Introducing Openhand's 5D Shift Project

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Hi Everyone, wherever you are out there in the world, how ever you've been tuning in: Openhand greatly welcomes your involvement. Humbly, thankyou. The Openhand work has been around here in the 3D some 15 years now, and after countless explorations, iterations and unfoldings with you, we're finally unveiling the true focus of what the work is really all about - The Great Shift of Consciousness into the Fifth Density. We're about facilitating the Great Shift, by establishing an energetic bridge into the higher paradigm of consciousness. The work we've thus far produced, will now integrate into one:

The Great 5D Shift Project:

Openhand's integrated philosophy shared through 3 sequential books, 3 sequential courses, all backed by this web portal and facilitator network. It's about supporting your shift into the Higher 5D Paradigm. To ignite that passion, today we announce our latest World Tour, commencing in September 2017.

The Shift gathers pace

When I started talking about the shift some 15 years ago, although there was a sense of something already taking place, and although people were already talking about "the Ascension", it all seemed a bit "far out", a bit "new agey". It was all too easy to pass off for "some distant lifetime - how does that help me now?" So whilst plenty were interested, you got the sense the philosophy and the energy wasn't really sticking - people weren't taking it too seriously. Well now, all that has very rapidly changed.

All around the world, in the groups of people I'm speaking to, there's a growing sense of commitment and urgency. People recognise the accelerating breakdown of the old biosphere; the inequity, injustice and greed of the old paradigm; they feel the soul's yearning to find a more equitable life, founded on unconditional love, joy, and mutual respect all life - a life tuned into the divine hand of the cosmos.

That's exactly what Openhand's new Great 5D Shift Project is purposefully designed to support. It's about providing a framework of exploration and realisation, to be there as your supportive facilitator when things aren't so clear, when you get stuck or need that crucial inspiration for your next evolutionary leap. That's what we're all about.

But let me hasten to add: this is never about telling you your truth. Rather its the transmission of various evolutionary frequencies, in the written word, spoken on video and audio, or shared through courses and gatherings. It's all about resonating higher frequencies of being, that you feel inside yourself, that are yours, which express your truth out into the world. What's real for you?

What exactly is Openhand?

Openhand is a higher dimensional consciousness - a bridge - being grounded and anchored here so as to resonate the frequencies of the much needed shift. A vast array of higher benevolence is gathering around the earth as we speak, from all across the cosmos, here to support the Great Shift. It is such a spectacular etheric gathering, for perhaps the most magical transitions possible - the Ascension of a planetary system. And everyone gets a front row seat - how blessed!

Openhand is an energy, that you can connect into anytime, anywhere, anyplace. All you have to do is open your heart and ask for guidance and support. But be aware, it will never tell you your truth, or what to do now. It works by offering an energetic reflection: This is what you're being now, the light and the shadow... what's your highest expression of being? Right Action then flows from this inquiry.

Here on Openhandweb, we're sharing tools, tips and advice on how to tune into this energy, and how to work with it, to support your maximum potential for unfolding. That's exactly the purpose of the Great 5D Shift Project being announced today.

Openhand's 5D Shift World Tour

We feel it's essential to connect face-to-face with as many of you as possible. Because it strengthens the vibration and wider resonance for all. When a small group of people come together, with openness, love and respect for all life, with a genuine commitment to evolutionary unfolding, then we harness and maximise the shift energy, which is felt far afield throughout the world. With that in mind, here is the list of events for September/October/November 2017. As yet, these are only the initial dates. Other venues will follow in due course, and this will be an ongoing project throughout the unfolding years ahead. Here are the dates. Where will you be?


Come Join us and Expand Your Consciousness into the Shift

3 sequential levels of work

In the Great 5D Shift Project, there are 3 sequential levels of our supportive work:

  • Level 1: BREAKTHROUGH - a two day intensive, designed to fully open you to the shift flow
  • Level 2: 5GATEWAYS - attuning your spiritual compass & routemap through the inner densities
  • Level 3: DIVINICUS - taking you on an experiential journey to release karma and activate kudalini (previously the Transfiguration).

Openhand Facilitators: This progressive program of development then leads into the Facilitator Program, unveiling your gifts and skills to support the Great Shift for others. We're thrilled to announce the work and we'd love you to get involved. Here are those dates again:

So where will you be? Open *give_rose*

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Lots of thinking to do....for sure you will see me in one of those....I love Chad's energy in Chicago....I also wouldn't mind to take this chance to visit Nova Scotia....ha ha! Love and Peace to you all!

It never ceases to amaze me how things are connected, how they flow together - I had this pretty big epiphany yesterday morning, it felt like an avalanche was being set off and then, suddenly, click, shift, something settled; I get into work, boot up the computer, open my browser, and this is the first thing I look at.

Guess my answer is, "Right here!"

(And definitely at one those events. :D)

Hi everyone,

I'd love to make it to one of these, perhaps Chalice Well in September. Are there other venues on their way too?

