love for Donald Trump. I could feel his inner child, that little boy that just wants to be loved madly. And he wants to be loved so madly by everyone, so he decided to become president. And I thanked his soul, for he is doing a hell of a good job, shaking and waking a lot of people up. We are all One, so Donald Trump is just showing me a part of myself. I am embrassing that part. I am loving that part. And I think maybe this is what you ment, Kristian? Because from the upper posts and some point you could get the feeling that there is raptor energy which is bad and there is the good "enlightened" energy. But these words also are just labels.
I think each and everyone has to follow his own river, which is enlightened in any way and always, just listen to the signs that will unravel the truth just and only and specially for you. Maybe that is what Open meant with inwards and by going inwards it will be going upwards.
We are all One, we are so different, we are so rich, so beautiful by being all this.

Trust is the word I have been missing lately. Deep Trust that everything is just perfect, so are you and you and you...

With Love from this side of the world,

Hi Kristian - greetings :-)

Trinity is right - to transcend the questions to find presence through it all.

And then a new evolution of truth will emerge.

Everything is from the divine. So how can there be 'right' and 'wrong'?

But the soul is searching for something.

It is searching for a more accurate alignment with the flow of the moment. It's looking for greater 'rightness'. That is not a judgment of 'good' and 'bad'. It does not make the previous harmony less than. It's just seeking out a more aligned harmony of rightness.

So from presence, challenge in you the need for something to be right and wrong. No matter how distorted a particular situation is, it came from the divine.

Maybe this will help.


Open *OK*

In reply to by Open

Open, you said:

"Everything is from the divine. So how can there be 'right' and 'wrong'?

But the soul is searching for something.

It is searching for a more accurate alignment with the flow of the moment. It's looking for greater 'rightness'. That is not a judgment of 'good' and 'bad'. It does not make the previous harmony less than. It's just seeking out a more aligned harmony of rightness.

So from presence, challenge in you the need for something to be right and wrong. No matter how distorted a particular situation is, it came from the divine."

Whooah! Breathrough and flash of illumination in response to your words. Lately, I have felt such an intense inner churning of feelings around what you express here, struggling to find the missing link. Feeling the truth of what you say is like fitting the last piece into the jigsaw puzzle, then sitting back and gazing at the completed beauty of the picture, feeling whole. Now I get the powerful yearning I have been feeling. My soul is searching for a more accurate alignment with the flow of the moment, a greater rightness, but that's not a judgment of 'good' and 'bad' and it doesn't make what I expressed previously lesser than. I don't have to get it ABSOLUTELY right because that's not possible while we're streams of consciousness of the One in these bodyminds having a 3D experience. What a liberating realization! So ditching that baggage!

Mucho gracias, amigo!

x Cathy

I am very confounded by the subject of right and wrong, positive and negative in all. What personally is still unsettled for me, is whether or not a singular force of energy is permeated through all life events. My fundamental thought has been a belief in an ultimate grand plan that manifests and unfolds, also as seemingly negative events. That's why I'm biased to interpret conflicting behaviour as something of higher divine guidance, higher as to what I can see to be the big picture. Whether this technically is possible through shifts in parallel realities to fit into a sort of new story line is not my main concern but the issue of unity. Is there really a separation from a divine oneness source in any events regardless of the plane of existence. Seems to boil down to this one: is there free will? Also, how does negative energy manifest in the state of equilibrium with positive (Shambhalla/cosmic unity/end-game state) if they aren't from the same source? Piece of cake questions, eh :D

Awesome - absolutely awesome - I just love it.
Thanks for being you Rich.

Open :clapping:

Words for Soul in Dark Times : A Poem for You and Me and Donald.

So the stakes are up the chips are down the cards are on the table.
To raptorous applause the Home of the Brave has seemingly selected a deranged raptor murder clown
In the election illusion for the fabled top-job.
Actor-manager actually, not much new to see actually.
Except perhaps the hair.

At least he's obvious.
And what was the other false choice in this fkdup fakery anyway?
A lady raptor in a choice white wool trouser suit.
Did someone say 'choice'?

Of course not only the Brave, but we too the worldwide subjects, are already subjected to an incumbent Chief Raptor in sheep's clothing.
He's just like the other ones, and the other other ones.
Only that this sheep's clothing is black sheep's clothing.

