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I just have to create a new thread for this message. For some time, me and my very good Swedish Openhand friend, Per Ola, have been working on creating a forum for serious spiritual/existential questions, something that has the capacity and power to bring together lots of different people from various disciplines. We wanted to attract both those who could hold seminars/workshops and those who curiously wanted to attend. We also felt it should be on a neutral meeting ground, outside our own spiritual business activity. A meeting point that could build a bridge for more people to start realizing who they REALLY are and what is REALLY happening all around them, but in a gentle and respectful way.

And now we got to an important milestone! We are launching the website and also our first event! The site is both in Swedish and English. Me and Per would just love if you guys want to check it out. We would really appreciate all kind of feedback. And if you like our idea, feel free to spread it. Our aim is to build communities, not only in Sweden, but also in other countries.

The Edge Forums first event takes place the 13-14:th of September. The 14:th, Open is having a full day with Divinicus and launching of the book. The 13:th is seminars with Me, Per and Anette (Pers Wife). If any of you Openhanders want to join on Opens Divinicus day the 14:th, the price is 950 SEK (95 Euro). To attend for both days is 145 Euro (the 13:th will be in Swedish though). To get there, Easyjet has cheap flights from Bristol to Copenhagen, then you are just a 20 min train away from the venue in Malmö.

Now please, go ahead and browse our site! And if you find some strange spelling or sentences, please let me know. After all I’m a Swede trying to do a Britt´s job :-)

Much love from Martin And Per Ola

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Wow guys! I am so excited to see this all coming together so beautifully! Great site and I can really feel the enthusiasm! I too will bookmark the site and keep my finger on the pulse of the Edge!!

Much love and support as well as gratitude for what you are sharing!!

Hi Martin and Per Ola,

Awesome - your website just blew me away! Touched my soul; deeply inspiring!! What a powerful gift you are offering out!!! Enjoy the journey :-)

Wishing you lots of love and support xxx

Thanks Open, Trinity, Iamthatiam, Kim and Cynthia! We truly appreciate your support! There is a lot of work left to do, we have just begun. We prepare for a "marathon, more than an easy "sprint". But we want to have fun while "running"! Maybe with some Openhand audience cheering every now and then :-)

I am excited for you guys! Your site is inspiring and it is encouraging for me as I am going into a very unknown territory. Seeing you following your soul and the results of that! I am wishing you the best, knowing you will reach just the right people. Sending you lots of love, Freedom and Balance!!!

Hi Martin and Per Ola,

Congrats on your amazing new website! I've bookmarked your site.

Best Wishes on helping to inspire a brave, new world.


I find this deeply inspiring guys - I just love what you're creating.

And it will be an honour to be facilitating it on the upcoming Divinicus Tour.

Let's launch this ship out into the universe!

Open *OK*

Yes - this is really great. New friendships, new projects, spiritual journey, new power (balance, I know...), it´s all beautiful. Like Matins writes, please visit our new site. And of course - it would be great if you could join the event in September! Love to you all!
Per Ola