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An explorer of life would best describe me. I have always been searching for a deeper truth behind my experiences in this lifetime and the reason why I am here. That journey hasn’t always been easy and is still ongoing, but has gradually brought me closer to a sense of alignment with myself; to be able to express myself more authentically and vulnerably, rather than through all the filters of internal distortion and conditioning. When my explorations led me to the shores of the Openhand website, there was immediately a deep resonance and sense of coming home.

My personal journey has led to a passion for the connection between body, mind and soul, particularly all the subconscious pain, trauma and patterns that are hidden within our bodies and that are getting in the way of the natural flow of our soul. I am also fascinated by the crucial difference between approaching challenges in our lives by merely thinking about and analyzing them with our mind (which I used to be and still am very good at!) versus feeling into and working through them within our bodies. In my experience the former can easily keep us stuck spinning around in circles, whereas the latter is more likely to penetrate and break through the heart of the problem.

Unraveling my own authentic self is still work in progress and I never stop learning, but drawing upon my personal experiences and training, I now available to hold a space for others to explore their own authentic embodiment by unraveling any blockages that disrupt the natural flow of their soul, to eventually unleash the magical essence of who they truly are. Typically, I like to ‘keep things real’ and am know for my down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to life, which includes a high level of (self-)honesty and modesty.

My service

My facilitation sessions are based on my personal approach that I have named ‘inner growth facilitation’, which is about uncovering the natural flow of your soul, the essence of your being, through a guided and intuitive exploration. During a session, we explore and unravel internal blockages that disrupt your natural flow and break through these limiting patterns, in order to realign you with the essence of who you really are. I am also experienced in assisting clients to deal with energetic entities and implants should they emerge during a session.  It is usually not an easy ride, because diving into these blockages tends to bring up unpleasant feelings to be worked through, but is eventually very rewarding.

The sessions are inspired by a blend of my intuition and different techniques that I have gained over the years through different teachings and trainings. The two most influential ones being the Openhand approach and the Amanae training programme. Amanae is a type of bodywork that helps in releasing stuck emotions and incorporates intuitive touch with conscious breathing to bring the stuck emotional energy back into our consciousness so that you can work through it and let it go.

If my profile resonates with you, then do feel free to get in touch! I offer facilitation sessions either face-to-face in Malawi or over Skype, in both Dutch or English. Check my website for more information:

Website: Authentic Flow
My suggested contribution per session is €60/h, but I am able to offer concessions where needed and offer significantly lower rates for those in Malawi and the rest of Africa.

Stage 2 Facilitator

If you're looking for humility, honesty and integrity in your journey, then Marije will be able to reflect that to you in abundance. The path can be a confusing journey. And the most important thing is to be fully present and honest with where you're now at. The forwards can only begin with this profound self honesty. And that's why Marije can help greatly in this regard - because she's totally honest about reality. Remarkably, at the same time, this is impossibly (almost!) blended with an incredible multidimensional expansion. In this regard, Marije is a powerfully empathic bridge into higher dimensions, embodying both the sensitive skills of deep empathy, and the activation gifts of the catalyst. In working with Marije, you'll be met exactly where you are, and gently empowered into higher dimensional experience.... Open

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I’ve had several sessions with Marije now and she’s really helped me access and move some deeply embedded “crap” on many levels. 😊 Her naturally catalytic nature matches well with a practical and inquisitive intellect. She has a direct, honest, matter-of-fact “let’s get to it, shall we?” approach that I greatly admire and appreciate!

Speaking from a (my) masculine perspective, I felt very supported by her calm, non-judgmental presence.  No matter how weird or unsettling the subject matter coming up might be, Marije holds an open space with a deep sense of constructive empathy. And a great sense of humor.Smiling With Sweat Emoji

For me, her gifts have resulted in a greater sense of grounded physical and emotional embodiment, and an acceleration in working through multiple karmic distortions that would’ve likely taken me months of avoidance before I finally got tired of ignoring them.

I’d love to say she’s a joy to work with – and she truly is, but that’s not giving her the right kind of credit – the joy is in the reintegration and healing she guides and inspires! Would definitely recommend.


Marije was wonderful to work with. She had no ego or personal motive. She immediately put me at ease and allowed me to feel safe and comfortable to express and release freely. She guided me to areas within myself I had not been aware of before allowing for some profound realisation and healing to occur. She even made me aware of how to connect with myself and feel into my emotions in a way that I had not experienced previously. Highly recommend to everyone!

I met Marije at a retreat with Openhand a little over 2 years ago, and asked for a session there. I noticed immediately that she was a powerful catalyst, really holding space for internal changes to unfold. She's also one of the most grounded persons I've met in spiritual circles, which is important to me, as it's easy to get lost in belief systems, instead of doing the challenging inner work. Since then I've had several bolks of Skype- sessions with her, which to me surprisingly turned out almost as powerful as the couple of sessions in person I've had with her. I had a large breakthrough a couple of weeks ago actually, but still much more to work through I feel, so I haven't had my last session with her. 

Thank you, Marije, for holding space for me to work through my stuff. Appreciate you.

Nice going Marije! Just read your website and it’s wonderful to finally understand why you were so big on each of us having our own experiences at Tofo. You truly are modest and I’m just glad you intrigued me enough for me to save going through your profile for a night like this. Sometimes it all feels rather daunting, but just thinking of the knee slapping laughs we shared, it will be interesting to grow and definitely reach out as time goes and the time feels right. Its such a great comfort knowing that you’re just a button away. So glad to have met you girl and vele I am looking forward. Authentic Flow Fo Sho! OneLove!

Dear all,

It is heart warming to read all your beautiful words of support! I feel very blessed to be here and at same time I am very excited to see how this new adventure is going to unfold!

With love heart


Hey Marije!  

It's great to see you on here - my facilitator partner in crime!  

One thing that has struck me while working with you is just how much you care.  Any work you do comes from an authentic yearning to be there for people and do the best you can for them.

Big hug!


Hi Marije,

Great to see you here officially. Exciting times, yes? :-)

From our impromptu sessions I can say that you've got a knack to ask just the right questions - questions that open up a blind spot or shine a light onto the distortion that will show ego's precious constructions for what they are. It's uncomfortable and painful and liberating. And awesome.


(I feel compelled to add "Go boldly where none have travelled" here, so)

Dear Marije,

So thrilled to see you here sharing your dynamic gifts! I adore your inquisitiveness and open heart. Many will be blessed to work with you! Best wishes on this new part of your adventure! Much love, Jen

Love your exquisite energy Marije! You bring forth depth, immense sensitivity and a natural way of beingness that uncovers and breaks down realities that don't serve.

And totally love your web site! A true wanderer - inner and outer!

Looking forwards to seeing you again. 

love and blessings for your new ventures xx

It's wonderful to have you join the facilitator network Marije. It's beautiful the way you blend the qualities of the gentle empath, yet the activating skills of the catalyst. I know you'll be of profound help to the people you work with.

Very best wishes

Open heart