And we loyal little royal subjects here in Great Britain we have Great Raptors in sheep suits all of our own.
Our Chief Raptor wasn't even dramatically theatrically pseudo-democratically elected.
Oooh .. which one do you mean the PM or the Queen?
Whatever take your pick.
Both more politely educated than the orange clown but the intentions are the same more or less.
More and less.
More for them, less for us.
On on it goes.
That's the way uh-huh uh-huh they like it.
Britons never-never-never shall be slaves.

But what have we got that raptors have not got that they cannot got?
We've got what we've always got I mean really got
And they have never not got and always cannot got.
They just don't got it.
We've got Soul.
And that's a lot, that's the lot, that's your lot, you lot.
It's not a thing at all, but It's everything and nothing, oh sweet mystical spiritual paradox beyond my meagre words.
There's nothing more really and they want It they really want It.
And they can't have It unless we give It to them.
And even then even if we have even if we did
We can still take It back
Ours for the taking.
Uh-huh uh-huh.

Bodies come bodies go they don't last forever nothing lasts forever.
No thing lasts for ever.
What do I now know I mean really now know?
I really now know Soul.
Now really.
And that's all I need to know.
Bodies come bodies go but we've always got our Heart:

There's millions of worlds many millions more than many millions
So I'm told makes sense to me.
Worlds come worlds go.
No thing lasts for ever.
This one this Earth
This unique ever-changing world of sublime complexity unfathomable incredible majesty
Seems to me now to be going down down.
Down and out.
Over and out.
It's over.
We're out out of a home.
Not really though, hmmm?
Home is up where the Heart is.
We've always got our Heart:

The only way out is in.
In through the messy morass of our mucky much-manipulated minds.
Moving still meditating aware past the fear feelings that hold us down and out
And that replenish the voracious raptors.
In in in up into our most in inside our Heart:
True Majesty, your Majesty.
You are Majesty, over and out.

Over and out?
Not Me.
Not my Heart.
Not Soul.

Uh-huh uh-huh.

As I process my darkness ,I am becoming very much introverted. I feel pulled to interact less and feel more. I am more inclined to wait for the right person / vibe to interact with rather than go out into the world and attempt to spread Joy as was my usual extroverted "I need to heal the world" thingie . Instead I seem to want to stay more within and venture "out " and feel into other people's energy only when it would seem worth my while . For a recovering extremely empathic people pleaser ,it's progress for sure. It also seems to be because of what is around me . All my illusions of being one of the monkeys seem to have broken . I am now looking for the Flow within and trying to disentangle myself from what distracts me from feeling into my internal calm because our there it's disintegrating Fast !!

It's always flowing always transforming. Expansion seemingly creates uneasiness as it allows new reference points to form. When I read your post Eddie, I thought of star souls cosmic beings learning to integrate then harsh judgements that are projected out of fear that limit the limitless. It's like if the human eyes can define, label then the value is "evident" yet it's all just superficial all a mirage as that unique experience within the human shell is a continual flowing movement of beingness free to express authentically in each moment. I'm excited to see how a seemingly primitive reptilian reflection transforms on the political stage. I see the most difficult obstacle will be that now exposure to a whole new set of variables will allow for growth yet as historical patterns continually repeat, the expectation of a past projection will cause turmoil as it will create inauthentic reactions that most will see through as just another veil that obscures truth. It's as repetitious as earth spinning on it's axis within it's elliptical orbit around the sun within a set solar system. Every single object in the solar system, from the gargantuan sun to the tiniest speck, exerts a gravitational pull on everything else. The solar system is basically a massive game of tug of war, and all the yanking balances out at specific points. It's how the physical is designed. I feel the balanced energy flow of the torus seamlessly as energy flows from micro-atomic to macro-galactic. Unique and alone while also being connected with all else while simultaneously flowing apart yet connected. Being in a confined area physically while all this is going on and still maintaining the human faculties is a real challenge.,Pinging at precise moments to create a disturbance ultimately leading to recognition or growth. It is being so in tune within that it creates this steady vibration where it all flows without thought or intention.. No concerns no worries just aliveness

Then, In times of conflict or controversy, feeling the collective start to swoosh or swirl to sustain or feed the perceived projected purpose provides unique opportunities to remain open for source to flow through. It's within those precise moments where the letting go precipitates the impulses... feels freeing as the reference points no longer define the experience.. a shift continuously occurring to 5d whilst grounded within 3d. As the collective energy distorts all, connecting to source within while moving the body has been what I'm experimenting in moments of intense chaos even in instances where The physical shell may become compromised. Sitting in meditation or nature it feels beautiful yet I'm drawn into situations that are chaotic to see even then it's all beautiful.

