Kelly Caylor (Australia)

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Kelly Caylor - Openhand Spiritual Facilitator


I am a high vibrational intuitive with the life passion of living in divine oneness with the universe physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.  I have an inner knowing that there are keys to our evolution that allow us to clear/heal big portions of the “layers” that block us from experiencing our divine self…… if we are ready and willing to face the emotions, beliefs and underlaying factors involved, anything is possible. 

It is my absolute passion to help you unveil this light within you and to show you that we are living in a NEW ERA where there are ways to fast-track your spiritual evolution.  I know through personal experience that there can be an incredible thickness to the layers that need to be worked through.

Through my own arduous and intense self-healing work and years of training, I have learned that there are ways to clear these layers faster and more effectively.  This has led me to working intuitively with the universe/creator………. If you are brave, and ready to take your spiritual evolution to the next level, then together we can explore your souls journey, so that you can understand why current issues are active in your life… face them, heal them and evolve.

My Service

I ultilise several different Spiritual, Holistic, Energetic and Scientific techniques along with highly developed and accurate intuitive skills to work with you in a way that aligns your energies with the universes to allow you to connect to the pathways of your souls journey. 

Through powerful meditation, we connect and gain access to your souls vibration. I can gently and lovingly walk you through different aspects of your issues, helping you connect to the emotions to help locate physical, mental and emotional trauma.  This is often memory, beliefs and emotions trapped in the levels of your Core (This Life), Your DNA (Genetic Family), Your History (Past-life) or your Soul (All existence). 

  • I can guide you back to the experiences of this lifetime, your family genetics bloodline DNA or past life experiences to unveil the hidden and underlaying aspects of your current blocks or issues.
  • You'll gain an understanding why you have been experiencing difficulties in your life and see the “Karmic” echos that have repeated throughout your life.
  • I'll help you understand why these aspects are still active…….. How they relate to the journey of your souls evolution…… What you are learning from these challenges…..  and what we need to heal to release you from these challenges repeating themselves in your future.
  • Physical Issues:   If trauma is held in your physical body, often clients report major reductions in Aches and Pains in their physical bodies within 1-3 sessions​.   

For further information, check my website: thelimitlessclinic

Connect & Pricing

I live on the Sunshine Coast, AUSTRALIA. I work with people all over the world for private healings and Practitioner Level Healing Courses. PRIVATE SESSION:  1.5Hours (In person or Distance Phone) $197AU or for more intense healing work or Spiritual Growth you may wish to consider the Bundle = 3 x 1.5Hour Sessions for $159 each.

CONTACT:       Phone  +61 433 199 233  /  Email:

Stage 2 Openhand Facilitator

Kelly has worked through the various stages of the Openhand Advanced Spiritual Program and Facilitator Program over several years. She has developed a richly intuitive connection to spirit that can greatly help people in their self-realisation. She's also developed in several different complementary approaches including Theta healing. It means she has a wide pallet of tools to call upon when working in session with you. You'll be held caringly, yet with the capacity for strong realigning energies to help clear density and entities from ones field. The approach is highly alchemical and evolutionary.

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Hi Kelly, I just found you through the open hand site. I am at a cross roads and ready to embark on deepening healing and opening: through facilitation, lots of learning and blending energies. I think, maybe, you can teach me and help me heal, as I am ready for the next step. I would like to schedule with you, for a start, a one on one session (of 3 bundle). I am living not far away from where you are, however, am happy with phone sessions.

Thank you. :-) i am looking forward to connecting.


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Hi Neri,

Thank you so much for your message I look forward to working together soon.

If you could communicate with me via my direct email, that would be the easiest way for us to connect.

Much Love  :)  Kelly


I had the honour of working with her just now, and I'm very pleased at how straightforward and efficient she is. We managed to get many things done within 1.5 hours. I'll definitely look forward to working with her again. And thanks, Aspasia, for recommending her to me.

Welcome to the Facilitator Team Kelly. You've been involved in a lot of the Openhand work out it Aus and it's a pleasure to have your vibe, your 'colour' and your varied experience to bring to the group. I know you'll be of great service in the shift.


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