The Law of Attraction and "Abraham Hicks"

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Do you know anything about Abraham-Hicks? What is your opinion of their teachings and the Law of Attraction? Thank you!


Generally I don't like to offer a critique of other people - no one is perfect - we all have our 'stuff'! That said, "The Secret" has been one of the most influential pieces of spiritual work in our times. In which case, I believe it deserves comment.

    To be honest, I thought The Secret was one of the greatest travesties to the awakening spiritual movement that has ever happened. My sense is that it's a teaching riddled with the intervention.

Having said that, by the Authentic Law of Attraction, souls are drawn to the lessons - to the reflections - they most need to see. So in a way, this distortion is serving its purpose. And as others have said, at least it has caused many asleep people to contemplate that there's more to the universe than initially meets the eye.

I can't speak for any of the other work he's done since.

    The biggest problem from the Secret, as far as I see it, is that it actively encourages people to change intentionally their inner world so as to manifest that which they desire in the outer. Of course it is very effective. This is exactly what the Opposing Consciousness has been doing for eons! That is the intervention agenda itself. It's how synthetic and false realities are created - out of alignment with the universe.

The Authentic Law of Attraction (as I see it) works by causing mirrors to be created in the outer world of how you're being in the inner. Such that you now have the possibility to unravel that which doesn't serve you - that which is not aligned with your soul-ray-harmonic. But to then intentionally contort your inner world to how you want to be - how ego wants you to be - in order to get what you want (even if that's some apparently spiritual benefit), is where the diversionary blind alley begins.

    You don't need to intentionally manifest or shape soul - who you are. It will always be an ego that does this. Who you are literally happens when you get everything else out of the way - and it's this truth that the intervention fears most. When you're not being distracted by what you want to be, then you reclaim the sovereignty of who you are. The intervention is busted!

I don't know his teachings well enough to know if he's still advocating this central theme of the Secret - essentially controlling your reality - but I do know there are many who interpret the work in this way. It's what has led so many people astray and is still doing.

I wrote in more detail about it here...The Law of Attraction (unveiled)

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