Thank-you brother for your share, your Honesty and Awareness with yourself is Inspiring, your share shows great Vulnerability which in turn shows Great strength...Much Love Brother <3


For me personally this is a HUGE MIRROR into the darkness in the depths of me. I never really transformed my racist past. I just put it into a different form: hatred of neonazis, kkk, and racist rednecks. It is still the same hatred just in a different flavor. Oh how ASLEEP i am!!! Much work to do, so little time.
Humbly yours,

I really hear your expression Lea about being a woman in these times. Of late I've found a real fire in my belly over suppression of women or any human being. And suppression of expressing what you feel in the moment without judgement. I honour your courage (and Trinity's) in allowing yourself to express your vulnerability in the moment. It's something I struggle with to put into posts for fear of judgement, and because I know it's a process and I may feel differently later! I guess I need to let go of the need of right and wrong. But back to women and the feminine :) My voice is getting stronger and I'm noticing it more and more in my clients both female and male. Those wonderful feminine qualities of holding space, sacred space, of sensitivity, compassion. I'm working through the integration of both divine masculine and divine feminine in myself and there's something about speaking aloud and voicing and expressing... Now the shadow is more exposed (which as an empath is where I find the relief as anything that is hidden but present churns up in me) I'm finding my voice. I'm done with being insecure, I'm done with being afraid, I'm done with feeling less than. Wow, this turned into more than I expected. Thank you again for all the sharings.

Thanks for the post, I'm definitely with you. I feel great relief though I'm equally saddened that so many are still asleep, or even comatosed. It was hard to read your comment - There are no "mass awakenings", there never was. The "hundred monkeys" will make precious little progress with the zillion blind raptors. But also heartening to read - Connect with those who can feel it in their hearts. Shine the sunlight where the seeds will most likely blossom. That I do and will continue to do and is a useful reminder where best to put my energy.
Much love and gratitude x

Greetings Lea - thanks for sharing - its so important because its so healing that people step off the fence and share like this. It helps process the global shifts.


Open *give_rose*

Hello everyone,

thank you all for your thoughts, feelings and insights, they have helped me a lot stabelize in these past days.
I was in complete shock for two days, that was not only because of Trump (even though the evening before the election I KNEW this was going to happen and I knew it had to happen, I still was shocked) but also, because during meditation the night before the election I had a major impulse in my Being, saying: I am everything and everything is me. I am one.
That shaddered my perception of reality, even though I have had this thought plenty of times but not with the total feeling of knowing. I guess you all know in some ways or another how this feels. Kind of like in the movie The Matrix, when Neo realizes the Matrix. I'm still shaky...
So, but than this morning I felt like what is there more to my shaky feelings? Its not only about through the election results reveiling the truth openly on display for everyone to see, and not only about speeding things up, and not only about having to let go again, feel the trust again, but also, and I haven't read about that yet in your comments, so I thought I would like to share it:
As a woman, I felt not only fear, because things are obviously speeding up ( I thought we or I would have more "time"), but also deep deep fear of Men. I woke up with the feeling "I am so afraid", not only for me, not only for my sisters, not only for Earth, but for the Female. Unknown fear (nothing has ever happened to me in that way, luckily).
Donald Trump as the representor of an aggressive white male is shaking my womenly side to depth. I think it is in me, but I also think it is collective. I felt insecure. I went deep into that feeling and it resolved. But I think it is important for us women to have a look at this feeling. Maybe all of you have been through it already. I thought I was through this incertanty of feeling worthless and weak and shelter-less as a person. But this morning I realized, that I wasn't through it as a woman. I am totally not for the rule of the female principle, but for harmony. But I think we as women are specially challenged here, there is some kind of collective thingy in it.
(Wow, while writing this a bunch of pigeons just came up to my window, said there for a minute or two and than all together took of into the air, let themselves fall down and rise up again, I love how this works ;) )
So that was, what I wanted to contribute and maybe it inspires some of the women here to get together and feel into the female part of it.

As I am still working on this "One"-thingy, I have the urge to say: it is a pleasure to meet you all (as you are me and I am you :D ) and I think everyone of you is doing a hell of a good job and thank you for your beauty!

Love from this side of the earth.


