Jean-Michel (Belgium)

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Jean- Michel, facilitator with Openhand


Since an early age, I have always felt I was not configured like so many around me. This complex Soul journey started after a near death experience at the age of 5, in Uganda, East Africa. It has been a passionate mission integrating the experience since then. It has often been tough to be feeling empathic/sensitive/intuitive /very psychic, but completely misunderstood, and often out cast by the outer world. This deep pain catalyzed a myriad of explorations and experiments through the years to find who I truly am: practices like Yoga, Reiki, Watsu, Thai massage, Quantum touch & deep Journeys around the globe. 7 other near death experiences have paved this path with incredible, out of the ordinary & magical Soul infusions. Each seemed to carry the High Benevolent signature of loving support: passions rebooted; unveiling progressively the mystery of this unique path, like a jigsaw being put together. It's when I found Openhand in early 2012, that all those unique events could start to deeply make sense. Within a short period of time, the real Catalyst within has re-activated and increased a deep sense of Empathy for all sentient life & the ones in need around me. Following my inner passions have always felt like what mattered most in this dense world, regardless of what might happen next. We are at a crucial point with our planetary evolution and many out there are starting to feel it. Knowing how difficult it is to surf those complex waves of old & new consciousness, my mission is to facilitate difficult transitions for others in need. It requires a deep sense of empathy coupled with a strong catalytic presence, sensitivity, flexibility, creativity, innovation, a certain sense of humor, and a sheer passion for the evolution of all life. That's my commitment to the facilitation work.

My Service to you:

My main alchemical talent is that of a catalyst. I can readily attune to another Soul’s energetic field and open up a safe empathic space for them. I use a wide range of transformative tools such as open questions/ Kriya yoga breathing/reiki/Soulmotion movements & dance/thai massage/working with trees & nature/music and dolphin like humor as well. I truly love what I came to embrace and activate & provide to the world. Specifically, I have been invited to provide the rightful support to those experiencing:

  • Restlessness & stress due to sudden tough life changes
  • Lack of motivation for life
  • Emotional & relational turmoil due to the planetary shift (rage/anger/blame/guilt)
  • Feeling outcast, undermined or rejected
  • Hitting the same old life limiting patterns
  • The sense of not belonging here and its challenges & the feeling of separation & disconnection
  • Physical pain without any logical root cause.

Location, contact & Pricing: I live just 30 kms south of Brussels, in the french speaking part of Belgium. I created the Dolphin room where sessions are offered. Sessions can also be conducted through skype - In English or in French if needed. Each session will last from 1h15 to 1h30 minutes. I charge 65 Euros but I keep an open door to any request allowing the right energetic exchange if the initial pricing is unaffordable for you. There is always a way. e-mail: Facebook :

Openhand stage 2 facilitator

Jean has worked with Openhand for several years now. It's clear he's had very rich, colourful and at times, dramatically challenging experiences on the path - from an early age. He has strong starsoul connections, particularly the Plaiedes, and is a close reader of the flow through signs and synchronicity. With a carefully caring, compassionate and empathic nature, you'll be well looked after in any facilitation session... Open.

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I recently found about openhand and I'm interested in the materials and coaching as well. I have one question though. How do I know if I'm at 5th dimension already?

Best Regards

Markku Lassila

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Hi Markku,

Generally speaking you'd know if you were in 5D consciousness. That said, sometimes people get confused between being in the 4D and 5D. 4D is more like being in a disconnected bubble of consciousness whereas 5D comes with streaming flows of synchronicity.

Best wishes



Hi Jean Mitchel, 

I am interested in healing,  how can I book it with you.


Wow Jean, beautiful. Was so lovely to connect with you recently. Much love, Amy



Profoundly moving to read about how you've transcended so many challenging life experiences to arrive at where you are today. You are a true warrior of love, my friend! Absolutely awesome to see your name up there in lights along with our beloved friends, the dolphins. What a wealth of wisdom you have to offer others!

Wishing you many splendid blessings as an Openhand facilitator!

Much Love,



YEAH! Jean-Michel! So happy to see you here. I feel so much enthusiasm, creative passion and commitment from you! So thrilled for you to be offering your facilitation services. Lots of love, Jen


Hi Jean-Michel, I loved reading your biog. Wow. Sending big love to you on your facilitation adventures - I love the idea of the dolphin room. Book me in :))