I'm just putting this out there - who would be interested in a Openhand event in central Europe around Austria? Many people within traveling distance? If so, I might try to organise something here for next year.

I'm looking forward to Openhand coming to Chicago!! I'm here to answer any questions anyone might have about journeying to Chicago. I'm excited to unfold and go even deeper with all of you beautiful souls. I'm truly grateful to be apart of this project. It's going to shift many lives, I can feel it!! See you soon. :-)

Hey Open,

How awesome that the 5D Shift Project has arrived *clapping*

A wonderful integration of the Openhand work thus far. I'm excited to watch it unfold and continue to grow in strength and transform the lives of many. What a blessing to the world - thank you!

With love and gratitude, Fiona

An inspiring project and such wonderful energy by Open, Trinity and all others involved - facilitators and guests/participants. :)

Where am I going to be? Echoing Heike...'in here', into presence, into rightness. I had an amazing reminder whilst being awake/asleep the other night: the deep silent, calm empty presence on the background said 'come back Aspasia'....ordinary- extra :)

Much love x

You say:
"Openhand's integrated philosophy shared through 3 sequential books,"

Are coming out with other books? or do you mean The books you already have out?


Hi Steve - each of the three Openhand Books were written as stand alone pieces of work: BREAKTHROUGH, 5GATEWAYS and DIVINICUS. In the last year or so, it's come to me to integrate all of the work into one progressive journey of exploration - that's what I mean by the "Great 5D Shift Project", which we'll progressively introduce in the weeks and months ahead.

Without essentially changing the content, I will gently redraft some of the sections in the three books so as to bring them together as one. For people who've already bought the previous versions, we'll be offering the new digital ones for free.

Open *OK*

Absolutely thrilled to have an anchor in Nova Scotia supporting that bridge. Deep respect and love to you Open and the Openhand team....looking forward to connecting again.There's a lot of buzz happening for this seminar...feeling pretty blessed on the east coast of Canada. Joanne xo

Right now a Multidimensional Bridge is being created all around the earth, to support this Great Shift of Consciousness into the 5D. With star soul groups and angels from all across the cosmos come here to support. They're all about helping you to become more of you. In so doing, you become reborn as a child of the cosmos.

For me the sense of this is wonderfully depicted in this U2 take on the old Black and White film "Angels over Berlin". I especially love the bit right at the end, "just the bang and the clatter, as an angel hits the ground..."

Open, I wasn't aware of the film or the song "Stay" by U2, so I decided to explore further. The original 1987 German film was called "Wings of Desire" and was written by Wim Wenders and Peter Handke. It garnered many international awards. The 1993 sequel is called "Faraway, So Close". U2's song "Stay" was written for the sequel film. Both films are about angels who incarnate as humans to experience the physicality and emotional life of 3D. U2's song so movingly captures the agony and ecstasy of life here on planet earth and how we long to help one another transcend beyond this dimension. We 'stay' for a while, only.

The first film "Wings of Desire" opens with a few lines in German from Peter Handke's poem called "Song of Being A Child" which capture so well our knowing that we are formless, limitless, and infinite in our true essence. Cosmic beings.

"When the child was a child,
It was the time for these questions:
Why am I me, and why not you?
Why am I here, and why not there?
When did time begin, and where does space end?
Is life under the sun not just a dream?"

It's hard to imagine angels wanting to incarnate here in 3D. But we know they are amongst us to help light the way Home to who we truly are. Trinity, deep gratitude to you for being one of them. There are loads of star souls in form doing the same. And then there are all those angels and star souls in spirit backing this Great 5D Shift, Openhand in the lead. I feel this army of divine support. So invigorating.

Thank you for the song and film reference, Open. It's been a rich exploration.

So close.

x Cathy

"Being reborn as a child of the cosmos" - wow. These words just hit something deep inside.

The bridge - I wonder if that's what I've been feeling recently... in my consciousness it presents itself as a growing tear in the fabric of reality. Something sacred comes through and permeates all and everyone... from that comes a deep sense of respect to all involved and a knowing that the events are an expression of the deepest compassion. I also feel a strong pull to shed what is not me.

The Openhand seminars and retreats have been increasingly powerful as time goes by. It feels like the Openhand energy is becoming more focused, tangible and transformative. Great to see the interest in your work, Open, coming from people around the world and the new events locations sprouting from that. I'm really grateful for finding my way to this community!



Yeah!!! So excited with how things are accelerating, shifting, evolving and to know at a deep level that we are so supported. Openhand has become somewhat of a rock to me of late, a constant, and I am finding nearly everything I read, watch, come across that relates and resonates with me also does with the Openhand philosophy. There is a deep universal truth that is constant and all the changes feel like a whirlpool being pulled by this truth, to return home. Learning, and sometimes succeeding :) to surf that whirlpool. I celebrate the great 5D project and look forward to its further unfolding and meeting more of you out there :)