Only time will tell what this Election and its wave of change will bring, for Me, for all us... However I am completely feeling you Open and i am All IN as much as i can with the tools I have, this turn of events has heightened My Internal Awareness, Come what May but i will not Crumble, i may need to take a knee But I will not Crumble, i am slowly becoming my truer self, slowly peeling away the layers, slowly unraveling the Distortions, i feel more and more Empowered yet Softened... COME WHAT MAY... Namaste...

Don't worry Ann, don't worry Openhanders - be a part of the family - we're all with you. And these raptor characters are everywhere. They always have been. Now they're being revealed. It's only our blindness that was ever the problem - it leads people into situations and circumstances that don't suit. Now the energy is in the open, just let your heart guide you. The higher consciousness flow will steer you well. Trust in the light breaking through, because it is, everywhere. You just need the courage to commit to follow it - what you feel in your heart.

And yes, this is an inner journey now. What ever resistance comes up, learn to Breakthrough it. Discover how to walk the path of the soul by applying the Spiritual Compass. Use it to work through the internal shifts... the 5GATEWAYS. And as you make the internal transitions, your outer world creates to reflect your new consciousness. Even as the old system cracks and breaks down (which this result will only accelerate), the light will create the new paradigm in your consciousness, through the cracks. Your soul begins to align more to that.

What I find is, that as you confront your own inner tightness - that which binds you to the old reality - then you can soften and break through it. The tightness unravels. You expand out of it. And here's the thing - it's like you become invisible to that denser energy. You start to disappear off the old landscape.

Time to trust in the process Openhanders - now the work truly comes into its own. These are exactly the times it was meant for.



Inwards and upwards definitely seems like the only place to go now. Many on this side of the pond never took Trump seriously either. The shockwaves are still being felt over here. Trump did not win the vote of the people yet won the electoral votes so decisively that Clinton did not challenge the results. And now we are being told how we have to not just accept but to stand behind this man as our leader. This country is more divided then ever. Those who do support Trump are completely blind to his shortcomings. Those who see his shortcomings feel like they are screaming "fire" inside a burning building and are being told to stop making so much noise instead of being thanked for the warning. It definitely feels like opposing consciousness has a role in all of this. Personally, I would have preferred a slower, gentler unraveling but maybe that would have just prolonged the agony like pulling a band aid off slowly instead of just ripping it off and getting it over with. Yes, right now inwards and upwards seems like the only place that is real, safe or comforting.

In my own little 3D sphere of existence, I'm surrounded by Trump supporters. I'll admit, I could see where many were coming from -- a vote against the status quo and WWIII (or so they say). And it seemed like a good thing, one step forward as part of a pre-awakening. But thank you for putting all of this into a larger, deeper context, Open. I needed this. Despite not voting, I'm still struggling to let go of all this crap! In particular, I keep wanting folks to wake up, especially loved ones.

The "hundred monkeys" will make precious little difference to the zillion blind raptors. It'll be millions of years before they're ready for the Fifth Density.

So true. “Rivers & Roads”, a song by The Hand and the Heart, pretty much captures the emotions this realization brings to the surface.

It's no surprise Trump was elected. It's just another effective way to create disharmony, discord, division thus dissension through even more meaningless distraction leading to disease on all levels within the third dimension, it feels as though it's been orchestrated like a desperate attempt to keep many souls entangled, entrenched, engulfed,and ultimately enslaved under a superficial cloak of entitlements.

All based upon fear with the primitive patterns of control, manipulation, blame, victimization, shame the underlying behaviors masked by anger that envelopes to project a low vibrational frequency to keep souls asleep.

Trinity, bless you, I feel so much love for you and the vulnerability to express. I often suppress the authentic in the moment expression that pulsates through so as not to create waves around me. Like the torus, I have to allow the in flow to balance with the out flow. It's truly feeling into it all with a letting go, a knowing that the expression is just an outward release. I don't have to put the mind into the equation. Therein lies the beauty, therein lies the lightness, the freedom to feel higher vibrations thus heals not only our own sense of beingness but radiates on a planetary level. So moan, groan, scream, cry, laugh, giggle, roll around on the ground, jump in the through the limitation which is often labeled as pain! Thank you for shining your beautiful reflection into this realm

Much love

Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I think there is quite some shock at the result MB - I think many 'on this side of the pond' never really took the prospect of Trump seriously. Hence at the times recently when the gap was closing, the European (and Asian) markets were falling and the pound (as a safe haven) was rising for example.

