Marije (Netherlands)

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Marije Openhand Facilitator


An explorer of life would probably best describe me. I have always been searching for a deeper truth behind my experiences in this lifetime and the reason why I am here. That journey has from time to time been very challenging, yet rewarding at the same time, step by step uncovering the authentic flow of my soul in the process (and there is still so much more to explore and discover!). When my explorations led me to the shores of the Openhand website, there was immediately a deep resonance and sense of coming home.

Exploring naturally comes with a passion for traveling the world and indulging in different cultures. I have lived abroad for over 10 years and consider myself a citizen of this world, most at home within the diversity of different cultures. Africa holds a special place in my heart, particularly the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’, Malawi, where I lived for over 4 years.

Drawing upon my own life path and experiences, I am now available and committed to hold a space for others to go deep within their being in order to explore and unravel blockages that disrupt the authentic flow of their soul, and eventually unleash the magical essence of who they truly are!

My service

If my profile resonates with you, then do feel free to get in touch! I offer facilitation sessions either face-to-face in the Hague (Netherlands) or over Skype, in both Dutch or English. I also offer Amanae bodywork sessions in the Hague, check my website for more information:
Website: Authentic Flow
My suggested contribution per session of 60-90 minutes is €75 (incl. 21% Dutch VAT), but I am able to offer concessions where needed.

Stage 1 Facilitator

If you're looking for humility, honesty and integrity in your journey, then Marije will be able to reflect that to you in abundance. The path can be a confusing journey. And the most important thing is to be fully present and honest with where you're now at. The forwards can only begin with this profound self honesty. And that's why Marije can help greatly in this regard - because she's totally honest about reality. Remarkably, at the same time, this is impossibly (almost!) blended with an incredible multidimensional expansion. In this regard, Marije is a powerfully empathic bridge into higher dimensions, embodying both the sensitive skills of deep empathy, and the activation gifts of the catalyst. In working with Marije, you'll be met exactly where you are, and gently empowered into higher dimensional experience.... Open


It's wonderful to have you join the facilitator network Marije. It's beautiful the way you blend the qualities of the gentle empath, yet the activating skills of the catalyst. I know you'll be of profound help to the people you work with.

Very best wishes

Open heart


Love your exquisite energy Marije! You bring forth depth, immense sensitivity and a natural way of beingness that uncovers and breaks down realities that don't serve.

And totally love your web site! A true wanderer - inner and outer!

Looking forwards to seeing you again. 

love and blessings for your new ventures xx


Dear Marije,

So thrilled to see you here sharing your dynamic gifts! I adore your inquisitiveness and open heart. Many will be blessed to work with you! Best wishes on this new part of your adventure! Much love, Jen

Hi Marije,

Great to see you here officially. Exciting times, yes? :-)

From our impromptu sessions I can say that you've got a knack to ask just the right questions - questions that open up a blind spot or shine a light onto the distortion that will show ego's precious constructions for what they are. It's uncomfortable and painful and liberating. And awesome.


(I feel compelled to add "Go boldly where none have travelled" here, so)


Hey Marije!  

It's great to see you on here - my facilitator partner in crime!  

One thing that has struck me while working with you is just how much you care.  Any work you do comes from an authentic yearning to be there for people and do the best you can for them.

Big hug!








Dear all,


It is heart warming to read all your beautiful words of support! I feel very blessed to be here and at same time I am very excited to see how this new adventure is going to unfold!


With love heart