I'm sorry if these kind of posts are not allowed, but I don't know where else to turn at this moment.

I feel really lost. A few years ago I started to awaken and with that I became so confused. I don't know what to do with my life and I generally feel empty and misunderstood. I had therapy for depressive symptoms for a while, but that doesn't serve me anymore as I crave a spiritual approach. I had an abusive/loveless childhood and I suppressed all these emotions for years and years. Now they're surfacing but I can't handle it properly it seems..

How did you handle this phase of your life, if you went through something like this?

Thank you!!


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Hi Hannah,

If you're inquiring, then you're ready!

The only question you need ask is "how much do I want to break through....on a scale of 1-10?"

If the answer is 10, then you're definitely ready.

See you there!

Open :-)

Hello Open, thank you for taking your time to anwser!

Currently I am reading Breakthrough (I'm at chapter 12 right now :) ) and learning a lot from it. I feel though that a lot of the ideas and approaches to truly let go have to sink in for a (probably long) while ;) .
I find it hard to accept my feelings as society labels them as unfavourable, which, of course, is also an idea I have to let go of. It makes it hard to accept them and be fully okay with them being there.

I'm thinking for a while now that it would help me to come to an openhand retreat or workshop, but I'm not sure I'm ready (do I have to be?). Which ones are more suitable for 'beginners' ;) ?

Thanks again!


Hi Hannah, greetings, welcome to Openhand :-)

The short answer - have you read Breakthrough yet? Because essentially it shares how to work with such feelings and experiences.

When suppressed emotion begins to arise, the key is to honour it. Not to press it down or distract from it (as is so often the case in society). Instead find a safe space in which to express it and let it out. This may be some while later that day, or, if it's been pushed down for years it might be when you start to challenge the past. Either way, regress into the feelings and experiences by visualising them and invoking the feelings as much as possible.

Then, in the midst of the expression, work to open a doorway through the feelings into the witnesser of them. The experiences do not define you. They are not who you are, and no matter how many years you've carried them, they are transient and will ultimately go. It's only identification with them, which includes subconscious denial (pushing down), which cause them to persist.

You must become fully accepting of the feelings first - to the extent that you don't need them to go away. That's how you become as-One with them - The One in them. In the midst of it, work to remind yourself "this is all just an experience, and it doesn't define me". Then feel yourself 'opening a doorway' through the experience into pure presence.

Once this happens, then you can work to unwind the tightness of the experience through intuitive action - breathing, unwinding, visualising light, melting with heat or whatever intuitively comes to you.

Finally you work to feel the soul, the lightness, kindle it and let it shine through in ways that bring you joy and feel aligned.

The realignment will not necessarily happen in '5 minutes' - you'll have to work at it plenty of times, especially if the issues are deep seated.

If you read Breakthrough, you'll see how one person broke through many such limiting veils over a period of time, ultimately leading to a spectacular awakening. Each experience is shared with a higher consciousness dialogue.

You can get the book (if you wish) here...