I also completely agree with you about the veiled nature of the other camp - this is what I meant by 'no more speaking with forked tongue'. In DT, what you see is what you get!

There's a very complex - bigger picture dynamic - which I feel now set in play. It's all to do with the nature of how realities unwind. And let's be clear, these two candidates represent very different energies indeed. What I call the 'raptor energy', at a deep consciousness level, manifests the dense physical. It is the physical embodiment of the separation. With wanton disregard for the higher connection. It is immensely self-serving. Ultimately yes, the Clinton camp was self-serving too, but at least there's the play at binding in different layers - the politics seems to have more 'socialist' intent to it.

When you strip this 'socialism' away (how ever veiled it was), you get down to the 'raw meat'. And that's where we've moved - in my view - with this next shift. The risk is it gets very ugly indeed at this point (nationalism, protectionism, racism, sexism, accelerating civil unrest and escalating resource wars). Personally I would have voted for a softer transition. But then there comes a point where the revelation of truth is totally necessary - to strip away any veils of pretense.

I think (as Danny said), now's the time for we as way showers to step out of the shadows and work to bring light to what is going on. How ever differently we might all see it, I'm sure we can all agree on focusing on the higher light.

With love and respect for our differences

Open *OK*

I was shocked at the Trump victory but not Surprised, I am not to devastated by this as so many, for a very long time I have been aware, informed about the single minded agenda of the Government and major Corporations, It just seems so OBVIOUS to me, I just know it and feel it...I have questioned Internally the fact that this has not devastated me as much as it has others, quickly 2 thoughts came to mind... Either I am disconnected at a certain level or maybe I have been more connected with the cold stark reality for sometime more then I realize?

Interesting Internal Inquiry

This Election and the state of what this could bring has very much aided me in digging my heels in and fueled my Fire and Passion to Continue Going Inwards and continuing My Personal Evolution...It has fired me to assist as much as I can to the level I am at to help Shine the light <3


May be my misunderstanding.. the term "unthinkable" or a "shock" triggered that. In the language construct it conveyed me that it was the result of the elections.. the elections were ongoing for last few months and somebody had to win..

I agree in gist with open but trying to understand if I missed something, as I didn't see any shock or change with the outcome.. I feel this election/drama was just another act in ongoing play which is pretty much happening everyday for last few years and constantly accelerating at a small pace. May be humanity needs a real "alarm" which will really change things in 3d to wake up more..

Thanks for reading and your comments.



I agree with you BUT, the way I am reading your post it's seems that if other candidate would have won it's would have been a lesser shock and things would have been different...

I think either would have gone the same way, one was more polarizing than other to capture the attention. But it's same conciousness on both sides with a different face.

My take is nothing is going to change because of one candidate winning vs. Other. The only "good" thing would have been that most of the people did not participate in this game by not aligning with one side vs the other and waking people up by displaying it's us we have to change not depend on a person on podium to ring the change.

Would appreciate your comments..


It is my eyes that are troubled right now. They don't like what they see. At present many people in my community are here because they have fled gang violence in Mexico, Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. They need sanctuary not concrete walls or violent deportation raids. Their indigenous homes have been disrupted by that greed and corruption and now they will be returned to it. The light we shine will be caught up in the dispersals because beacons reflect the heavenly love of an arrangement much more humane than where we are headed at present.

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Malechite, perhaps this is an opportunity for those of us who are resistant to the ideas Trump has won with to stand up and support people from your communities. This might be a way to unify ourselves in support of love. I will look into finding ways for us to possibly organize active resistance to deportation. It's possible some of us with better means can even shelter some.

I don't know if this will be just another idea, or the start of something incredible...but it will be fueled by love, either way.

Unfortunately, we had a realistic choice this time between two raptors, not just one and something else. Both candidates were divisive, hungry for war, willing to bow to financial interests of the super wealthy, and unconcerned about the ramifications for either Gaia OR humanity. No matter who won, humanity lost.

This is not important now, however. Regardless of the events we've seen, regardless of the pain and suffering coming, our mission is still the same: We are here to speak up against the corruption, the greed, the evil we see all around us. We are here to bring light, life, and love to as many as we can reach. We have one purpose, and that is to be a beacon...guiding those who seek to higher truths already within themselves.

To quote a famous book..."Let not your hearts be troubled."

It's good to be aware of what is happening around us, but we must refuse to be caught up in it. Instead, be visibly aside from it, to let others know that they too can stand apart from the chaos, and seek love.