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If you’ve found your way to this page you are likely ready to know the Real You…the You without the conditioning and the old worn out patterns. Throughout our lives we create ways of coping, fitting in, pleasing or rebelling, that at the time serve a purpose. Some of us wake up very early, but most of us stumble into awakening because of a sense that something is missing. All the stories we were told about what would make us happy or successful are just not true. The lies we have believed are hidden within our wounds. Only by identifying and processing those wounds can we be free of them. We are living in a remarkable time when the great mysteries of life and the cosmos are available for us. The veils between this world and others are dropping away. Support is there for humanity to evolve into the wonderfully, loving beings we are meant to be.

  • There are many pitfalls along the way and the journey is not for the light-of-heart; however, there is no greater joy to be found than unfolding your true expression. Know that you are never alone. Presence is always with you, waiting for you to turn inward, waiting to offer solace and guidance, waiting to take you home. All epic journeys require support and spiritual facilitation can help you process old wounds and trauma in healthy ways which in turn clears the path for true divine expression.


I jokingly like to speak up at Openhand gatherings by saying, Hi, my name is Joann and I’m an Openhander. Until finding the Openhand community I identified as living by Buddhist philosophy but quickly added that I wasn’t aligned with any one philosophy or religion. The beauty of the Openhand approach is that it incorporates all the wisdom teachings with an emphasis on the release and expression of your own soul. My awakening happened when I was around eight or nine years old but living through trauma and surviving was the key expression my soul had to experience. In my early 20s I had another awakening but fell asleep quickly and only truly committed seriously to self-realization in my late 30s. I describe my approach as eclectic: I have studied and know intimately several world religions, have a working knowledge of shamanic practices, am a practicing yogini (hatha & bhakti), and I am a child and family psychologist. My approach to facilitation is grounded in the Openhand Philosophy and informed by my life’s experiences. Each person’s journey is unique and depending on where you are and what you need, we work together to uncover your essence through the divine flow.

How We Can Work Together

I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have a welcoming space in my apartment for individual facilitation or I can meet you on Skype. I’d love to hear from you if you feel drawn to connect. I offer a free 30 minute meet and greet. We can have a chat to decide whether or not what I’m offering is what you’re looking for. Namaste. phone: 902-233-9827 email: My fee is $150. Canadian for a 60 minute session.

Stage 3 facilitator

Joann has worked and facilitated with Openhand for a number of years. She has great wisdom of life, born from a myriad of worldly experience. She has a tremendously compassionate heart, developed through an abundance of experience in interpersonal relations, with special experience in bringing up gifted children and teenagers, helping them integrate into this challenging society. The energy of shamanism speaks strongly through her work, you'll feel held by an ancient and wise energy, which quickly gets to the crux of the issue, and deftly holds the space for truth to emerge. You will be well taken care of... Open

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I'm so touched by all the kind words, love and support. Really, really happy to be part of this amazing group/family. Much Love xo Joann

Lovely to witness the physical manifestation of something that I thought had happened long ago!
Much Love
Jane x

Wonderful to see you listed here as an Openhand facilitator Joann. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm are contagious!. No doubt your experience, understanding and keen insight along with your kindness and grace will be a brilliant contribution to the Openhand community. It is always a joy to be with you.
Warmest wishes my friend=)

Congratulations Joann! So great to see you here. You radiate compassion and deep understanding of the full spectrum of life. I'm blessed to know you and blessed will be those who choose to work with you.


Lovely to see you here Joann,

It was awesome to meet you on our little skype session the other day. You seem like such a warm person with a wealth of experience to offer. When Open wrote "you will be well taken care of" I though yes, what a perfect way to say it

So much experience and wisdom to share. Such a stellar soul with a large heart full of compassion and understanding. Lucky folks out there! Openhand and the world is indeed blessed. High Five, Joann!

x Cathy

Hi Joann,

WOW, So lovely to see that you have made this step and joined the Facilitators Network here on Openhand. As Fiona said,You are a totally inspiring soul and shining light. Those with whom you connect and work with are truly blessed.

Much love and friends til the end
inward and upward

So thrilled Joann!!

The depth of your knowledge, life wisdom and presence will be of such immense support to many! Having worked with you, I can testify to the warmly held open space you hold, allowing the other to relax and open to what is within. You emanate deep compassion and strength born of your own life experiences and the realization of who you are. So happy to see you here and I know your gifts will be such a blessing to many!!

With lots of love,

Hey Joann,

How delightful to see you here on the Facilitators Network, I sing with joy - hurrah! You are a totally inspiring soul and shining light. Those with whom you connect and work are truly blessed.

Wishing you all the best for your journey (f)

With heartfelt love,


Openhand is blessed and thrilled to have you finally listed as a facilitator, after all the tremendous work and enthusiasm you've given to Openhand over the years. What a blessing. Wishing you well with the further development of your service.

Open *give_rose*