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Mark - Openhand Facilitator


Life is no other than spiritual alchemy itself. As you're going through one stage after the other, you start to realise the patterns. Ascension, your consciousness evolution journey is pitch black in its first phase, it’s burning you with ice-cold and dark fire. Then, once you endured all the pain of the previous blackening, something miraculous starts to blossom. The gravity of your Higher Truth appears in your life and the dawn breaks. Arriving at this stage, after so many descents into the shadows, one would think this is the final destination. Heaven, if you will. However, the real journey only starts here! :)

Having had my fair share of transformative events in my life, a companion came to join me more and more frequently on my journey: the observer of all things and events. Now I act as a bridge for catalytic energies, supporting gently breaking down outdated realities both on the individual and collective level. Each of us incarnates here to embody different qualities and energies. What I have been drawn to, ever since my childhood, is that of the Milky Way.

OK, what does that even mean?

My service

As it turned out a few years ago, there is a supermassive black hole at the centre of the starry Milky Way. I firmly believe this structure is also a universal symbol of the most Divine work, namely: turning darkness into light. This is exactly the process through which we can unfold our highest potential and step into the next chapter of the evolution of human consciousness.

Harnessing these energies,  during the sessions we:

    •    create a supportive space for the Light of Your Being to enter your consciousness,

    •    understand that wherever we are now, that is exactly the right place for our next unfolding,

    •    explore patterns of the dream realm as well as occurrences/synchronicities in everyday life

    •    shift focus gradually from the outer to our inner world

    •    through gentle breath work amplify the volume of your Soul

    •    work with bodily sensations, contractions as sacred messages from the higher realms of consciousness, helping unravel blockages,

    •    progressively activate Universal Life Energy

    •    work towards embodying your True Essence and anchoring it in your everyday life

Let's identify and throw out together the ballast that has no place in your elevating balloon anymore!

Pricing and Contact

I offer my services in English and Hungarian, via zoom, or face-to-face. I am based in Budapest, Hungary.
For a 90-minute session, I charge 60 Euros. However, if you feel called to work with me, don't let cost be a deterrent, I encourage you to contact me anyway.
You can contact me here: or via my FB page Milky Way Coaching:

Stage 1 Openhand Facilitator

Mark has been involved with Openhand for several years having gone through many stages of exploration and unfolding, beginning with a powerful kundalini activation in the very early days. Mark is a highly intuitive catalyst, with a tremendous intellectual capacity to describe and define the multidimensional landscape that we're travelling through. Understanding the Universal Torus, how it generally works, and holding people within that space, while illuminating through, is the most powerful healing work we can do. Consequently, you will be well looked after in session with Mark. <<< Open 🙏


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Mark - I recall vividly your kundalini activation many years back in Budapest - one of those "peak" (and a touch scary!) moments 😉 It's been a great pleasure working and connecting with you all this time. Particularly I greatly value the reflective and synchronistic reflections on world events that you offer here. To me, synchronicity is the mother tongue of the universe, and so when offered, it's utterly priceless!

I'm tremendously glad to have you onboard in the facilitator network. I trust you'll go on to help many in their awakening Ascension process.

Much love and best wishes

Open 💙🙏

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Thank you very much for having me here, Open. <3 

Yes, kundalini activation (even if it happens gradually) may scare the bejesus out of someone.  It certainly did in my case :) I will be ever grateful for the tremendous help I got from wonderful beings during the integration of the energy.  

I came across this quote today on Facebook. "The aim of esoteric work (inner alchemy) is for the personality to become a conscious transducer-vessel/expression of Divine Will. It is about surrendering the little personal will of the ego with all its conditioned desires and attachments to Divine Will."

For me, this is what the Work is all about. And I will continue to support people in this endeavour. It is a pleasure to work with you and also other members of Openhand network, Open. Looking forwards to taking this work to the next level!

wishing you all well,



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Hi Mark,

Glad you are onboard! You definitely deserve it and would make a great intuitive facilitator! Do you remember the La Palma retreat synchronicities and how you found that store with elephants? :)





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Hi Anatoly,

I most definitely remember the magic of the La Palma retreat! And yes, one of the highlights was finding this gem, the house with this uplifting female energy end the hand-made elephant sculptures. The one I bought has been 'watching over' my Mom's apartment ever since. :)

My sincere thanks for your kind words! Heart Hope to see you again down the line. :)