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First of all i want to thank the creators of this site for putting up lots of valuable articles and keeping everything alive. I have been travelling my spiritual inner journey for some months now. I have been reading lots of books watching documentaries and everything has been quite interesting. The following is my experience which i had a week before. I was up in my room and i was listening to a teaching by eckhart tolle and suddenly it hit me . I have fallen into a state of intense awareness. Thoughts subsided and suddenly everything become so clear.I was aware of my body , breathing , sound of crickets in the background . I was aware of thoughts rising and i wasnt under its control anymore and this lasted for about 15 minutes. Recollecting it now i have doubts whether that was it ? or was it some false state i found myself in

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Hey chris,

Thanks again for the feedback. I would like to tell you the experience i had yesterday . At night i started meditating with a youtube audioclip which had 7 tones for each chakra for 1 hour, as i did there was some explosion of energy through out the body expect that i couldn't really feel the root chakra. There was some rushing of energy through both ears and there was less tightness through out. When it was over i was filled with much joy and bliss and i could hold the space through out the night . I went on to have an orange ,peeled it and there was some message for me inside(haha).I sat and laughed with it for sometime XD. Have to say im loving walking the path.I had an urge to listen to some songs and spent the night ,i remembered how in an article u said about the symbiosis track came on to ur ipod. Well lets see if that works, the first random track was whitesnake -Is this love? i said "wow i guess it is". Well that's something! I slept and had an interruption at 3 am,sleep interruptions are becoming regular these days.Also i never really remembered dreams before but now i could write down each and everyone i had for the last 1 week. Is it trying to tell me something, I don't know. I also managed to keep bit conscious through out some of em. As i laid down,the sound of rain drops felt like rocks were thrown on my roof top and fell asleep again. :)
Can u please elaborate what u mean by "3D feeling for a 4D experience". I'm not exactly sure how a 4D experience feels like.
And i never felt a fear for the implants for any sort,at least i could feel it now for it was always there.
Can u also briefly explain what u mean by physical manipulation from another star system. How could we possibly carry karma from the past lifes? and were u implying i had the karma from another star system? It is a bit confusing for me. Hope u could clarify it.
And about judgments ,yes it is very difficult for im college going and surrounded with people who have no idea whats going on. I couldn't possibly talk anything this to anyone except here.For now im mentally and physically aligned with walking this path,loving it too and hoping to see more inner harmony and peace in the future

with love Vimal

Hi Vimal,

Great to hear you're making progress - I'm pleased for you :-)

Yes I can help, which would depend to a degree on how open you are to the presence of Opposing Consciousness in the field?

Because I believe what you're experiencing are energetic implants - you describe the classic symptoms.

I described removing them in this article here...Removing Energy Implants.

Firstly the key is to sense them deeply and become awesomely okay with them - accepting them. This will likely take some degree of internal work - overcoming judgments, sense of violation, manipulation and abandonment.

I would say the implant 'came in through the ear'. It's typical. I should quickly add, it's a 4D implant. But because the 4D interrelates with the 3D, you'll get 3D feelings for a 4D experience. The implant can be removed by using sense of will to push it out through the ear. You have to feel it deeply.

This is how energy in the 4D can be moved: feel an upwelling in the emotional, physical and mental planes to amplify energy 'upwards' (actually inwards) into the 4D. It's actually natural and many people do this without realising that they're doing it and without the ability to focus it (it's an inherent art people have lost). The thing is, once you get attached to needing the energy to go, then you become tight so you actually lose the connection into the 4D. Staying open, non-judgmental but still passionate, means the bridge into the 4D stays connected.

And prior to that, will be dealing with a connection to what you describe in the shoulders and spine. It feels like it's karmic - related to some kind of physical manipulation, probably on another star system. I sense Orion.

So an internal exploration of these energies will help process the karma so that the implant will be easier to remove.

And by the way, for you and anyone else reading who might get a little freaked out by the whole notion of implants, as I recently said to someone on a course who asked me to allay her fears about whether she had implants, I felt to say... "Yes of course, there's absolutely no need to fear, the field is already awash with them!" It's about accepting our convoluted and hybridised state, getting over that, and then allowing infusion of soul to bring about realignment into a new inner harmony.


Hey chris ,

As u said I've dropped weed since then and I'm seeing much progress. Progress in the sense of peace felt inside. I could feel the guidance and synchronicity happening. I live in a beautiful area ,in Kerala surrounded by trees and the beautiful nature. The chattering of birds and squirrels ,rain and daily morning meditation is enough to keep me pleasant through out the day.I dropped meat and other junks recently and that's been helping too. However im feeling this tightness in forehead almost all the time and during meditation if i watch it without much judgement then it sort of flows through my right ear,although its hard to tell whether its is going out or coming in . I can also sense tightness below shoulders and close to spine.Could you clarify it? I now believe i could take this journey of ascension by myself without much external help. So this is more of a thank you note than a question. I would love your feedback :)


Hi Vimal,

When the energy of kundalini begins to flow upwards, yes it can feel pretty intense in the head, especially if there's still density, blockages and other convoluted energy (implants for example). As you integrate the experience and release the blockages, the feelings should normalise over time.

If it becomes too intense, the key is to dissipate the energy through the body by bringing your attention into physical activity.

I'd strongly advise against any substances like weed (unless you're in intense physical pain due to disability). A dependency can all too easily build where we rely upon it for 'peak' experience. And the downsides actually limit higher sensitivity.

The Openhand Approach is one of inner purification through meditation and self realisation. Ultimately there are no short cuts!

Best wishes


Thanks very much for the reply. I just finished watching the 5 gateway documentary. Its a pretty good work, i could relate to it much especially the first 2 gateways. As u have said above i was trying to mimic the experience by creating the exact situations and nothing really worked. Maybe i was trying to control rather than letting it go. While im meditating i can feel an intense energy build inside me and it kind of flows to my head and it stays there right in my forehead . Most of the time it hurts. Also i have noticed enhancement of my sense perceptions specially listening. Another important thing is the experience is twofold while im high on weed.( I don't know if its prohibited to mention it here, probably not). I consider it as an important tool,maybe part of the divine plan and im pretty sure im in control of it rather than the opposite. But i don't want to rely on it for my inner journey and im willing to drop right away if doesn't sever my purpose.

Greetings Vimal.

No it was no false state. I'd say you dropped through the ego into the interconnectedness of your soul. Which you either then integrated or lost as you allowed your mind to keep questioning what you'd experienced.

My suggestion is to keep doing whatever you were doing which helped you access this state - it sounds very much like the kind of initial meditation we do on our Five Gateways Activation. It sounds like a 'pre-awakening'.

So keep working at this, working to let go. More and more, you begin to access that state until you realise you're accessing the reality of your soul.

Then it's about learning how to follow that day to day.
It's all about Walking the Path all the time.

Best wishes