I'm new here.

Hi guys, I just discovered Openhand two nights ago after breaking away from the hypnotic control of a spiritual predator. I won't name names here because I don't want that guy and his cohorts finding this place and possibly wreck havoc here; they are always actively trying to silence ex-clients who try to expose him.

In any case, after following him and his works for over 3 years and not seeing any results he promised, I voiced my dissatisfaction during one of his online events on Instagram. He was unhappy about it and said the reason for the lack of results is because I don't like him. Then, he blocked my account, and sent a me a brunt of psychic attacks that left me sick with a bad headache.

One thing about him is that he is a very good deceiver, probably the best I've seen so far. He mixes so much truth with a bit of lies, while sending out hypnotic frequencies that make people stop questioning his integrity or the things he says. After I've stopped following him for 3 days, I realised that the control sources that have been controlling humanity are now working on, or experimenting with, ways to retain control over the rapidly awakening human population. And this spiritual predator as well as his sources are always experimenting with new ways to "work on" his clients/followers energetically, often to the detriments of his clients; messing with time loops, shredding people's souls/spirit bodies/toros, and even causing strange deaths in his clients and their family members and friends and pets, which is a form of soul harvesting.

Anyway, after recovering from his psychic attacks, I decided to bounce back and really transcend victimhood this time. I'd always perceived myself as a victim of life for almost 27 years, and now I decided that this doesn't serve me anymore. I decided to become empowered. And that's how I was guided to this website.

After reading some of the articles here, I find myself agreeing that abuse and control happen in this world because in some way we, the "victims", are allowing/enabling this situation to happen. Now, this isn't about blaming the aggressors, or blaming ourselves the victims. This is about recognising our weaknesses and transcend them. Something I've just come to realise myself recently.

Anyway, I wish to find a supportive community here that I can connect with, and to heal. And I hope we can all learn from each other's experiences to accelerate our ascension. Best wishes to all.

~ Vernon

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Hi Vernon - greetings and welcome to Openhand.

It would seem like what's happened to you has been a great lesson. As you've discovered, the Openhand Approach is about taking personal ownership, which begins by asking, "why did I manifest it?" Since we manifest everything on the outside.

I'd say the key is realising that no one can really teach you about yourself. We can only reflect to each other. Does the approach cause you to become more sovereign and empowered in your own daily inquiry? I would say that's the key to true evolutionary advancement.

Wishing you well

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Thanks, Chris. And yes, the Openhand Approach is very empowering, and this is what I've been searching for all this time.

I also want to thank you and your team for the amazing documentary you guys made back in 2015, "5 GATEWAYS". I had a great healing when I was watching it just now, and I have reconnected with my soul as well as the universe after being disconnected for 5 years (during which time I was suicidally depressed). My real journey has only begun, but I've certainly come a long way from where I was.